Ayato sleepy moans

Ayato: Is it already this time? –yawns and stretches- I sure slept a lot. –chuckles- That silly expression. Oy, Tiny Tits, wake up. It is already night time. TI-NY TITS! Huh? If you don’t wake up from this then what does it take? Oy! I said wake up! Ore-sama is already long up. That is why get the hell up. Come on!

You get up

Ayato: Oh, you finally awake. –you lay back down again- Wha- are you going to sleep again? That is not possible! –you pull the covers over your head- For a mere Tiny Tits to ignore her master, you sure have a lot of guts! It seems you totally have forgotten what happens when you defy the great me. –Ayato pulls the covers away-

Ayato: I will help you remember. –chuckles- I~diot, it is too late now. Give up. Ore-sama is really feeling up for it now. At least with this you better open your eyes. –start drinking from you then chuckles- When you ask me to stop, you are giving me a very good expression there. –drinks again- As always, this blood is delicious. –drinks-

Ayato: Say, it looks like you wanted me to suck your blood. If that is not the case, it wouldn’t be that delicious. Right? –drinks- How about it? You awake now? –chuckles- What is with that face? –chuckles- Does that mean you want more? Heh, I am not wrong. Furthermore, with this I am not sated at all. You understand it by now right? I have no intention of letting you go now. –chuckles- at best you better show me it, your good expressions. –drinks-

Ayato: Even you, want me right? Ah, I see, you say that, I just take more blood anyway. –drinks- Come on, your mouth, don’t silence it. I will pierce my fangs to the deepest spot you own. Cry with a good voice. Ore-sama, can’t get enough of that voice after all. –chuckles- Are you trembling? You want to be all messed up right? –drinks-

Ayato perks up

Ayato: What is wrong? You holding me. That sure is something unusual. What? Did you wanted a kiss? Silence huh? –chuckles- Well, fine with me. In other words you want to settle it. –kiss- Here, I did as you wish. –chuckles- By closing your eyes, does that mean that is not all that wanted? –kisses you again- Hee, you also like kisses? So that mean, what else do you like? Huh?

Ayato: The blood sucking or is it, Me? It nothing you should be embarrassed about. Even if you don’t say it, I know it all along. – kisses- Just how many times do you think I have already done this to you? Even without words, Ore-sama, know it all. Even you, too, understand it right. Hmm what is wrong?

Ayato: Hmm, well whatever. –sighs- Seems I went overboard in waking you up. –sighs- Huh? Even when I stopped, I am just pretending to be the devil right? While you felt good, don’t say unnecessary things. Even I am you say? Hey, you, shouldn’t you be blood sucking? How should I put it? Aren’t you burning up? That is. I don’t really understand it, like don’t you have a shock or something?

Ayato: You thought of it before. So now you don’t feel it? It is because you love me? Hee, so that means I can take it. Me? Silly. As if I will do that thing. Even when I don’t say it, you know it right? That aside, we really need to be getting up now. While there is no one around, and there is nothing to do, sleeping all that is boring right?

Ayato: Let’s go and have some breakfast. –Ayato gets up-


Ayato: On the outside I looked very calm. I don’t really remember when I started living with the Tiny Tits. Though, I did this many times already. Loving or hating, saying every single word is annoying. Even when I am hiding my emotions the Tiny Tits knows what I am feeling. That is why, that sort of thing is not necessary. There is no need to show it with words or expressions. Also, this is kind of fun, is when I thought then.

Ayato: Hmm? What did you bring? Tea? –sighs- Couldn’t you bring something else? Seriously, -slurps-

Front door bell rings

Ayato: Hmm? Who is that? Oy Tiny Tits answer it.

You go out and answer the door.

Ayato: It is rare to have someone come over. Don’t tell me that Laito and the others are coming over to get in the way right? –yawns and drinks- Well I guess tea isn’t bad sometimes.

You return.

Ayato: Huh? Was that left at the front door? A bouquet of black roses huh. Who would do that, they sure have bad taste. There is no responder written on the card. What the hell is this? A prank? This sure is disgusting. Inside is. Blank?! Huh a prickle? So lame, what are you doing? What is this, it sure is taking a good hold on you. Seriously, be careful. Here, give me your hand.

Ayato takes your hand

Ayato: I am checking how bad it is, better than medicine, you know that when I lick it, it will heal faster right? Here, first we need to get this. Blood sure is spilling out. Damn it, just what is this? Just how deep did it get in? Damn it, just what is this? Is it faster if I suck it out? –sucks- This is really…. Hmm… No, we better get this out quickly. I don’t know if this true or not, but when a thorn gets too deep in the body it can get to your heart.

Heart beat

Ayato: Geh, what was that. All of a sudden, my body is getting all spinning. Huh? You can tell by looking right? I am not alright. Damn it, to think there was a trick to these roses. –takes the bouquet- Though the card is blank. Damn it! Huh. You can look if you want. Here you go. No matter how bad I am looking now it blank no matter how you… wait, hold on.

Ayato: From the places where your blood has touched it, letter are… give me that! The black roses’ thorn, will have a chain that you cannot undo. Your blood is slowly starting to rot and will eventually turn into poison. There is no longer anyone who can stop this. There is only way to survive this. The one who loves you must suck you dry. If you can’t fulfill this, the curse will slowly kill you instead.

Ayato: Huh? I don’t understand it at all! Out of all places, just what is the meaning of this? They are making fun of me. Just who and why would… Is it dad again? But? For what reason? Damn it? Oy, can’t you think of anything? This card, which is written with your blood now. I see. Then it is ok. Tiny Tits, come over here!

Ayato: Don’t you know? I am going to test if this curse is true or not. Don’t struggle! That card just told us, the only one who can drink your blood now is only Ore-sama. I won’t understand if I don’t lick it just a little bit. If that is the case I will. –rips clothing- There is no other way than to find out. –drinks-

Ayato coughs

Ayato: Damn it! What the fuck is this? It sucks to be true, but it doesn’t seem like a prank. –you push Ayato away and run away- What the hell are you doing?! –he runs after you- Do you think you can run away. Don’t order me around. I will do this my way. No matter how bad that makes you feel. Shut up! Don’t defy me! –drinks-

Ayato coughs

Ayato: Damn it. Somehow, this is disgusting. –coughs- My chest feels like it is on fire. Shut up, shut up. You are… tch. Annoying. Don’t struggle so much. How many times must I tell you before you understand? If you keep on struggling, then I have no choice. –rips more clothing and binds you with it- I will use this and bind you. There is no way I will stop. If I don’t do anything your blood will rot and you’ll die. Ngh! Shut up! Who cares about the damned poison! If you keep on talking, I will silence that mouth too. Alright?! Just behave and let me suck you.

Ayato drinks, groaning and heavy breathing.

Ayato: How is it Tiny Tits? The feeling of unable to move? –drinks- To me this curse quite convenient. With this, it means I can actually make you entirely mine. Even as expected of the Tiny Tits, no matter how good this feels, you can’t let anyone else drink from you when your life in on line. –drinks- I need to be thankful, to the black roses, and the idiot who send them.

Ayato: Shut up! Don’t order me around! You just need to sit still and feel my fangs alone. Huh? Are you telling me that you are irritating me on purpose so I will be rougher on you? –rips more clothing- You could’ve said that more clearly. –chuckles-  I will do as you please. Do you like it here? –drinks-

More painful groans from Ayato

Ayato: This sure is an awful hobby. I am getting dizzy. Huh? Don’t be mistaken. I will continue drinking, I don’t care about your life. I will keep on sucking you until you die and turn you into vampire when it’s over. Living has no meaning to me. But that is the only reason your blood has now. A vampire’s blood isn’t alive. Unlike a certain pervert, I don’t think much of drinking it. You… only your blood is only amazing. –drinks- That is why I am doing this. That aside is there a different reason to do this? Huh? I know very well how much you love me. To have your blood sucked until death, just how much more proof do you want.

Ayato: I am… about you… that is… -groans- Damn it! –heavy breathing- A curse… go to hell with it…the only one who can free you from it, is this Ayato-sama alone!


Ayato: In the end, I couldn’t say that I wasn’t doing this for blood alone. I thought it was fine if I didn’t say everything.

Sound of water

Ayato: Tiny Tits? Did the bindings come undone? I should’ve have made them tighter. Huh? How I’m feeling? I’m feeling the worst. That aside. You look quite healthy. Is it because I sucked out the poison? Good for you. Life to a human is important… life of whatever… that doesn’t matter. I have no interest in it.

Ayato: I am still feeling dizzy. Water? Ah, sure. Drinking something cold may help. After all, my chest still feels like it is burning. Seriously, just who and why would do something so unthinkable.

You lose balance and fall down

Ayato: Oy! Tiny Tits! What is wrong? Tch, damn it. Oy! Hold on, oy! Is it painful? Oy! Damn it! How should I do it? Is it hot? I understand! Open your mouth! –gives you water via his mouth- Do you need more? –gives you more- Are you alright? Tc, I guess now, but, just how much poison must I suck before it is good? I don’t understand! Tch, I guess it can’t be helped, there is only one way to find out. Hold on, I will make you feel better soon. I will suck out all the poison! What is wrong?

You hold Ayato’s hand.

Ayato: What is with the hand? Don’t say silly things. I told you before. I will… I will do things my way. It is useless to stop me. Just get it to your brain already. Right now Ore-sama, want to continue and drink you blood. And I expect it that you let me without resisting. Damn it! You are always defying whatever I want to do with you. It is annoying. You just need to give it all up and become mine. That is why, stop it with those eyes. Don’t look at me with those eyes anymore. I won’t know what happens after this! That is why I am telling you not to look. –drinks-

Ayato: Yes, yes, that confessing look. That lewd expression suits you the best. –drinks- More, feel it more. Don’t think of the unnecessary. –drinks- Don’t cry. This is not something to cry about. Or are you crying because of the circumstances? If that is the case I will drink more. –drinks- I told you not to cry. Gh! Gah! The poison is accumulating. –chuckles- Fine with me, I am a vampire with eternal life. This body is not something that will perish from mere poison. Tiny Tits. More, more and more I will drink from you. Until the very last drop your body has, everything. I will drink it all. –chuckles- That way the poison will be all gone right? Say, where shall I suck you? It doesn’t matter to me now where. There is no place on your body where my fangs haven’t been yet. Shall I go for your ears? Fine with me, don’t move now. –drinks-

Ayato: What is it? Are you feeling it? –drinks- not yet, not yet, not… You ass, why are you suddenly. Oy! Where are you going!

You leave the room, outside to the balcony

Ayato: My eyes are, oy Tiny tits, just what are you doing? This is not over yet. Huh? Say that again. Who is agonizing? I am not cropping it up! Damn it! You are taking me lightly. Come back here! I haven’t gotten enough yet. More. Let me drink more. Don’t get so self-conceited! I am far done playing this way. That aside, just what are you making me want to say? Do you want me to say it like you do? Like, I like you, or I love you? Is that enough for you? Damn it! So annoying. This is why I can’t understand humans. Oy! Come back here. To where I am. Oy Tiny Tits, just what are you planning to do? Don’t tell me, you are planning to jump. You idiot! If you die there is no turning back!

You jump and Ayato runs after you grabbing your hand.

Ayato: You rude… Huh? Who is going to let go! I told you, I have no intention of keeping you with me as a vampire! I won’t let you die! If you are going to die, it will be me who does it! You are mine right? You are! Even that soul is mine! –tries to pull you back up- Damn it! Strength… I can’t… damn it!

Ayato loses your grip and you fall down



Ayato: My body is trembling all over. That is, as if I was engulfed from head to toe, bound to it. In that moment my entire being was in control of something else. Fear, that is that feeling, that I was feeling that time.

Ayato: Ngh!! –heavy breathing- Oy! Tiny Tits… idiot, don’t you sorry me. Just cut it out already. Don’t underestimate me. Damn it. That is why I am telling you not to cry. –kiss- You are not hurt right? Seriously, you really do reckless things all the time. There are better ways to test me right. Hmpf, I wonder about that. You wanted to know the true me right? Hee? Well, I will leave it at that. Say, how should I make you feel satisfied? Why are you asking me? I am not really… I just didn’t wanted to let you die… not letting go somewhere, not letting you die just like that… I am telling you that those things are annoying.

Ayato: But you are, feeling uncertain right? Are words not enough? Huh? That is not what I said. That aside. Are you really satisfied when you hear a bunch of words? You sure are a cheap woman. Huh? Being honest, the thought alone makes me shiver. Don’t make me do anything more eye soring. Just when I was in the middle of getting rid of that poison. Just get it already that your master is unable to be honest. I can’t change now.

Ayato: Though, if you keep on insisting… I can amend a little bit. That is why… I am telling you, that I am willing to try more. Marry me. If you do that, you will be a bit more at ease right? Furthermore, your life from now on, only looks like that… If the one who loves you drinks from you, you will die instantly. That is true right? If that is the case, then it is faster ‘cause I am the closest vampire near you now. What? Don’t you want to? If that is the case give me a faster answer! Isn’t that human culture? You know what a propose sounds like right?

Ayato: Wha? Maybe, is it because there is no ring? If I am right when proposing there is such a thing. Then that will come later. Huh? That is why… all of a sudden what is wrong? Huh? I am not lost… it is not like… weddings… is a big deal to me… wha? What is that? As I thought you sure are a DO M through. Well whatever. Well. Your answer, it is YES, I can believe that right. Well… It is obvious right… You love me. More than anyone. I am… I just told you… do I really need to say it again… I understand…I just need to say it right? Say it.

Ayato: To me… you are… the one and only I need. No matter how much it hurts, I will never let you go. I will promise you. I love you.

Ayato: hmm? What? Something fell out. This thorn, maybe… it disappeared. Oy, the thorn disappeared. Does that mean the curse is broken? Tiny Tits, how does your body feel, do you feel alright? Really? You really feel nothing right? Huh? Me? Now you mention it, I don’t feel anything. It is at the moment the thorn disappeared. In the end it is your fault. For starters aren’t you glad. What? That expression. For starters I have already made my resolve. I love you… don’t make me say it again. Seriously, I really don’t understand it. So that bouquet of roses, was is Dad’s doing?

Ayato: Come on, if you feel better then get up already. Don’t sit on top of me all the time. This state, is quite convenient. Yes, like this I can kiss you. –kiss- Tiny Tits, I love you, forever and ever. –kiss- Say, let’s get inside and continue this. Wrap your arms around my neck. I won’t let you fall. Huh? Who cares about the asshole who gave the flowers… Right now, what is more important is to make you my bride. But… once I find him I will definitely beat the crap out of him. He won’t come out good. You think that way too right? Well, if you don’t I will drop you to the floor now though. Aah, but, what hurted you was around here right. –chuckles- This is what you wanted, my honest form. This won’t happen often, you better enjoy for as long as you can. –kiss- Cause the never ending night has just begun.

You two peace out

Ayato: How did it managed to get to be such a big deal? It is only a thing to be with a human girl… I can’t believe I need to promise this in front of everyone. Also, in that state I can’t suck from you.

Door opens

Ayato: Tiny Tits… Yo… Huh? If it suits you or not, don’t ask me… I don’t have any interest in that. That aside, you should be complimenting me on my Tuxedo first right? Huh? Right? There is no outfit that won’t suit this Sakamaki Ayato-sama.  So that is expected. Hmm? What? Hold on you say? Just what is it all of a sudden? Oy! What? Are you fixing my neck tie? Don’t scare me. That is… you came closer all of a sudden, that is… I thought you wanted to kiss me… A usually shy and clumsy women, wearing such a dress, I thought you wanted to hug me or something. Huh? How is this not coming out… You can see that wimpy body clearly! Listen, this is our wedding day, besides the people from the demon world and those idiot brothers, I don’t know who my father has invited. Now you wearing that outfit, it tells me more than usual to suck your blood there.

Ayato: Shut up! No matter how you look at this, it is all a show. Huh? This is not the time to be asking whether it looks good or not. I am telling you that if it looks good, it means trouble for a vampire. I won’t let you tell me that you have forgotten that your blood is special to a vampire. Tch. I don’t know about that. Even when you change the dress, it will still be the same. You were looking so forward to the ritual that you haven’t been paying much attention to this. Seriously. Here. Put this on. Just put it on already. Do you want to get everybody drunk and have your blood sucked besides me? Hmpf, how I look is no concern. No matter how I look it will be fine after all. You put that on and go out there, ok!

Ayato: Huh? What is with that expression? Do you have a problem with it? Tch, so annoying, that aside, are you really fine with everybody besides me seeing those shoulders and back of yours? Do you really think that would make me happy? Huh? I am… not ok… isn’t that obvious. You are mine. That is why, that look is only limited to me. Is that not right? Even if you apologize now it is too late. Your punishment is this… -drinks-

Ayato: Don’t make a fuss. I am drinking it from a place where you can see on purpose. You understand it even when I don’t say it all right. That you are only mine that is. –drinks and chuckles- Look on your shoulder there is a very good mark to be seen. Now I only need to mark this back. It is a perfect decoration right. Just stay still, right now there are already a lot of guests in the hall. Don’t worry about the marks that are mine. –drinks- More, more. I am going to show it to everyone who is attending the ritual. –drinks- This is about right. Ok. Now you can go out without wearing my jacket. Hmpf, it can’t be helped. Because of your blood there are a bunch of idiots that can’t sit still. Just hold on for, while bearing that marking. Also, you are glad that you have gotten a proper proof that you are mine right? –chuckles- Your finger. Ah yeah, though before the ritual that is used to. Furthermore, that has no need for a vampire.

Ayato: this is the most important one.


Ayato: it seems that it is time. Oy Tiny tits, let’s go give me your hand, come, hold on to my arm. Ok. Are you ready? Yeah, don’t you let go again, even if you do, I won’t let you. –chuckles- You are the only one… I will love forever.

Door opens and bell toll

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