MORE,BLOOD Vol.7 Laito Sakamaki


Laito: Ngh, -wakes up- This is? Huh, Bitch-chan is with me?

Laito: And here I am thinking that I was in a really good dream. Is this reality? –sighs- Though this feeling, it is reality isn’t it. You also look like you don’t have a clue what is going on Bitch-chan. I am the same as you. But, I wonder if we took some weird drug~ My head feels like spinning, nfu, aaah, I wonder if it is them, there were four of them right? They sure looked suspicious. Nfu, besides Reiji there isn’t any vampire around who can drug a vampire like me~

Laito: Nfu, this has become interesting, furthermore, we sure woke up in a terrific place, nfu, this is sure a good hobby. This is everything but ordinary, a mirror room, a Mirror House huh, nfu~ Look over here~ No matter where you look you can see mine and bitch-chan’s face everywhere~ This sure is quite good~ I can see all different kinds of shapes of you Bitch-chan.

Laito: Why are we trapped in here indeed~ If it was school I would understand it, why a mirror house? Is there a person who understands my reasoning.

Laito: Bitch-chan, can you remember why we are locked up in here, or the reason why these people put us in here, or the fact if they have a grudge against me? I told you before right, I understand everything you do~ You know, you have a smell, your entire body is giving away a very powerful scent of someone who is not me~ That is why I thought, the main reason why we are here, must be because of you right Bitch-chan. Nfu, “I don’t know anything of that?” you say? You are a bad girl, for lying. Lying to your master is a very bad sin you know. Nfu, you and I should have a certain bond right?~ A master and his pet puppy right~

Laito: This is this world’s way of bonding, it is a very important business, a vampire and a human, that doesn’t matter, it is an even deeper bond of love right? Bitch-chan you think of it too like this right? We have a devilish bond, do you really think you can lie to me? You are doubting me, this is so sad~ And here I am loving you so much. Right?~ That is why, lying gives you no luck, promise me. That is why, tell me, the one who is not me, what they did, and how they did you. Haa~ Say, Quickly, if you don’t say it soon, I will make you show you a very improper shape of yourself in the mirror.

Laito: Is that really okay? To do things we usually don’t do, shall we do it?


Laito: Eh? You really don’t remember? Hmm, I see, That is my Bitch-chan huh.  Unable to say honest things, just to tease me, so I won’t be able to hold back. Really~ You really are a naughty girl, Bitch-chan. “That’s not it?” you say.  What and how is it wrong. Your body has someone else’s fangs all over it. Since you deny that, it means you want a punishment from me right?  Nfu, ahn, don’t worry, I am not angry, this is not something to get angry about.

Laito: You know far better than anyone that I won’t get angry of fussy little things right Bitch-chan, at least not against your body.

Laito: -slurps and kisses- Ah, your neck, these are not my fangs, someone else has done this. –slurps, moans- Ah, nfu, nfufufu, -slurps- Ah, good~ If I have to describe the taste, it is the taste of hatred. The one who bit you is someone like me.

Laito: That is what I think of it, even my chest is getting all hot, like it is getting all split up. I feel honored, my throat too, is yearning for it. –slurps, moans-  Ahn, so delicious~ Bitch-chan’s thing blood. –slurps, moans more- Haa~ Mnm, this is really good, this good for nothing feeling. No matter how much I take, I can’t think of anything else, even when I pierce deeply I can’t get the annoying feeling.

Laito: It feels like the devil is falling for a trap, nfu. You are really helpless Bitch-chan, but, you know I don’t have any interest in the feelings such as jealousy. But, I can’t really explain it, this feeling I get which I cannot explain, a twisted kind of love. –slurps, moans- But, Bitch-chan you like this part of me right? Nfu. Haa, soo delicious –slurps- like this, I can go forever and ever and ever licking your body like this. Nfu. You can taste the sin and punishment in the flavor. Nfu. –slurps-


Laito: Here, bitch-chan you look as well, in this mirror house. That is why, your shape is seen clearly everywhere right. Look. Look closely as I bite you fiercely on a painful place. Looks closely into that mirror~  Nfu, you are embarrassed right? What do you think of your very own expression Bitch-chan? Look closely to your embarrassing shape. Your face, don’t turn it away. You also can’t close your eyes~ If you do so, you won’t be able to get the true pleasure. –slurps-

Laito: Here, when I lick you here like this, -licks- Look closely how your body reacts to it~ Here~ Look at it! Nfu, what do you think. When I lick you –slurps- you get a melting expression. Haa, is this the expression of someone who doesn’t like what is done to her?

Laito: Say, shall I do it even better if it makes you feel creeped out? What is it that you don’t like? Such as, like this. –rips cloth- if your clothing are ripped. The mirror of here and the mirror over there, both are showing your expression that show you are liking it right? Ha? Was that an expression of not liking it a bit? –rips more- Nfu, more and more, ripping more and more. I really love your expression of dislike. Here, you can’t hide that face of not liking it. ~ -rips then slurps- Here, and there, your clothing are all ripped apart now~ Nfu –slurps-

Laito: Somehow, because I can see you from all sides in the mirror, I can feel myself get a bit weird too. Haa, it is as if we are both part of a kaleidoscope. Turning round and round , showing our shapes in every direction. Like the shape of our love. Nfu. Having more than one shape. –sighs- Say, Bitch-chan, shall I give you some more pleasure? You get all weird too when you see our shapes in the mirror right, Bitch-chan. Nfu. I will give it to you. The best corrupted pleasure there is. Nfu. Even when I say it like that. Even when you fall, no, you already have fallen deep, you still act like a holy maria, pretending all innocent.

Laito: ehe, so naïve. Huh, but, I, simply love it when you get upset and sad when I do those things to you. I can’t make anyone else but you fall for such trick like that. Only you can fall so stupidly for such trap.

Laito: only that. The only good thing you own is that you look good as a toy. You understand it right? All of it. This is all for the talk for now –slurps and moans- It is almost time that I can’t  hold back anymore, only licking is not enough, I really must have a bite. Nfu. For some reason my throat feels drier than usual.

Laito: Is this because of the drug? I will uncover this new world with you. There is no need for a god, bitch-chan. Nfu.


Laito: haa, where shall I feast on you today~ I want to taste all of you, though for some reason today your back seems more delicious than usual. And… -lifts you up, rips more clothing- It is more than usual, though your back really looks beautiful. This beautiful smooth skin, your shoulder blades which connect to your arms. Haa, no matter how many times I look at it, I feel like there will be white wings growing out of them at any minute. Nfu. If they do appear, I will make you fall by clipping those wings. Cause a bird without wings can’t fly, furthermore,  you don’t have any courage to fly with broken wings right? Nfufufu, -bites and drinks-

Laito: this is good~ this is so delicious, nfu, my throat is dry, I can’t help it, bitch-chan –slurps, kiss- I can’t get enough of it. –bites and drinks- ah, nfu,  -bites again- What I think is the best feeling is, the eyes of a human when hope is taken away from them, that moment of when despair takes over, that moment. –bites, moans, slurps- Look. Bitch-chan your face, are yearning for my fangs. You can see it right, here, you can’t hide it, for this place won’t let you hide a single expression.

Laito: nfu. Here. Don’t look down, open your eyes more, look better at yourself. Nfu, it is rea~ly cute, bitch-chan. I will give you more and more –bites, kisses- It’s good, it’s really good, this room is making me… I don’t know who it is… He must have a good sense.

Laito: It is like… -bites, moans, drinks- there are thousands of me, but on the other hand it is not my own existence that is regretting this. –bites- This is weird~ nfu, haa~ Bitch-chan’s your blood, is as always really sweet. –kisses, slurps- You know today, my body feels different than usual, my throat is so dry, so very dry. No matter how much I drink, I just can’t get enough of your blood Bitch-chan. –bites-

Laito: Say Bitch-chan, you are struggling more than usual. Nfu, the ones who locked us up in this place filled with mirrors, must thought this is a decent punishment. Nfu. Too bad for them. Apparently the ones who locked me up in here don’t know me THAT well. Nfu. If I am trapped inside a room with you bitch-chan, I won’t mind at all. Because I am all alone with you bitch-chan, there is no one who will interrupt us, a world only for us, this is for me a very pleasant time. Nfu.

Laito: Also, there are many bitch-chans in every mirror to enjoy of –sighs- Forever and ever, do I want to stay locked in here.


Laito: Say bitch-chan are you listening? Nfu, did you lost consciousness for a moment? That is not good, I won’t forgive you if you go off on your own without me. I need to punish you for that. Nfu, ah but for you it will be a reward right Bitch-chan? This is not good, I keep on rewarding you that way. Hah. But just for a little while longer do I want to stay like a bad person. We have all the time of the world in this place. Which is really a good thing right? Thanks to the drug I felt like I haven’t done this to you in a very long time Bitch-chan.

Laito: the feeling like you have been seeing a very long and nasty dream. Nfu, or is it that I am still in the middle of a dream, what do you think bitch-chan? Is this reality, or are we both somewhere sleeping and seeing a dream? What do you think? I really want to know. What kind of world you see as our world. No, a dream, or a special kind of reality. Which one do you think, say? He? What I think of it? Nfu, this is surprising, you are wondering about the same things Bitch-chan.  Nfu. I think… both are fine. Yes, I don’t care about either, this, wherever it might be, I am me, and you are bitch-chan, that doesn’t change the facts. Nfu.

Laito: ha~ even when I talk it won’t change the situation. My throat is still dry. You and bitch-chan are still here, what kind of meaning do you think it has? Nfu. Well, now, your hip perhaps. My fangs will pierce you deeply, deeply. I’ll drink your blood so that you won’t be able to forget it. –bites and drinks- haa I can see it, I can see it, you expression of pleasure. Everywhere in the mirror no one else’s expression but yours bitch-chan. –bites and drinks-

Laito: It’s dripping beside your body, your warm, red, sweet blood. –drinks, slurps- the more I drink the more I yearn for it. Why is that.

Laito: -moans loudly- My body, I can feel it is happy. How is it possible that your blood can have this effect on me? nfu. Haa. –slurps, moans- If it is the fault of the situation, but, this is good~ haa~ -bites and drinks- Look, bitch-chan, the place where my fangs were, are beautiful, it is like a flower just bloomed here. Even in this condition, you can still see it from another mirror right? Here~ Like this, so red, so beautiful. –bites, drinks-

Laito: Those beautiful things, I want to defile them, Don’t you also think that way? Like this here~ -bites and drinks- Ahn, it just became even more beautiful, beautiful things, even when they are corrupted, they have a certain purpose. Like a flower it is very beautiful. Ah come now, come now Bitch-chan, why are you all flustered like that, come now, come now, cute little flower. More and more and more and more, reject me more. With that sweet flavor of yours. –bites and drinks-

Laito: ahn~ haa, so sweet, -slurps- ah, mnm, It is like sugar, so delicious. Nfu, right now I am going to drink more and more~


Laito: -sighs- But, now that there is a puncture wound, it is actually a shame. –kisses- here, there comes a time when you will be released from this pressure and feel only pleasure right? When that happens, the factor to release will only become longer.

Laito: ehe, but, I do need something to ease me from the loneliness after that right~ Ah, a man’s play surely is a difficult one~ nfu, and there are so many bitch-chan’s in this world. It’s a shame, while the bitch-chan I have now is alright, the inside is less preferably. –sighs- You are a one of a kind Bitch-chan. You’re happy right that I am loving you so. Wha~t, those unbelieving eyes, do you really think that this me is lying? Eh? “You really don’t love me” you say. Nfu, haaa, seriously, you really are a big idiot, nfu, listen~ Everything I do now, is my kind of love. That is why, bitch-chan you should be more focused in that. If it is not love then what is it?

Laito: Nfu, deceiving a woman’s dream is not something I hate. But you know, those kind of dreams have a special sort of kind of purpose~ Well, it’s all good, look at my eyes, and give me all of you, come quickly, say: “Please devour me~” You are no longer a young girl or a young woman anymore. You are just a doll which is loved by me. What must you do to make your master feel so loved~

Laito: nfu, ah, that disgraceful expression, it really is the best. You did well. You are doing well as my beloved doll. How shall I reward you for that play? Not teaching anyone. Merely showing you the heart of it all~ nfu, ahn, don’t, my throat is dry again. It might be that I have been asleep for a very long time~ What do you think Bitch-chan? You know it right? Because Bitch-chan, you were toyed around with a certain someone before this. Nfu, as I thought there are still places I need to research~ I am bored of that answer.

Laito: Also, I am already sick of hearing that phrase, Bitch-chan is someone I truly acknowledge after all~ Well, it is all fine, nfu, to find out the truth is the big jackpot right?

Laito: The truth is boring after all, a beautiful lie is far more fun right?~ -sighs- But, to find out who came before me, might also be the right thing to know. Nfu.


Laito: well, next is, let’s search for a new spot shall we. Haa~ you can feel yourself being freed right? Deny me so uncutely~ nfu, come, over here, I will bite here, the place where your heart beats so fast. You can tell right, my fangs are touching you. Right now,  I will make you scream. Aaah, it will probably feel really good~ -bites and drinks-

Laito: ahn, -slurps- haa, because you heart is so close, the taste is so thick~, haa –bites and drinks- ah, ahn, haa, mnm, -slurps and moans- I can’t get enough of it, Bitch-chan it is really delicious~ -drinks- It’s good, as I thought, your body is only meant for me.  –drinks and moans- For some reason the taste has become rather dull. But, it’s fine. This.. taste is making me feel all spiced up, bitch-chan you as well, you seem feeling good from it too right? Here, look over here~

Laito: Yes, good girl, sit on my lap, here, don’t struggle, ahn, nfu, can’t your body gather any strength, it is because I took so much right~ Nfu, So cute~ This is your reward~ That is why. I will give you a kiss, you really love kisses right Bitch-chan –kisses- nfufu, more? Yes, indeed, with those lips, invite me in, to take you deeper into the darkness. –kisses-

Laito: ahn, here too, is a taste which is not mine. Who was it that took your lips beside me? –kisses-  Use your tongue more and feel me more. Nfu, this is, your reward after all. Ah, that’s not right. More, more painful right? That is how you want it right? Nfu. Bull’s eye huh~ You really like pain after all Bitch-chan~ sorry that I didn’t notice it earlier. I need to give you more pain to give you  a proper reward~

Laito: say, -bites and kisses- nfu, ah, did it hurt? As you wished I made it painful, nfu, Laito-kun is a good person after all. This was a request I couldn’t slide after all.  Ahn, your lips are bleeding. Like that, it will flow to your neck, haa, so delicious, really~ -slurps and kisses-


Laito: haa, it’s weird, it tastes like the usual blood now. Ah, it is like a waterfall gushing out. This is, a trap? Nfu. Was this a plan to make you feel all weak and empty now? No matter how many times I drink your blood it will never be enough. –slurps- mnm, ahn, but, I don’t care about that, it’s simply making me float, changing me inside. Haa, I love feeling all good, just look at my body, that is why, more and more, I’ll acknowledge you, until there is nothing left to uncover. Haa, or is it, as I thought… -slurps-

Laito: that I am seeing a dream. Yes, like a pupa, nfu, ahn, my throat is dry. Like this, it is making me feel irritated. And it felt good inside this cocoon. It will be better if I wake up now, but there is no way of waking up, yes, yes indeed, right or left, above or below. This is still a mirror image, this perfect cocoon. Say bitch-chan, shall I tell you an interesting thing, you want to know right. Well then, it is a special story. There is an insect that pop out of a cocoon right? That insect, is an animal living as a livestock. –slurps- Do you know why it is like that? It means that if there is no one who will take them, they serve no purpose. No, they only have one option and that is be livestock to someone else.

Laito: Once they pop out alone, all they can do is wait until they are caught. They will fall to the ground and be food to the bird. Nfu. You can’t make a cocoon out of your own. No matter how much it will grow, once they pop out they won’t be able to fly or jump. In that moment of growth all that wait for them is to be eaten.

Laito: nfu. That is why they (the Mukami), they let go of people and won’t  poison anything in their path once a cocoon is made. They are, probably very stupid beings. No, the more you think of it, to be able to think of this, is quite clever.

Laito: nfu. Well? He? What am I talking about? I was asking your opinion about this. Because, this appearance is like yours Bitch-chan. If it was not now, you will be somewhere in the near future. Your entire living is meant for me. Ahh, don’t be afraid. Is that really a bad thing? It should be an assuring thing. Is there a reason why you would hate to break free from your binds to fly in the open air? Say, nfu, did you notice? The truth is always right in front you~ your face, has a great expression, nfu, don’t worry, calm down, since you are special to me, I won’t let you go. I will use you and you can act like the selfish princess.


Laito: ah, ngh, again. Again, my throat is dry again. I talked too much huh, now I am irritated. Now I am yearning once more for the blood from your lips. Ha, where shall I bite next? –slurps- if you think that this is satisfy me you are mistaken. –slurps- ah, I’ve decided, next, here, shall I bite your neck now~ aah~ Seriously, this certain person’s fangs. This is making me feel irritated. These sticky marks on my bitch-chan. Haa, I’ll make it feel even better than the one who bit you, I will erase that scent and make you feel only mine. –slurps- here, this wound is rattling, nfufu, the one who bit you sure is vulgar. This is different from mine. These fang marks, sure are unsatisfying right~

Laito: Nfu, haa, to be taking as a fool by those people, and that they actually thought they could make you feel better than how I can make you feel. Nfu. There is someone like me huh, I never knew that, why is that person to me, this is strange. Anyhow, right now I am poisoned by you, you are only mine. Ah, here,  I am thinking of staying here forever and drink your blood here for an eternity.

Laito: that is fine right? –bites and drinks- more, more, this poor bloodsucker I will win from his play. –drinks- ahn, bitch-chan you are glad right, that I am making better bite marks. You are feeling happiness from the bottom of your heart right? Nfu, haa, here too, let me drink here too. –drinks- ahn, more and more, deeper, invite me, ahn, bitch-chan, I want to break your entire being. Nfufufu. Ahn –drinks- bitch-chan, here, look up, look better at me. There are many of me, you and me in this room. Even the ceiling is showing our shapes and expressions, hmm? What is wrong? Nfu, just by this, did you lose consciousness, the fun just started, I still need to take that fragment of hope you still carry inside. –bites and drinks-


Laito: -drinks and moans- nfu, as I thought I, I became a rally weird person right. As I thought, this is not a dream. Nfu, well, it doesn’t matter anyway, if I am really going to be weird, until the end of it, I will taste you, like an animal, which is the right choice. Haa, that is right, this is not me and Bitch-chan. This is our paradise, say? Nfu, haa? –laughs- Was this their true purpose. –laughs more- nfu, was I who they were after? Haa, I just noticed it, -laughs- haa, I see, to know the truth know that I am a certain someone’s aim.

Laito: This has a human feeling to it. Meaning, the people who were discharged in this place, decided to discharge themselves through suicide. Aah, is that how it was, this has to be the bull’s eye. Nfu, aah, well, I, how come didn’t I notice this earlier. –laughs- haa, furthermore, the best about it, it fucking pisses me off.

Laito: I will not acknowledge that. But, I want your blood, so much, ah, I don’t give much about it that I just had so much of your blood. I want it. –drinks, moans like a whore- nfufu, this is all right, right? For right now all you can see is paradise right? Nfu, -drinks-  we aren’t trapped in here. On the contrary, we are holed up in here. We can really make paradise in here, let’s do that. It won’t matter if we lie right? Adam and Eve sure were idiots right? They are from the forbidden fruit, and were banished from paradise, all they had to do is create  different paradise elsewhere~

Laito: A paradise isn’t something that HAS to be created by a god right? Nfu. Say. Bitch-chan, like this, this changing feeling, might be the truest feeling ever to this. –drinks- nfu, ahn, the fang marks of someone who is not me, are now overpowered by my own fangs. I might have taken a bit too much from there though. Nfu. –chuckles- aah, your earlobe also looks very tasty, it may not have much blood there, so it might hurt a lot. As long as it is me who bites there, you will only feel pleasure right? –bites and drinks-

Laito: it’s good, it’s really good, it’s the best, let’s go there, bitch-chan look over here. Don’t hide that face, I am finally arriving at the paradise. More and more, let’s have more fun, there will be no one who can disturb us in this cocoon. Nfu, -bites and drinks- you don’t have to think of anything, in here, let go of your reasoning, it is all not necessary here, let it all go. After all, we are all alone in here. It’s fine right. As long as I have Bitch-chan. It is paradise as long you are there with me. Well, come closer to me. Also, yearn for my fangs. Say, bitch-chan, I will do all the things you love. Mnm, yes, it’s cute, you are looking at yourself sitting there, I’m sure that the expression of a happy bitch-chan will be seen then, -bites and drinks-[1]