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Diabolik Lovers Blood & LoveSweat is a Drama CD of the Diabolik Lovers series, featuring all the Sakamaki brothers voiced by their respective seiyū. The disc was released in Japan on August 10, 2012.[1]


  1. Ecstasy in the Sea [08:45] | Ayato Sakamaki (CV:Hikaru Midorikawa)
    (海の中で吸愛, Umi no naka de kyuuai)
  2. Ecstasy on the Seashore [11:41] | Kanato Sakamaki (CV:Yūki Kaji)
    (海の砂浜で吸愛, Umi no sunahama de kyuuai)
  3. Ecstasy in the Beach House' Shower [09:57] | Laito Sakamaki (CV:Daisuke Hirakawa)
    (海の家のシャワー室で吸愛, Uminoya no shawā-shitsu de kyuuai)
  4. Ecstasy in the Veranda Over the Sea [09:21] | Shu Sakamaki (CV:Kōsuke Toriumi)
    (海の見えるベランダで吸愛, Umi no mieru beranda de kyuuai)
  5. Ecstasy in the Seaside Pension [09:06] | Reiji Sakamaki (CV:Katsuyuki Konishi)
    (海辺のペンションで吸愛, Umibe no penshon de kyuuai)
  6. Ecstasy Behind the Seashore Rocks [09:37] | Subaru Sakamaki (CV:Takashi Kondō)
    (海辺の岩陰で吸愛, Umibe no iwakage de kyuuai)

• Esctasy refers to 吸愛(Kyuuai), which means "blood-sucking love".



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