Diabolik Lovers Bloody Songs -SUPER BEST- is a compilation of the music contained in the Diabolik Lovers series. The disc was released in Japan on May 21, 2014.


  1. ADDICTED (2) PHANTOM [5:40]
  2. 切断★舞踏会 (KIRISAKI CARNIVAL) [5:29]
  3. 血濡れた密会 (BLOODY SABBATH) [6:51]
  4. ZERO [5:45]
  5. Farewell Song [7:22]
  6. A Certain Prophet's Fate [とある預言者の、運命 Toaru Yogensha no Unmei] [5:57]
  7. 真夜中の饗宴 (MIDNIGHT PLEASURE) [6:12]
  8. 幻日理論-Parhelion Logic- [6:53]
  9. 極限(UNLIMITED) BLOOD [6:22]
  10. 月蝕(Eclipse) [8:07]
  11. 真夜中の饗宴( MIDNIGHT PLEASURE) -Remix ver.- [4:39]
  12. 極限(UNLIMITED) BLOOD -Remix ver.- [5:57]



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