Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD Vol.4 Azusa Mukami is the fourth Drama CD of the Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD series, featuring Azusa Mukami voiced by Daisuke Kishio. The disc was released in Japan on July 31, 2013.[1]


  1. Chasing, Chasing [06:54]
    (追いかけて、追いかけて, Oikakete, oikakete)
  2. Azusa Mukami [07:58]
    (無神アズサ, Mukami Azusa)
  3. Hurt Me? [08:16]
    (痛いことして, Itai koto shite?)
  4. Matching Ring [06:00]
    (お揃いの指輪, O soroi no yubiwa)
  5. Even Though I Love You [03:19]
    (大好きなのに, Dasuki na no ni)
  6. Pleasure Besides Pain [08:27]
    (痛み以外の快楽, Itami igai no kairaku)
  7. I Won't Let You Go [05:20]
    (もう離さない, Mō hanasanai)
  8. You Like Me, Don’t You? [05:29]
    (俺のこと好きだよね, Ore no koto sukida yo ne)
  9. Lots of Wounds [10:36]
    (たくさんの傷, Takusan no kizu)
  10. Love Me [11:36]
    (愛して, Aishite)



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