Church bells toll and Reiji is the first to wake up groaning.

Reiji: This is… -gasps- A church. This sure is waking up in a nightmare. Why am I in this place? Also, you as well. Have you come to? You sure know how to wake up late. Eh? Where this is? You can tell by looking right? This is a place which you should be familiar with. Yes, indeed. A church. The place where you humans find solace. I have no interest in this at all though. Also, why am I here with you in the first place? If I recall correctly, I was going to school with you. Suddenly… ngh, after that I have no memory, it’s odd. Do you know what happened to me?

Reiji: Explain it thoroughly, quickly. What was that? You don’t know. You sure are useless. You sure know how to get in my way every single day. If you don’t use your brain once in a while you will be left behind. Well, for you to use it is high likely an impossible task.

Reiji: Though, this sure is unfortunate, I have vague memories. Some unusual people arrived, while I do not know what the person wanted at first. Though he managed to fulfill his mission. Though, if this is their plan, they could’ve thought of it more thoroughly. Eh? Who would do this kind of thing you ask. It is only logical that you don’t know, you can’t even understand the most simplest things. Whichever, this might be a trap, we better proceed with caution. Do you understand? You don’t move from that spot. Until I say it is okay, you stay there.

Reiji: Humans who don’t listen are better off dead. Be careful. Also I understand that the one who is behind this is after that I suck your blood. Though, they want it to be so that you don’t have clue that I do. However, it does not matter to me if you would die here or not. However, it is only a problem if you do. Though, if a foolish human like you would die in this place, it sure would be a peaceful place. –chuckles-


Reiji walks around in the church. Trying to open doors, though without success.

Reiji: Hmm, as I thought this is a special kind of door. It won’t open with ease. It doesn’t look like I can break it either. –walks around- Though, this is, to lock up a vampire inside a church. They sure have a lot of time, there are even better ways to get this right.

Reiji: -walks around- So far I can see this situation this is indeed a trap. The enemy, are those worthless kind of a made people. –walks back to you- it doesn’t look like there is a different way to get out. If this is a trap… this place… you are the one who put all of this in motion. You… did you move from that spot? Seriously, you sure are… I told you didn’t I, not to move from that spot. So why, did something get on your skirt? This is… the proof that you are worthless. Here… you can’t move just yet. Even when your body itches you are not allowed to move.  Listen carefully to what I say. Even when I manage to breach this, or when you get hurt. It doesn’t change the fact that you are the reason for this trap.

Reiji: I can understand it, from the scent that is. Hmpf, you know why, because the reason we are here is because of someone who is like me. Vampires. There are a lot of people who hate the Sakamaki Family. It surely is someone who belongs in that category. Seriously, this sure is troublesome. We from the Sakamaki Family are the rulers of this world. Even when you do something horrible to us, you won’t be saved from us.

Reiji: You know why right? We, who are blessed to have such long life span, are granted lots of power through the means of blood. This surely is something utterly foolish to battle against, that is what I find. Though, I am one of the Sakamaki Family, I won’t let this be. –sighs- It seems you have finally ripened.

Reiji: You may have not realized it yourself yet, you, have given that body to someone else right. You don’t know, you say, I see. I may be fooled by my other foolish little brothers. Though in front of my eyes you cannot fool me. There is a scent. It just confirmed my assumption. Well, if the other vampire tried to best me, by drinking your blood, it means you were not needed at that moment. Like a strong wind carrying an illness. That moment when they have you in their grasp, they will fall into that illness. You are wanted by vampires.

Reiji here explains why you are wanted by the vampires and that he is telling this for your own sake. Since you are a stupid human woman.

Reiji: If that weren’t the case you aren’t able to fall (in darkness) You ought to be thankful, that I researching this for you. Your body, should have some marks left, which proof that you are mine to research.


You shift.

Reiji: I told you to stay put right. Do you wish to be punished? If you truly yearn for it, I don’t mind complying to it. This sure comes in handy now –chuckles as a rope tightens-  if you do not wish to be punished, stay put. You understand right? Hmm, around this time I would at least have found something useless, not this time it seems. Your ear, your neck, even your nape, there is nothing left. Hmm? What is wrong, you are trembling, did you think that I would drink you blood. Don’t look so cheap. I am not like my other idiotic brothers. I don’t attack once you start to look so cheap.

Reiji: Even when you want your blood sucked, you need a proper attitude. Show me some proper manners! First we begin with how you start your meal, all the way until the end. Food that doesn’t have any manners are not worth it. Unfortunately, it is that simple, I just can’t seem to understand those other brothers though. Father, whenever we have the family dinner, will those idiots ever learn for what true reason we hold it. Of course, it is so we can bond as brothers… In fact we don’t need human food, we are vampires after all. Even so, why would we have one. I shall explain it so a human like you will understand it.

Reiji: You humans are only food to us. We hold these dinners so you humans won’t evaporate from the world cause we let loose on the blood that you carry. No matter what, that you humans stay livestock for us, doesn’t change the facts. –unties something- I won’t ask how we instill the fear on you. Even in the long run, we dark creatures will eventually be destroyed. So to prevent that we need to use our heads clearly. We do, well to see you worried about us to this extent, it will only repeating show you your death.

Reiji: You want to live right? You must have it hard. You who cannot receive eternal life.


Reiji: There I removed the ribbon on your chest. You will show me that neck. Those who have tested you, must have left some evidence on you somewhere. Specially to those decayed ones, you must understand it too right. Even so, to haven’t be able to find anything to this extent. Your neck, your collarbone, nothing there. I would have expected one or two perfect cuts here and there. What is it? I am mistaken you say. You, are you taunting me? You are covered in an inhuman scent. I am researching just from where it is coming from.

Reiji: -sighs- This sure is irritating me. Ever since you came to us, you haven’t even listened carefully to me once. As I thought it is better that I intoxicate your first you will listen to me. –pulls the rope then cuts it- Hmpf, a dog who doesn’t listen to his master properly get the same sort of treatment right. This is nothing too out of the ordinary now is it?

Reiji: I am holding back now after all, you at least listen carefully to my commands here. Well since it quite bothersome and it is night now, those clothes, take them off, or is it, your feet perhaps? –kneels down and checks your feet- When I take a good look at it, your feet don’t look exceptionally different. Why are you looking so embarrassed for? When I look at your feet, I won’t feel anything at all of it. Though, now you look at me that way, I managed to find it. Here, near your thighs, as I thought, a vampire. Hmpf, this bite over here, it doesn’t look it is made by my foolish brothers. Just from which family is this from, well whatever, for now, the biggest trap of all is you, that is what I understand.

Reiji: at first, that someone looked at you in that matter is something I do not like. If those people also put me in this place means they want me to dance on the palm of their hands. Let’s get out of here, if we move that door just a little bit we might be able to get out of here. Come, you as well, quickly, heeh? You can’t get anything strength out, you say. Seriously, not only have you been corrupted by other men, you are asking me for help now. Such indecent behavior. When we get back at the mansion I’ll punish you.

Reiji: You better prepare yourself.


Reiji: why are your eyes closed. Me carrying you like this, is it that awkward? Furthermore, why do you look so happy now? It feels disgusting. This is something that cannot be prevented. Or is it, that when you were brought here alone that you allowed those men to bite you everywhere? Well, this sure sounds what you would do. You, thought you would die in this place after all.

Reiji: -shocks from the music- What was that sound just now?! A pipe organ? –tune enters again and Reiji gets annoyed and pained from the tune- If they are trying to annoy me, they sure use childish methods. If they think this would actually stop me, they sure are mistaken. –tune enters again-  I will show them that the opposite will happen. –reiji walks closer to the organ- This place, is the only place to enter and to leave after all. They better had used their brains a little bit more. –tune enters again-

Reiji: You, sit over here. –you take a seat the tune gets worse and Reiji tries to bust a door- As I thought it is not that easy to leave this place. –tune comes again- This is getting an eye sore, they can’t do anything else, it is better not to touch anything else henceforth. If I am meant to hear this tune. –reiji groans as the tune starts to get a proper melody- Th-this is? Don’t tell me, this music, -chuckles- so that is how it is. –starts to pull at the door again- I will show them what will happen if they annoy in this place. Stop it! Cut it out!


The pipe organ continues to play a melody and Reiji walks back to you.

Reiji: Their goal, is it this? –heavy breathing- Am I all right you ask. If this looks fine to you, you sure are an odd one. –groans-

Reiji then tells you to quickly let go of a certain object. –heavy breathing- “Why am I in such painful state” you ask. “Can’t even figure out that much.” –groans- Your blood, has been sucked by someone. Your body had the proof over there right? Because of that, you are now luring and seducing any vampire in your close environment because of that scent. I understand, their goal is. –chuckles- The ones who locked up is in here want to see me drink you until nothingness killing you in the process. That is why, they have put me in a place I hate the most, that is why they have locked me inside a church so I can suck your blood.

Reiji: After that, this music. This music, is making me feel unusual. Ah, yes, that good-for-nothing! Shu, he listens a lot to this kind of music, as a little kid he would repeat this and repeat it. I am getting irritated when I hear this tune. It is like feeling life getting sucked out of me. Why would that man go to this human place and then play this tune, what is he after, is he trying to be forgiven now?

Reiji: I just don’t understand it! –bangs against some wood- Calm down you say. Just what do you understand? Heh? When you listen to the music, it feels like you have become the main dish, you say?!

Reiji: I see now. How annoying.

Reiji: You really… dare to make a fool out of me! –slaps you- It hurts you say. Well of course it would, it is because of the pain you will stop doing something utterly foolish. I wish you would stop looking like that! –slaps again- I don’t think anything special of you. Just, you with other people is something I cannot have. Even when I do not wish to speak with you, you seem to be wishing to see me all the time. Such a poor creature. –chuckles- There is a little bit of blood coming from the palm of your hand. You, what are you planning to do by seducing me? –sucks and breathes out- I bet that those other brother drank your blood also in this place.

Reiji: I…won’t no matter how much you beg for it. You, will become all different and weird when I do after all. You are that kind of person, though, just by drinking a little bit of your blood, I, am already fallen to this state. To be honest I am not doing all fine at this moment. Can you just stop being all so questionable this moment.

Reiji: It is making me uncomfortable and irritated. Also the this time, my throat is dry. Ignoring the condition for now, to be able to feel this is quite… -pushes you down- you are yearning for it right. Your body. It’s hot, and burning. I too. Somehow, am unable to breathe. Excuse me, I just removed the necktie.

Reiji: I can’t breathe, as if I am trapped in a forest, ah, gradually being left behind –breathes out- Like this. When you are being pushed down in a place like this. Everything is the fault because I just touch your blood. My body, my vampire’s real body, just now, by your blood, has been really loud. Yes, it’s loud. Seriously, very, it hurts. When will it stop. This requiem. I can’t. inside my brain, it is like a parasite has infiltrated it. –groans-


Reiji: -heavy breaths- You are, how about it, you are trembling as if you are at the edge of life (not too sure here since Sir Reiji speaks too fast)

Reiji: Can’t you feel there will be no more turning back? As long as I have my fangs, nothing will get used to it no matter what happens. You want to feel pleased by my fangs, that is the truth right? What must I do? Tell me now, now I still have some reason left. Your neck, I will be able to pierce them through there. Hmpf, it is a good place to start. I too am a fallen being. By going to you, I have fallen to this sort of condition. –sighs- Shall we stop with the dark thoughts. Give it to me, that blood. –bites and drinks-

Reiji: my body, feels heavier than usual. Yet why, your thin blood, why is it so depressing. Come, just a bit more, give me a bit more –drinks- That we no longer can feel our own reason. We have turned into mere prey and predator now. Even when I say that, right now it doesn’t matter to me anymore. I just, just, want blood. Blood, I want it, I can feel it. Like this, you acknowledging me. how does it feel? It feels good to you right? Like me who has lost reason, you are lost in the feeling right? This situation where you yearn for your master. I can finally see that you have come to that state.

Reiji: though, I can’t stop it. I can’t deny it, this feeling. No matter what. Like this, in this situation, you will, I will drink your every little bit of blood. At least, let me have my fill. Until I am not in this hideous state. Like my brothers, I will show you that I will stay alright. That is why… that pipe organ… I will break it!


Reiji: That melody. It is a pain to my ears! Cut it out! –throws something and glasses breaks-  Keh, this sure is a calm losing feeling. Even with that, will you still not stop! –groans and falls to the floor- Keh, no matter what, they want me to listen to that melody. –groans- Darn it, I want to break it all into pieces now. You too, instead of giving me that pitiful look how about you help me here a bit. I am irritated, so much that I am fumed. You, I need to mess you completely before this feeling fades.

Reiji: even you need me, right, you face is telling me it. So you can admit to such yearning. If I need you I will pierce you with my fangs, on a place you wish me to bite. Until that music stops, I will stay in this state of suffering. There is no other way to stop this hurt. Come, where do you want my fangs, here or where you are trembling the most right now, close to your heart? Right here, the place where you want my fangs, is right here right? I can understand, you heart, is pumping even harder now. I can feel it pumping. –laughs- it is making me feel odd, to even know that this is making me feel unusual. Though, you are the same. Those yearning, falling eyes. Those tainted lips, they are more beautiful than normal –laughs and heavy breaths-

Reiji: the complimentary stops now, with all that talking, I am yearning for your blood once more. I want to drink and drink. Until I am no longer thinking straight. It is because you can’t get enough from me drinking your blood.

Reiji: To yearn my fangs, I will pierce through your skin, reach even your bones. You want to feel it right? –chuckles- I will taste it all, just like you wished for it. I really can’t get enough of it. Come, open yourself up, can you feel how my fangs will pierce you, and reach your heart? Let me taste it, the shivering feeling.


Reiji: -drinks- more, you ask? –drinks- ah, the hot blood is flowing through my throat, it is making me feel dizzy, that blood is making me feel better already. To get even better, all I have to do is pierce deeper, and drink more of your blood. There, I just thought of something awkward. Your expression when you are falling, it is still improper and unsightfull. Though, right now, it looks utterly beautiful. It is a one in a million view. Someday, it will revert back to what it used to be. –drinks- when I take you lips, have you prepared to become mine?

Reiji: This is, -drinks- ah, you are, why, for some reason unbelievable precious right now. Thanks to that irritated feeling, I am now speaking words that are like words of love. –chuckles- that is, I thought of something stupid again. Is it because of this place. Somehow I am able to feel again. Love and liking are things I used to know just like you. That used to be words of hope until a certain time. When I say it, it is like going back to that time. That feeling, is like out of this world. That feeling. To make ME remember them. You too can’t even see me as your master right? While I want to control you more and strictly. That I am now blurted out words of love. It is not possible, though, I can’t stop it, I want to decay with you and have your blood. I don’t want to give you to anyone else, forever I want to keep on seeing you. How do you feel about it? –chuckles- indeed. Like me who cannot live without you, you as well. Your body, is accepting the pain I am giving by letting out your voice. –breathes out- I am totally fallen in this trap. Though, even when I try to get out it is useless. Lend me your ears, I am tired of waiting. Now that the music is over, it is better that we are not trapped in this place. –chuckles- I bet the ones who are watching us now are feeling like kings.


Reiji: I will show you that you have become mine. –drinks-  You too acknowledge it. Be honest, your heart, let it go. It can’t be helped if you are improper now. We can no longer return. Feeling good when you are pleased is not a bad thing after all. Time is all we have now after all. –chuckles- well, more, more, yearn more, for me. you, want do you want from me? My fangs or it is my heart.

Reiji: It’s fine, in this place I can give you my heart and my body, for now in this place they are yours. To make me say these things in this place, they should be satisfied now right?  The ones who have trapped us in here. Well then, who cares about that now.  It may be something foolish, right now thinking of that is even more foolish. Right? Though, that is something that doesn’t matter. Right now I am here with you. My wish is just, that. Come. Where next? Your nape has been moving a lot since then. It wants to be bitten right? Is it showing me your true feelings I wonder.

Reiji: -chuckles and breathes in- it’s a good scent, this smell, just what is it exactly? Ah, that’s true, I have a feint memory, it is the scent of a certain flower. The flower, makes you feel more relaxed, which means, you are seducing me at this moment. –chuckles breathes out- it is a good scent. It’s tinseling, kind of scent.

Reiji: -kiss- by kisses the place, I am able to feel it better, I wonder if the flower went into my system? You, have no time to be sitting there idly, more, more, bloom more with help of my fangs. You will bloom magnificently then. It’s fine to hope for that. –chuckles- well, as you wish.  I will pierce you on the places that you wish for. –bites your nape and drinks- [1]