Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE Soundtrack CD
Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE Soundtrack CD
Song Information

Yuki Sugiura


Yuki Sugiura

Single Information
Release Date

August 19, 2015





Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE Soundtrack CD is a compilation of the music contained in Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE. It was released alongside Diabolik Lovers Bloody Songs -SUPER BEST Ⅱ- on August 19, 2015.


  2. CARLA [1:35]
  3. SHIN [1:31]
  4. DIABOLIK WOLF'S [1:41]
  5. Eclipse Game Vamps [1:31]
    (月蝕遊戯ヴァンプス, Gesshoku yūgi vuanpusu)
  6. Continued, Day-to-day of a strange family [1:30]
    (続、ある奇妙な一族の日常, Zoku, aru kimyōna ichizoku no nichijō)
  7. An eye for an eye, A fang for a fang [1:35]
    (目には目を、牙には牙を, Me ni wa me o, kiba ni wa kiba o)
  8. DIABOLIK LOVERS C major for piano [1:32]
    (DIABOLIK LOVERS ピアノのためのハ長調, DIABOLIK LOVERS piano no tame no ha chōchō)
  9. The Beautiful Smile I Saw Inside My Dream [1:31]
    (麗しき微睡みの中で夢を観よ, Uruwashiki madoromi no naka de yume o miyo)
  10. Collapsing Pessimism [1:38]
    ( 崩壊ペシミズム, Hōkai peshimizumu)
  11. DIABOLIK LOVERS A minor for piano [1:30]
    (DIABOLIK LOVERS ピアノのためのイ短調, DIABOLIK LOVERS piano no tame no i tanchō )
  12. Perhaps The Fate of A Loved One Can Change(Not)Fate [1:32]
    (愛しさが運命を或いは Change (Not) Fate, Aishi-sa ga unmei o aruiwa Change(Not)Fate)
  13. Absolute Darkness Dark Fact [1:30]
    (絶対的な闇 Dark Fact, Zettai-tekina yami Dark Fact)
  14. Concerning Love [1:31]
    (慮れば恋, Omonbakareba koi)
  15. Seeds of Love [1:30]
    (愛の種, Ai no tane)
  16. [1:34]
  17. Founder The Apocalyptic Cantata. Opus Zero [1:37]
    ( 始祖 The Apocalyptic Cantata. Opus Zero, Shiso The Apocalyptic Cantata. Opus Zero)
  18. Final Battle, Dark Fate Apocalypse [1:36]
    (決戦、暗黒運命黙示録, Kessen, ankoku unmei mokushiroku)
  19. Feelings towards Reunion -original ver.- [1:31]
    (再会への想い -original ver.-, Saikai e no omoi -original ver.- )



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