Shin: Father! Father! Hold on! Please regain your consciousness, your son Shin is here, Father!

Carla: Shin…

Shin: Father!

Carla: Shin!

Shin: …! Big Brother.

Carla: Let him go..

Shin: But!

Carla: Don’t show such unsightly expression.

Shin: -sobs-

Carla: Oh Immortal one, it does me greatly how death has come for you. This is the beginning of it all, isn’t that right?

Shin: … That makes him mortal like any other? But… -sound of a thud and Shin shocks even more- Father!

Carla: Did they come for him huh…

Shin: Big Brother how can you be so collected about this! Father, open your eyes, you are not here dad, we, what should we do! Dad!

Carla: -whacks a board-

Shin: Big Brother?

Carla: I am collected? How do I even look collected?

Shin: ah…

Carla: If I were collected I did not need these kind of emotions. This is, the founders clan, has reduced to only us two tonight. Do you really think I could feel a single shred of happiness with father’s passing?

Shin: Sorry, I stepped over the line, also, I said something mean, forgive me.

Carla: You and I have different positions. I am the founder king’s, father’s, Ghisbain, own will , Shin you just need to take in father’s death and it’s pain silently. Father raised you like that allowing those emotions. That is your mission.

Shin: I understand big brother.

Carla: Are you prepared? To think that we have fallen to this point.

-weird sfx plays, like someone is levitating kind of sfx-

Carla: Well Shin, it is time to set Father off.

Shin: Farewell, Father. –sobs- Brother?

Carla: To think that he is following his own late summer.

Shin: Eh Brother, don’t tell me, he written some sort of last words?

Carla: No, that is not what I mean

Shin: I see, then it is fine.

Carla: That said, there is still this feeling that there actually is one. You are the same.

Shin: A cursed destiny huh…

Carla: Yes

-Ghisbain disappears-

Shin: And so he left.

Carla: And another one of pure blood has faded.

Shin: Brother, I…

Carla: What?

Shin: I… father’s anger, instead of him I will carry it.

Carla: …

Shin: I will never forget the words Father kept on saying that this is Karlheinz’ curse. Father’s revenge, the one who betrayed our bloodline, vengeance will all be released on him.

Carla: Shin, before that, there is one thing left we must do. If we stay like this our bloodline will end. Before that happens we won’t move out.

Shin: However.

Carla: I know what you want to say, it won’t feel good if we don’t give them a proper welcome.

Shin: Indeed, first let’s get out of here first, and take father’s vengeance.

Carla: However, the seal that is covering all of this castle. How do you intend to break that?

Shin: Ngh! That is… True we still have that…

Carla: I also hate Karlheinz, however, right now we are living like trapped beings. It won’t be weird if this situation becomes bleak.

Shin: We are running out of time, huh.

Carla: Before this summer ends we cannot wait for death to come to us. For the sake for our bloodline too.

Shin: That said, do you have any kind of plan.

Carla: Only one, there is only one way left for us to do. First we need to see our blood’s future.

Shin: -chuckles-

-scene change-

Carla: The demon world has come to an end. The purgatory’s residence, from ten thousands of evenings we brothers, from Ghisbain’s life we are trying to reach. That day I became the king. I have the determination, that I can break this castle’s seal and find the way out. We carry the sword to take vengeance on Karlheinz and all of the vampires. Ever since that day Karlheinz took the battle to the demon world breaking this entire world. Creating this ten thousandth evening. The assistance and magical power of our entire bloodline was broken that day. The day kept on proceeding so slowly since then. There was really nothing left to do. The bloodline grew wary and tired. They grew tired of living. This is the worst kind of living we can have. That is, a terminal disease. Even now this is a very rare disease. Usually the main body could not affect so many of us, time after time again. That is too the same with my father, he has gotten the same kind of ending. What is left, is only me, and my little brother Shin. Only the two of us. We have taken the word ‘revenge’ on Karlheinz, into our mind and hearts. First we need to find the blood that is also the first. Right now it is only a silent blade. I am waiting for this chance now.

Carla: Diabolik Lovers Dark Fate

Shin: Volume 1 Chapter of the Eclipse


Carla: Hmm? A dream. –chuckles- When was the last time I saw a dream. Is it because of the eclipse.

-sound of Footsteps-

Carla: Hmm, you, what did you came here for? If you have some business go to Shin. If I am alright, what do you mean with that? I am a first blood, I don’t get ill like you humans. Furthermore, you should worry over yourself more. Coming over here you should know this would happen, or is it, that you have come personally to be purified? Come! I will do as you wish. –drinks-

Carla: It has gone better since the first bite. Even so, it still has the taste of impure one. –drinks- Hmpf, what is wrong, are you already closing your eyes from only this? –drinks- I won’t forgive you yet, come, shut up and give me your blood. –you struggle- So depressing. Don’t struggle. Is it painful you say, it is hurts or not, it does not matter to me. I have no interest either also fighting back is useless. Well, what will you do? Indeed, you finally seem to understand it. Relax. If you do that… I will reward you with this… -drinks- What is wrong? Your face is red.

Carla: Hmpf, to make shut up by only capturing your lips with only this sure is easy. While it is only convenient for me though. The purification will continue, your blood that is tainted by the vampires, in time will make you be reborn as new. Well, more. –drinks- Well, this time, I will bite your other side of the neck. –drinks- When the purification is done, there is something you need to do. when that times comes of course, it will also be the time for our bloodline to thrive. –drinks- Don’t move! –drinks more-

Carla: Give me your blood. Once it is acknowledged, it will only get more attention. –drinks-

-scene change-

Carla is breathing.

Carla: Today I will only do this much. What are you doing, I won’t forgive you if you faint here, go back to your own quarters. You are an eyesore. Hmpf, did you lose consciousness, how depressing. What? Your body is heavy. Just what is this?

Shin: Big brother?

Carla: Shin.

Shin: What is wrong? You are showing a unknown expression.

Carla: It is your imagination.

Shin: I see, then it’s all good. Ah, that girl was with you as expected.

Carla: Because we need to hurry up with the purification.

Shin: Well how are things now?

Carla: The road is still long and dark.

Shin: I see.

Carla: Furthermore you came here because you had some business with me right?

Shin: Yes, I have some information from the familiar I caught earlier. It seems they are already looking every nook and corner for that girl.

Carla: Did they already find this place?

Shin: This place, not yet. But, it will only a matter of time.

Carla: I see.

Shin: What shall we do?

Carla: Leave it. We don’t have time for them. If we don’t continue the purification this woman is better off dead.

Shin: Then, like before I will make sure to stall lots of time.

Carla: Yes, as long they don’t come here it will be fine.

Shin: I will work till I drop, I will borrow the familiar from the neighbours.

Carla: Sure.

Shin: Then.

Carla: Wait, Shin

Shin: Hmm, what is it Big brother?

Carla: Take this woman with you.

Shin: Heh, understood, shall I continue the purification?~ To be dozing off here. –carries you- Is it because of having your blood sucked till the end? She does feel somewhat lighter than before. Ok. Well then, good night big brother.

Carla: Yeah. They went, I will rest some too.


Shin: I took the woman from my big brother’s room, and brought her to my own room. By doing so I can drink this woman’s blood. Big brother only ordered me to bring this girl. Meaning, I only needed to take her away from there, where I will carry her and what I will do afterwards is solely my own decision. Even my big brother Carla knows that I will purificate her after I take her from his room. In short, had this been a situation where I would look for food, this would be my meal. It is the same how a wolf eats upon a carcass. While big brother takes it into consideration about my true form. It is the same as thinking of life itself.

-footsteps and a door closes-

Shin: There we go. –sighs- Seriously, big brother sure doesn’t take any prisoners. While he can let his familiars do the work, he lets his little brother do the carrying. Hmm, did you wake up? How do you feel. I bet you feel awful right. You just got your blood sucked and then left behind after all. Do you want some water? I see, well, do as you please. There is a flank with water of there. Don’t you think it is best not to get up so forcefully? You just have your blood sucked and can’t see where you’re headed anyway.

Shin: There, look, what did I tell ya. Listen to what others advise you, ok. -whacks a board- Oh look, your hand just fell down. It is because you were sleeping over there. Say, do you understand, I am angry. –stands on your hand- It is because you didn’t listen to my advice, like this, if I don’t punish you like this you don’t seem to understand it other way. Even when I carry you back to the bed. Don’t make me do unnecessary things. Look, can you properly sit down? Or did you come this way because you wanted to do something? Like a shower? I don’t mind it though. Just like before shall I join you.

Shin: Don’t look all that, even I can get hurt, also, you, were looking quite good that time. Weren’t you actually feeling good that time? Right? Haha, are you staying silent now? So unfair. You just can admit it honestly. It is not like this is the first time that big brother and I think much of you now right. There you have it. Cooperate, you have been in the hands of vampires for so long. I won’t go until you lose consciousness. –bites and drinks-

Shin: Look, that expression, I wonder if the mirror will give you enough proof. –chuckles and drinks- There, as expected of me and big brother, it is hard to fight back right. But, I won’t stop. Do you really think I will stop now? Like hell I will. –drinks- You know it by now right, I am everything but gentle -drinks-

Shin: Well, even you won’t expect that much of me right, as expected. –drinks and moans- Ah, look, that expression again, you can look really good you know. Show me more of that, and look over here! Open your eyes, aren’t you going to look at my face? –chuckles- I will make you look at it. Yes, yes, look closely at me. It is the person who is making you more beautiful, me that is –drinks- Come now, come now. I told you not to close your eyes. Just listen to at least one order! Do want to be bitten more harshly? Don’t defy me, ever. If you defy me you will feel the ache with this fist! If you really think that you have a special treatment because you are a girl, that is your high way of thinking.

Shin: I… like it… violence that is. –chuckles- Do you understand? Then do as you are ordered. –drinks, bites and drinks again, chuckles- As expected did you get scared? Of course you are, once someone tells you they like violence, you will never know once you will get hit. But, I actually like the kind of person who tells you when he might hit you. Because you don’t meet many people like that after all. Well, to big brother this won’t matter at all though. –drinks- It is about time that is tasted badly. If I continue the purification now you would die after all. Even after all these fangs marks even you won’t be able to forget me now right? In time you will become mine after all. Before that happens, you will go to big brother and then back to me, until you are mine. Hmm? I am not doing this because I am doing it for you. You just need to know when you are mine, then it is all good. Don’t think I won’t know with these eyes. Don’t just stay silent. There are still some deep things that you still don’t understand right? The scar on this eye, the mark still remains. Just like how I cannot forget resentment.

Shin: Hmm? Do you want to know, hmm, then I will tell you. It is better if you stayed ignorant about the things you don’t know about. You don’t want to get caught up in this right? –chuckles- There. What? It looks like you still got some energy left to get up. Well, where are you planning to go? Don’t you want to be with me? Huh, the shower, well since you are covered in blood like that, it is only logic you want one. Though, don’t make me say it again, don’t do anything rash. If you rest up here it is all good, I want do anything to you anyway. As expected of me, after drinking so much, my stomach is all filled up. Heh, I guess you didn’t hear that, did you lose consciousness again. Seriously, well it can’t be helped, you did got done like this. As expected you do look quite pale. Well, it won’t kill you. If we keep up this pace, the purification will be done in a few. –sighs- But, ever since she came, I have this feeling that something has changed. If it weren’t so tainted, it would have tasted even better though. The power of the two founding brothers who are purificating her during this purification. It may be a bit weird. As I thought isn’t it better just to have one master? Right? The you who is sleeping in front of me.

Shin: If you don’t fall quickly to us, it will become a big hassle you know. While I don’t think you will understand any of this though. Even I won’t hold on this long in this situation. –sighs- Somehow I am tired.

Shin: I silently laid the woman next to me and closed my eyes. With the purification only moments away, I actually could rest my eyes for the moment, and then…


-sound of footsteps-

Shin: Big brother? Big brother! Where are you are going? Father’s is still not…

Carla: There is no time for that. Even we don’t move now, even father’s name will be sullied.

Shin: Just where are you headed in such a hurry?

Carla: To the treasury.

Shin: What kind of business do you have there?

Carla: Something to find.

Shin: Find something. Just what. Explain it to me more.

Carla: I am looking for clues to living remains of our bloodline

Shin: Don’t tell me that last wish you still have…

Carla: We are here.

-Heavy door opens-

Shin: -coughs- It sure is dusty in here.

Carla: It is because this is where it all began for us, now there is almost no one left, nobody have set foot in this place after all.

Shin: it sure is heavy guarded. By the way big brother, the continuation of before, the remains of the first bloods? Don’t tell me they are somewhere? Didn’t our ancestors all die in this place?

Carla: That is indeed the case.

Shin: In that case.

Carla: Shin. Father once had a little sister.

Shin: A little sister?

Carla: And then one day, she just disappeared.

Shin: Didn’t she just die?

Carla: No that is not the cause. All of a sudden her existence seemed to be erased. Father is different from all the other first bloods.

Shin: If you say it like that, it sounds like you have some lead to this right brother?

Carla: Yes, no matter who I asked, even father, whenever I asked of his little sister, they replied with there was no little sister.

Shin: What is the meaning of that, I don’t understand at all. So when everybody else didn’t know of her disappearance only you, brother, knew it happened? Hmm?

Carla: Shin, look for a jadeite pendant. That should be the source for lots of magical power. Even among all this treasure a small pendant with so much magical power is easy to find. It is somewhere in here. I saw father’s parent’s put it in here somewhere.

Shin: Heh, I see now. so that jadeite is our lead. While I don’t understand much of it. I guess we can use some help –whistles and wolves howl- You lot, look for a jadeite pendant. It emits magical powers, indeed. It should feel like father’s magic powers. Dismiss!

-wolves spread out-

Shin: Seriously, we are running out of time, it can’t be helped, I will help out too. What is this for crying out loud. There sure are a lot of bones. –more rummaging- Say big brother, I’m fine that you are sitting idle over there, but can’t say more about what you were talking about before? Back there, there are some things I understand some things I don’t.

Carla: is it not enough when I say that I BELIEVE there is actually a little sister?

Shin: That, believe that there is, why are you staying so silent about it?

Carla: Because I don’t want to say more unless I have more proof about this. Because it’s entire existence is shrouded in mystery.

Shin: Hmm, are you telling me that hidden magic powers of that little sister has something to do with it?

Carla: Yes.

Shin: Don’t tell me Karlheinz?

Carla: It is able to break even this ten thousandth evening.

Shin: In the first place, why did he do that anyway? While he too is a descendant of a first blood, why did he tried to obtain the original one?

Carla: Who knows.

Shin: So I guess that is something we need to ask in person huh. Hmm, hold on big brother, if Karlheinz is able to mess with other people’s memories. How come you are the only who is able to remember this little sister so clearly?

Carla: I don’t know myself. However, I know there is indeed a memory of her in my mind. That jadeite you are looking for is also part of that memory.

Shin: I see now. Then…

Carla: Shin, it is about time to stop doing unnecessary things and start move your hands.

Shin: Yes, yes

Carla: Father, your best friend betrayed you. and made and end to the purgatory, I will definitely make an end to this painful life. Karlheinz, you and your clan. I will… surely…

-more rummaging-

Shin: Seriously, even with the help of familiars this sure takes a hell of a lot time.

Carla: Snake, wolf, eagle and the bat, those four battled here for long times and all of them left something behind when they died, that is why there is a lot of it.

Shin: Say big brother, can I take a little break?

Carla: Do as you please.

Shin: Even so, excluding all the remains this is still quite a lot. To think that this all belonged to our bloodline ancestors, it kind of pains me to see. It makes me wonder if we really had all this power, why did –chuckles- To think that I am thinking about that now.

Carla: It is because there is this kind of power left behind. The weak will try to devour the strong.

Shin: And then those weak ones will eventually get sealed up by the strong ones again right.

Carla: If that weren’t the case, father would have not lost to the likes of Karlheinz.

Shin: Indeed.

Carla: Father believed that man, the pain still lingers with me.

Shin: Former Best friends huh…

Carla: Surely, Father taught him, Karlheinz, in private what is special about the first bloods. That is why he thought that I can trust this person. But, in the end he got betrayed. Karlheinz too wishes to see the end of the demon world. Simply said it means he is just like a little bat.

Shin: Hmpf, I wonder if that should have scared us.

Carla: I wonder

Shin: To think that a cowardly man like that is the vampire King. It sure is a forgiving feauture.

Carla: Indeed.

-sound of wolves footsteps-

Shin: Hmm. What’s wrong? What? You found it?!

Carla: Let me confirm it.

Shin: Hey, you, guide him there.

-scene change-

Carla: This is it, this jadeite. I remember it. If I touch this stone, her dying will, will flow out. As I thought father did have a little sister. With this we are able to find out how she died and how she lived.

Shin: What can you see?

Carla: Yes, her name is… Mainer, where are you now Mainer? Where? It was decided that Mainer would marry father. Why is a woman who is equal to father’s position in strength in the clan of first bloods, why is she erased?

Shin: …

Carla: Why is it? Tell me, Mainer. What is withholding you? Is the power of the siblings not strong enough to draw you out? I can’t seem to lure Mainer out into this ten thousandth night.

Shin: Is it because of Karlheinz magic powers that keep on seeping through, that it is blocking her?

Carla: With this, I won’t be able to pinpoint her exact location. What I do know is that she left this ten thousandth night.

Shin: Tch. Which means, as long we stay here we won’t be able to find Mainer’s tracks.

Carla: It sure is annoying.

Shin: Ah, brother, the precious stone just feel down.

Carla: As long as I remember where I last saw Mainer’s location, I have no longer need for that stone. Let’s go.

Shin: Just in case shall I just hold on to this stone. Big brother wait!

Shin runs after Carla

Shin: Big brother, where are you going? Ah, that way is….

Carla: The gate to the seal.

Shin: What are you planning to do?

Carla: I saw Mainer break through there. Let’s see if it will work for us too.

Shin: From the Main gate? But over there is where the seal is particularly strong right?

Carla: It is indeed a facts that no one in the clan manage to break the seal. Though, Mainer found a way to get through the seal and leave the castle.

Shin: Just what kind of way did she use?

Carla: …

-electricity sounds-

Shin: From here huh. Even from a short distance you can feel the magic power surge through. It doesn’t look like one woman can break though.

Carla: Mainer believe should remain here somewhere. If we touch that believe for a moment.

Shin: Big brother! If you touch the barrier it will be dangerous!

Carla: Don’t stop me! –magic surges through and Carla groans-

Shin: It’s reckless! If you touch this, which hasn’t been touched in ages, Big brother you will.

Carla: Be quiet! Don’t make a scene.

Shin: …

Carla: Even if I bleed, the faster I do this, the better

Shin: Big Brother, just what do you mean with that?

-magic surges through again-

Carla: As I thought it is impossible. I haven’t done this in a while, though. If we just can break through here…

Shin: Big brother?

Carla: -groans-

Shin: Ah!

Carla: I can see it. This is… darkness…

Shin: Did you see something?

Carla: It is very feint. Darkness is… -groans again-

Shin: Big Brother, hold on! Are you all right?

Carla breathes heavily.

Shin: Thankfully.

Carla: Mainer… maybe… on the night of the Lunar Eclipse.

Shin: What do you mean.

Carla: In her believe of the barrier, I could see darkness. Mainer’s memories showed that.

Shin: I see, during the time of the eclipse, many vampires go weak and will feel strange.

Carla: Yes, during that time it is when our clan will strive in power.

Shin: If we have that day, there is no way we can’t break it then.

Carla: Yes.

Shin: To think that we forgot such little fact.

Carla: Even if we had thought of it the power of the Lunar eclipse won’t break through even if it is there.

Shin: That is true, though Mainer, found the perfect timing, the perfect spot, to break through. Hurting her own comrades.

Carla: Mainer, showed Karlheinz the entrance. Just like on the day she left the place, he found a way in. To protect us from that fact Karlheinz. used his own magic powers to make us all forget about her. It is right to seal everything off on the lunar eclipse. Karlheinz, without his powers everyone in this world would’ve have withered and died.

Shin: That Mainer! Did you meet up with Karl in secret huh! You traitor!

Carla: Though, even if we catch that traitor we must uphold the bloodline. Otherwise we don’t have any future.

Shin: While I actually want to break the hell out of her though.

Carla: When our business is done with her, you are free to do so. Don’t show any mercy on the traitor.

Shin: That is the way it is. –chuckles-

Carla: The eclipse in the demon world is almost among us. After centuries that is. On the night when the moon is at her thinnest, Mainer broke the seal and left this world. With help of Mainer’s remains we are able to do it too. The moon will become our ally.

Shin: The night of the eclipse now seems so much fun right, Big Brother?

Carla: Yes.

Shin: If that is the case, we better make preparations. So that we don’t ever need to return to this castle ever again.

Carla: Indeed.

Shin: It is making me feel all excited. Finally we can leave this place.

Carla: …

Shin: And so we waited, until the night of the eclipse would also reach the demon world. The plan succeeded with my big brother we flew through the skies. It was a great sight to be seen. I can’t ever forget it. The sky of the purgatory. It didn’t had any moon nor stars. It was just, all darkness, the never ending sadness, that sky. It gave me an unexplainable feeling. While everything had already started. Just like when something it about to end, it is that kind of strange feeling. Regardless, thanks to Mainer we were able to leave that world and learn about this world. While it is like the demon world, we, followed Mainer’s memories which ended with a certain woman. That is this woman. When I first met her she was like all bone though. Right now, she is sleeping next to me. The thought alone of messing those guys up entirely, I can silently stow away my fangs. The dawn is near. The fate to change the darkness.



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