Diabolik Lovers BLOODY BOUQUET Vol.5 Kou Mukami is the fifth Drama CD of the Diabolik Lovers BLOODY BOUQUET series, featuring Kou Mukami voiced by Ryōhei Kimura. The disc was released in Japan on August 19, 2015.


  1. (ふたりきりの空間, Futari kiri no kūkan) [13:20]
  2. Distortion of the Black Rose [10:57] (黒薔薇の歪み, Kuroshōbi no yugami)
  3. (代わりなんていない, Kawari nante inai) [14:32]
  4. Under the Blue Sky [9:24] (青空の下で, Aozora no shitate)
  5. Ahead of the Oath, and Those Shown [3:09] (誓いの先に、しめすもの, Chikai no saki ni, shimesu mono)
  6. Cast Talk [5:37]



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