Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE Soundtrack CD is a compilation of the music contained in Diabolik Lovers DARK FATE. It was released alongside Diabolik Lovers Bloody Songs -SUPER BEST Ⅱ- on August 19, 2015.


  2. CARLA [1:35]
  3. SHIN [1:31]
  4. DIABOLIK WOLF'S [1:41]
  5. Eclipse Game Vamps [1:31]
    (月蝕遊戯ヴァンプス, Gesshoku yūgi vuanpusu)
  6. Continued, Day-to-day of a strange family [1:30]
    (続、ある奇妙な一族の日常, Zoku, aru kimyōna ichizoku no nichijō)
  7. An eye for an eye, A fang for a fang [1:35]
    (目には目を、牙には牙を, Me ni wa me o, kiba ni wa kiba o)
  8. DIABOLIK LOVERS C major for piano [1:32]
    (DIABOLIK LOVERS ピアノのためのハ長調, DIABOLIK LOVERS piano no tame no ha chōchō)
  9. The Beautiful Smile I Saw Inside My Dream [1:31]
    (麗しき微睡みの中で夢を観よ, Uruwashiki madoromi no naka de yume o miyo)
  10. Collapsing Pessimism [1:38]
    ( 崩壊ペシミズム, Hōkai peshimizumu)
  11. DIABOLIK LOVERS A minor for piano [1:30]
    (DIABOLIK LOVERS ピアノのためのイ短調, DIABOLIK LOVERS piano no tame no i tanchō )
  12. Perhaps The Fate of A Loved One Can Change(Not)Fate [1:32]
    (愛しさが運命を或いは Change (Not) Fate, Aishi-sa ga unmei o aruiwa Change(Not)Fate)
  13. Absolute Darkness Dark Fact [1:30]
    (絶対的な闇 Dark Fact, Zettai-tekina yami Dark Fact)
  14. Concerning Love [1:31]
    (慮れば恋, Omonbakareba koi)
  15. Seeds of Love [1:30]
    (愛の種, Ai no tane)
  16. [1:34]
  17. Founder The Apocalyptic Cantata. Opus Zero [1:37]
    ( 始祖 The Apocalyptic Cantata. Opus Zero, Shiso The Apocalyptic Cantata. Opus Zero)
  18. Final Battle, Dark Fate Apocalypse [1:36]
    (決戦、暗黒運命黙示録, Kessen, ankoku unmei mokushiroku)
  19. Feelings towards Reunion -original ver.- [1:31]
    (再会への想い -original ver.-, Saikai e no omoi -original ver.- )



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