Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD Vol.1 Ayato Sakamaki is the first Drama CD of the Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD series, featuring Ayato Sakamaki voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa. The disc was released in Japan on April 24, 2013.[1]


  1. In the prison, captive [06:46]
    (牢獄の中、囚われの身, Rōgoku no naka, torawarenomi)
  2. Corrupted Body [03:29]
    (獄れた身体, Gokureta Karada)
  3. Sucking blood to the death [08:41]
    (吸い殺してやる, Sui Koroshiteyaru)
  4. Dry throat [11:21]
    (乾いた喉, Kawaita nodo)
  5. Collar [07:34]
    (首輪, Kubiwa)
  6. Jealousy [08:45]
    (嫉妬, Shitto)
  7. The body that’s known thoroughly [06:45]
    (知りつくされた身体, Shiri tsukusa reta karada)
  8. To the extent of a burning throat [03:59]
    (喉が焼けるくらいの, Nodo ga yakeru kurai no)
  9. Inside pain [08:51]
    (痛みの中で, Itami no naka de)
  10. The limits of bloodsucking love (DEATH ECSTASY) [10:41]
    (極限の吸愛(デスエクスタシー), ')[2]


  1. 「DIABOLIK LOVERS」ポータルサイト Diaboliks Lovers Portal
  2. Narihira on Tumblr - more,blood vol.1 track summaries


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