Sound of iron and cracking, Kanato groans slowly waking up.

Kanato: This is, hng… My head is spinning. Ngh, ‘Are you alright?’ you ask? You can tell by only looking right? I am definitely NOT allright. –painful groan- That this happened to me. Someone must have given me some weird drug. It is definitely, it is definitely those people. (the mukami) I won’t forgive you. That they even took you prisoner.

Kanato: -more painful groans- My body feel heavy. It feels like I am not myself. –iron cracks- This is… We are inside of a Ferris wheel of a amusement park right? Huh? Are you telling me that we are trapped inside of a Ferris Wheel? Just how much of a fool are those people making me?

Kanato: If I recall correctly I was in the library, yes that is true, I was with you, and then, some guys I didn’t know came and talked to me and sweared at me. Cause it’s right you know, cause they interrupted my, teddy and your time together. So that is why I got back at them and… and yes, then this weird scent entered the room… making me pass out, when I came to I am at the place I do not know of…

Kanato: Haaaa… I’m irritated now. To have lost consciousness and not know what had happened… He? “You don’t remember?” you ask? Heh, -sniffs- Yes, I, Can’t remember anything. –cries- I was blindfolded. –sniffs- And then they gave me some potion I do not know of. –cries more- That way… I… I… Couldn’t remember it of course! –cries- Aaah enough. As usual you are a useless, good for nothing, idiot! 

Kanato: Haaa, I feel more irritated. Why is it like this? I just can’t seem to understand. Moreover, how do YOU think of this? You were captured with me right? “I don’t know” You say… -more iron cracking- Haha, You really are like an insect…

-chains rattle-

Kanato: What is this? Chains? Ehahahahaha, -insert hysteric laughter here- Just how far do they make… A fool of me!? –angry groans trying to break the chains- These chains… These things. I’ll break them… Damn, darn, darn, darn, darn!


Kanato: -deep breath then cries- Just what IS this? It hurts? Just what did I do to deserve this? –sniffs- “Calm down” you say? You are, just a mere insect, so you can act composed. I.. cannot forgive this situation. –cries more- What is the meaning of this? That we are trapped in this place? Chained? Is this someone else’s plan? Do you know who it is? It must be… No, it is not. Ah I know now, I know now! This is surely, this is surely! Your fault! It has to be that way. 

Kanato: I can tell from the scent. You have let someone else beside me suck your blood. That is true right? –slams against the iron door- So that means, when I was passed out, you were captured by vampires like me. Say, just who was it, tell me. Tell me before I kill you. –sniffs- TELL ME!

Kanato: Why are you being silent. Or is it, that you want me to kill you? Ah, that is it, that is it right? I understand. I will kill you. I will crush your heart, and attract it out of your chest and drink all the blood that comes free. –iron cracks- Even when you don’t say anything, I will drink all of your blood that was taken by those people. 

Kanato: fufu, so foolish, you should be honored you mere little insect. Heh, if you really think I would get angry for such trivial thing you are greatly mistaken. –chains rattle- What were those guys thinking to chain us up like this? Haaa, the more I think of it I get more irritated. In this situation, you as well, also, the reason why we are like this, no matter how you look at it at or anyone! I bet the person who did this had some weird drug with them. That is why, why throat is dryer than usual. They must have done this so I would get thirsty and drink from you when that the time comes.

(he means here that when he feels hungry and he drinks our blood that the Mukami can see what will happen to him as a result from drinking our blood)

Kanato: That is only to make me look like an idiot. Nfu, this is really foolish. Then I will just as they wished for I will drink your blood. Even if they are looking from afar I will not be taken aback from it. Nfu, they will sure understand that when I enjoy your blood that they should not mess with me. The only reason that I haven’t done so, is that we are trapped in a ridiculous place and they are trying to piss me off right? Nfufu, it is a good time since I was getting hungry. It is even better since you are so close to me now. I am getting even more hungry. But don’t get the wrong idea, this doesn’t mean that you are a special person.

Kanato: If anyone is hungry they will choose anything to eat.


Kanato: -iron cracks- “Well give me your hand, quickly, I can’t get rid of these chains. So you have to give me your hand and beg for it. “Suck me please” I usually don’t take blood of someone who has shared it with someone else..  What was it again, a certain someone did managed to get her blood sucked. (Kanato means here that now that her body is tainted with other scents that she should beg to be sucked again by Kanato even when others drank her blood.)

Kanato: -chains rattle- That is the sort of feeling you must convey. Well quickly, let me drink your blood already, you piece of crap! 

More chains rattle.

Kanato: Yes like that, it’s good if you are honest like this. –breathes in and out- Such a good scent, it is a bit different from before though. This is, you let someone else drink your blood fault right? Or is it, that I am too hungry that is has this scent? Nfufu, -breathes in- I can’t, whenever I smell this scent I can’t hold back anymore. –chains rattle and Kanato begins to suck and lick-

Kanato: Haa, you, your taste it is different from before. Why is that? As I thought, is it because of someone else? Say… You don’t know? Don’t tell me lies. You mere insect! Aha, that’s true, I understand now. 

Kanato: I see, so that was the cause of the many changes. The moment I lost consciousness from the potion. You, you did for the sake of making me angry you intentionally gave yourself away to someone else right? 

Kanato: That’s right right? Right!? It’s not that?” you say. Then show me proof. “How” You ask. Think that of yourself! 

Kanato: -sighs- You just need to let me drink your blood. That is right, right? That is the only reason you are useful to me. Your blood as a certain value. Also my throat is so dry that I can’t help myself. This is weird, I am yearning much mo~re for blood. There HAS to be something weird with me.


Kanato: -cries- As I thought this is a trap right? One you made. That is why, you have an obligation to give me your blood. That is true right! If you also think that way, give me your other hand. Quickly! –chains rattle- Giving in like this, makes your body look like a sponge. –bites and sucks- More… -breathes heavily- My throat is taking in your blood. But it feels like it is leaving my body just as quickly, why is that? This is as I thought weird! –sucks more-

Kanato: -cries- It’s no use, as I thought, I can’t feel your blood. Why is that! –cries more- If it was like always your blood would make my body feel hot. Making me feel all spaced out and all fluffy inside. You would feel the same right? But, I can’t even feel the half of it. –sniffs- It just, it just leaves my stomach empty. I want to see more. Also, I want to feel good, you want that too right?

Kanato: More… I guess I should drink more then? More… come closer, ne~- chains rattle- These chains, are really a bother! Aaah damn, to make me feel so irritated. This is even allowed to be called normal! (not too sure about the last line))

Kanato: If that is the case.. I will try everything and anything to get rid of this chain. If only pulling with my left arm won’t do I will do more to get it. But… again… my throat is dry again. It is as if I have landed in a humid environment. Well moreover, my head is not working with me. Blood… Your blood… Blood… Give me your blood!

Kanato: -drinks and sucks- My thirst just can’t seem to be sated. More… of that dripping blood! –drinks again- I’m really irritated. Blood should make me feel good, but in an instant that feeling is gone. It’s just, it’s just, like a ray of light that disappears into darkness. (something in this direction)

Kanato: More.. More. Give me more blood –drinks and sucks- As I thought it is no use. It is no use. More.. Give me more blood to drown into. Your arm or shoulder is not enough to sate me. You too, you want to me to give your more pleasure right? If that is the case, put some more effort in moving your body closer to mine. Think of more ways to get rid of these chains!

Kanato: ah it hurts. Why is that? The more I drink your blood.

Kanato says here that he can feel something get stronger couldn’t catch what exactly though ;-;

Chains rattle

Kanato: Like this… Fall deeper, to think that you are worth more than the blood you carry, it’s ridiculous. –drinks-


Kanato: -sighs- As I thought, this is a trap right? –laughs- Who is it. Who made you like this, the trash that made you change like this, where the hell is he?! Oy! Answer me! Let me out! Let us out, right now! I don’t give a damn if this life here is lost. If that is case the one who is in trouble are you right! (referring to the kidnapper not Yui here ))

Kanato: -iron cracks more making  the ferris wheel move and almost break- What was that, just now. If you answer me that… Is that how it is… Darn! –more iron cracks- This ferris wheel… Is tearing up apart. Hmpf, you sure are in a delicate position. My body hurts, this situation… -chains rattle- But, thanks to that, I somehow managed. This stupid chain, is making me want to puke. Heh. With this, I can drink from more places. –breathes in- Come. The scent of blood is strong, it’s different from the scent from your heart. It’s deeper. –breathes out- Because it became something like this.

Not sure what he asks here

Kanato: ehe for you this is not the first time you felt despair right. Thanks to the ferris wheel I can see the end of this clearly. This. What is the meaning of this indeed. That we are the only ones to ride here. It’s like they are trying to let us fall into the darkness.

Kanato: You are presses against the glass of the ferris wheel and I am on top of you now. Which means if that glass window breaks… Hmpf, you will fall deep into darkness and then. Ha? What is it? Are you scared? Are you scared of me? If that is the case then it is a shame indeed! –slams against the glass window- heh, “what are you doing?” you ask? This is why are you are a true idiot, you can tell by looking right? I am trying to break the glass. –laughs- Hmm, as expected this is tough glass. –slams more- It won’t break easy. If that is the case I just need to use more strength in my hands. He? Stop it you say? Are you scared of high places? Which is why I am trying to break the glass so you are freed from this high place. –slams-

Kanato: That frightful and painful look on your face is a good one~ I wonder what kind of face you will make if you actually fall out of this ferris wheel, it makes me want to test it out.


Kanato: slams more against the glass window. –giggles- It broke just a little bit. But, this glass just won’t break that easily… It is annoying, it is like your perverted personality. –laughs- My throat is dry again. –chains rattle- I can slit your throat easy with this piece of glass here and drink the blood that will gush out and make a little calm pool of blood of it right? Hmpf, fufu, this is a good timing indeed, your neck is in front of me now. It is as if your body planned to lay like this for me. –slurps- Your blood, it is like it is calling to me. Drink me more is what it is telling me. I can’t hold myself back. Nfufufu, are you scared? It will be all right, it is a pain if you die right? I won’t break the glass window now. I want to show you more things before I actually kill you. That is true right? You are also thinking that way right? –slurlps

Iron cracks of your struggling

Kanato: Come on now, don’t struggle, you are an annoying person indeed. –sound of blood dripping- Ah, because you struggled you cut yourself a bit. The blood will go to waste, what a waste. –drinks- Your blood, is spreading through my body. –drinks more- But, as I thought, if I don’t use my fangs I just can’t feel anything at all. –drinks and slurps-

Kanato: Darn, why, why is it, the more I drink and drink, I just can’t get enough of it!  Just what is going on with this! I drank so much blood already, say, what is the deal of this! Something is just wrong here. –drinks- I can’t believe it. To be unsated with this, usually it would make me unable to let go of the taste. It would make me feel like drowning. It would make you say it doesn’t feel good  -slams-

Kanato: I’m really irritated, this is really weird. Everything, is your and the people who drank your blood’s fault right? Or is it cause of the potion they gave me. Or the situation itself may be the cause. Darn. Haaa I am really irritated. –drinks-


Kanato: If it is like this, I just have to drink and drink until I have calmed down right? There is no other way than this. Today too, prepare yourself. I, with these fangs, will pierce your body and savor everything until nothing is left. It can’t be helped right? I just can’t be sated. This body feels like floating I just can’t stop it. –sighs- I want it, want it more, that I go crazy. Nfu, Teddy isn’t even here. That’s true right, -sniffs- Teddy isn’t here. If Teddy was here he could’ve done something to fix this. –cries-

Kanato: If I think it that way I feel myself become a more restless. Not only Teddy, just the idea of that someone else has drunk your blood. I can feel myself get even more angry. –slams- Say you, how do you want me to drink you? Say it! You should know better than anyone else that, your blood only belongs to me. Yet, did you only feel good about it?! 

Kanato: That is the case right! That you felt pleasure from someone else’s fangs beside mine. I will definitely not forgive that! –heavy breathing- My throat is really dry. It is dry again, I just can’t stop it. Quickly! Quickly do something about it! –clothing rips and more heavy breathing before Kanato starts drinking.-

Kanato: This is… This place is also making the blood flow good!~ It is like your heart is intentionally make it flow like this. It’s bright red~ -slurps and drinks more- So much that I can’t keep up drinking it, such a waste. I can’t stop. Say, what should I do to the blood that has fallen? (gone to waste)

Kanato: Say, are you listening? Don’t space out. If you actually have time to that when I am here I will not forgive you. Ha? I drank too much blood? Don’t say silly things. I…I haven’t got enough yet. –slams and the glass breaks-

Kanato quickly grabs your wrist before he burst out into laughter.

Kanato: Finally the glass has broken! –laughs- This is definitely a good situation. The you that is inside the crippling ferris wheel, if I let go of your hand you will fall down into the deep darkness and die. Hhe? What’s wrong? Are you scared? I am all right here? Because I am a vampire. But how about you? Beside that special blood you are just a mere human right. Just how many meters will you fall? As always Humans are ones you can’t get enough of right? (meaning that you can’t stay away from them cause Kanato’ finds them too interesting.)

Kanato pulls you up and laughs again

Kanato: That was dangerous right?~ Your blood would’ve been gone and slipped from my hands if you fell down. Also… My throat is dry again. I can drink your blood from this point on, from where you cut yourself from the fall just now. This way, even my fangs won’t be needed now. That face, hehe, what kind of face is that? A very frightful expression right~ Haaa~ Your fear sure gives of a nice aura. Drinking your blood like this will be very fun to do indeed~ ha. –pulls you closer chains rattle-

Kanato: I am yearning for blood again. Be thankful to me. You are the chosen one to have your blood drank by me. That is true right?


Kanato: nfufu, haa, your neck is still bleeding. It will be all right, I will make you feel really good. Next your blood will make me feel even better, there has to be more places I haven’t seen yet. Like here… -drinks-

Kanato: Haa, your heart is pulsing. Nfufu it feels good right? This heart beat it the proof of it. Nfu, -drinks- Just for a little bit, I felt the pleasure. If it will be like this, it will be good~ Ha, if you move the wounds will become only bigger you know. Nfufu, as expected there will be no more saving from this point on. So don’t think of something so trivial. Or is it, do you want to run away? But, I will not let you go now, you are mine. You have an obligation to give me blood.

Kanato: That is true right? After all I am the one who saved your life. –drinks- I want a lot of more blood~ Deep inside your body I want to pierce you deeper with my fangs. –drinks- My fangs just reached your bones right~ They are in the way. If I do it correctly it will give more pleasure right? –you struggle- Don’t struggle I told you before!

Kanato: Or is it that you are really trying to pick a fight with me? It’s fine actually, if that is what you want! I will let you fall! It is pitch black now, so you can’t feel how high up in the air you are right. We are still connected to the chains but if you fall I will still be okay and survive. Even better it will be good to see you jump and what will happened after you fall the smithereens. Nfufu, but, if you think I will let you die like that, you are truly mistaken. I… will make a puppet out of that crumbling soul. And then you can’t defy me, you will become a puppet that can only give me your blood.

Kanato: Aha, it sounds good right~ 

Kanato: No matter how messed up you are, I won’t have to call out your name, nor will I hear your, which won’t be able to make me feel irritated. Indeed, if I did that from the beginning it would’ve been better right~

Kanato: When I combine your soul to something made of flesh and blood you cannot die ever. I can do something like that very easily. Say, that is a good thing to you right? You are tired of being toyed with right? Why don’t you become an honest food to me? If that is the case, I bet it will be a fun time indeed. The resolution you made to become a food for an eternity will be good indeed~

Kanato: haaa, I can’t, again, my throat is dry again. Just in a second, I am feeling all weak again. –heavy breathing- Give me blood, more, this time, I will pierce you much deeper than before. With these fangs I will pierce you and taste the blood that is deep within. Even the sound of the chains have become a good sound now~ Ah, I thought it was an enormous pain to my ears. If it rattles like this now it kind of sounds good now.


Kanato: haa, well, give me blood from your thighs now. Even when you say don’t it is pointless. You don’t have the right to deft me. Well, stay still, nfufu, I actually have no interest in your legs. But, the blood that flows beneath there is so tasty. That is the sole purpose you own. –drinks-

Kanato: haa, it’s good~ it’s really tasty~ -drinks more- like this, I can eat your entire leg!~ -drinks- haa, hmm, haha, this is weird, this is really weird, why do I yearn for you so much? Every time I drink more and more of your blood. What should I do? Just what should I do! –drinks-

Kanato: This is, as expected, not enough to feel my fangs! Like this… -cries- it can’t be helped. This can’t be helped, because, no matter how much I drink I just can’t get enough. This is what they might have thought of, is that how it is? That is something I have noticed from the beginning! But why do I feel so mortified? –cries- You are nothing. Are you really some special, someone I cannot let go of now? Is that how it is? It sure looks like that. It is true! It’s true! You are, you are only mine! I will not give you to anyone. I will not give you away!

Kanato: Your entire being. You don’t have the right to like someone else! Say, look more at me. I won’t stop if you don’t look at me properly. –drinks-

Kanato: It’s tasty, you are feeling good too now right? Say, why? Why won’t you look at me? Aren’t you listening to me! –drinks more before crying- If I bite you harder more painful your eyes will open right? Nfufu, -slurps- say, here, how is it? –bites and drinks- Does it hurt? It hurts right? Ah, blood. Is flowing more. If I look at this thing now, it sure doesn’t look like a pest now. It actually feels good now. Nfufu, haa, if I bite you more you will die perhaps. You don’t mind right? Your body, all of it, I can do whatever I want with it, that’s true right?

Kanato: That is why, that is why, forever and ever, you will feel good from me right?

Track 10

Kanato: Well, one more time, I will give you pain. Prepare yourself, it will really hurt, surely. However, you will surely, will feel good from it. –drinks- haa, It feels really good, it’s the best. I am grateful for this situation now. Hatred is such a good emotion, nfu. I… it seems I learn something new now. It’s really tasty. –drinks-

Kanato: haa, it’s tasty~ Did it hurt? It feels like you can’t even reply now right. But it is all right now, I will not bite you death. Because, a mere insect existence like you won’t get the honor of my fangs that will kill you. I don’t like that. I am kind right? Don’t you think too? Say, are you listening? Say! If you don’t answer me I will not forgive you! Haa, as expected just a little bit of pain is not enough right. Fufu, then, I will bite the other leg too! It seems like no matter what I do you simply want a punishment from me right.

Kanato: This leg will splurt a lot of blood out too, surely you will smeared all over. It is sure a waste, but it is beautiful to see right. That you have a purpose like that too. If that is the case. Maybe the ones who locked up us in here, were making me see this too. Nfufu, haa, but, I will never forgive that. If you don’t prepare for what you plan to do with death you are not worthy. )

Kanato: I will give you your revenge as well. I need to give the punishment for stealing my prey. But before that, my stomach is still empty, that is why, just a bit more, I will taste your blood. You want to feel good as well right? I will give you a punishment. The taste of sin, just how will it taste? Give me a lots of it. Nfufu, -drinks-

Kanato: The revenge for them will have to come later now right~ -drinks- haaa, it is really, it is really tasty~ you are only mine. I have to thank those people who did this for it too. –drinks and laughs