UTrack 1

Subaru: Ungh, Where is this? It’s pitch black. Is this inside my coffin? No it’s not. Then this is? You are. You are also here?! Ugnh! Darn it. It seems we both got knocked hard on our heads. My head hurts. Don’t fuck with me! –knocks against wood- Calm down you say! In this situation how can you be calm at this point?! We are locked up in a place we don’t know. They did this to me and you. Those people! They are like me. Yes indeed. They are vampires. That is why this is pissing me so of! Tch! –slams again- Darn it!. They, did as they pleased, it hurts. This is not appealing at all, darn it!

Subaru: You. Did you think that I don’t have any wounds at all from this? Even as a vampire I don’t get hurt easily. But even we can get hurt and beat up. –you touch him- What? Don’t touch me. Heh, what it means to look after your body? To hit my head like that. –sighs- I didn’t think they would go after the head.

Subaru: I am always sucking your blood as I am used to do it. But, aren’t you glad that I am hurt now? Heh. You never thought of something like that? Shut up! –whacks wood- Don’t act like you are the victim! Hold on. You. Somehow, have a strange smell on you. –sniffles- It’s the scent of blood! Don’t tell me, you, did they do something to you? Oy, answer me! I’m asking if they did something to you!

Subaru: You don’t remember, don’t lie to me! It is useless to fool me! Tch! Those people. I won’t feel satisfied until I beat the crap out of them! I will kill them, everyone! What is the meaning of this? To beat the crap out of me, to suck your blood and then lock us up in this unknown place! This can’t be right! They are making a fool out of me. They are underestimating my personality.

Subaru: What is their goal? Their goal is obvious! It is to make a fool out of me! Ungh! What is this thirst! That is why I said don’t touch me! Listen to what other people say! You, are acting unlike yourself now? They, is it because they drank your blood? That’s mean you say. What is? I am only stating the obvious! I bet it must have felt good!

Subaru: You are that kind of woman! I always kne- -rocks crumbles- Watch ou-! –covers you-

Track 2

Rocks crumble more, the roof fell down since our subatsun whacked the walls couple of times

Subaru: Darn it, the roof came down. Oy, are you allright? Above my leg… There is still a big rock left. Oy, you don’t move now, ah darn it! –subaru tries to crawl beneath the rock- Darn it, I can’t get away. I have no luck at all! Furthermore, this is, an old building huh. Oy, you are, don’t you know where we are? Hehe, there is no way you would know, this is probably close to a cemetery.

Subaru: A vampire’s graveyard. I have heard of places like from Reiji. To be in an old building like a mortuary. Tch, you are partly the fault at this. To have all these darn things fall down on me at once.

Subaru: Darn it! But, I can’t get my strength out like I usually can. If it were like usual I can get rid of this darn rock on my leg and keep on moving. –sighs- this is lame! This sure sucks. Say, aren’t you scared? It’s pitch black here. Humans are afraid of darkness right? I don’t hate the dark. Even in this darkness you can feel what I can and will do to you right? Hm? Why are you holding my hand? Huh? As you thought you are scared? You are in the way let go. –rocks crumble- Don’t come closer to me. –heavy breathing- my throat is drier than usual. Ngh! Ahh enough! Don’t worry about the unimportant things. Anyway, go over there! Quickly!

Subaru: I want to be alone for the time being. If you keep on being nosy like that this will feel the same like when we are in my coffin. Wha? Heh? You are unable to go so you can’t go away? Tch. Well, true, with the walls crumbled down like this, it is hard to move around now. Darn it! Aah this is annoying. If you can’t go anywhere then just shut up. Don’t talk to me for the time being. Until my strength has returned I will break this rock in one go and we can leave that instant. Ngh, -heavy breathing- As I thought this is weird. My throat is too dry to be considered normal. Before we lost consciousness, did those guys fed us something? –whacks the rock-

Subaru: What am I doing? You can tell by looking right? I am trying to break this rock and get the fuck out of here. Darn it! Tch. As I thought it is no use. What is this? My throat feels like drying up. Darn it. When you are here don’t… -heavy breaths- Let go of me. You are… your scent of blood is too addictive! Hurry up! Ah? Your blood scent, is making me feel even worse. That is why. Huh? What? Is it because your blood was drunk from another vampire you say. Don’t fuck with me! What do you mean? It’s not like that I am… ah shut up! Don’t tell me anything. You. Are you telling me that you want your blood to be sucked by me? If that is what you wish for, fine with me. I will start with that noisy mouth of yours! You are seducing me right? –kisses-

Subaru: like this, you are inviting my fangs and wishing for pain right? Rawr! If it is not with those feelings, don’t you dare to touch me. Without a resolution don’t you dare to come close to me. Always, always, you are making me wait, it is annoying!

Subaru: darn it, my eyes are… -falls down- what is this? The noise has become even worse than before. Darn it. This is. As I thought, really dangerous now.

Track 3

Subaru: Hmm? What, I told you not to touch me. Hmm? If my throat is dry I can simply suck you.

Subaru: keh. I decline! You are not my mere meal when I am hungry. Annoying. My wounds aren’t even that severe, there is nothing for you to be worrying about. Even more. I told countless of times, what you are to me. I am… a vampire… that is why, a human like you, I don’t feel anything towards you. All you serve me for is to give me blood.

Subaru: it’s annoying! I am, without struggling going to take whatever I want from you. Oy! What is it? You are showing you neck to me. Ngh, darn it, annoying! You… I really don’t want you to see this, ah that is true. That is true. I am a lost case here anyway, ah whatever! Give me that hand, I am, really irritated, and my throat is dry, I really can’t help but want to bite you now. Let go. Right now I am… in a really bad shape, if you don’t want to be messed up don’t touch me! Don’t me repeat myself.

Subaru: why? After all this you… my throat is so dry. Why is it so… tch… I don’t know anymore, really, now, I don’t care, even when you say stop… I won’t stop. I really can’t hold back anymore. Even so, is it really okay? Hehe, I could care less now. Ha, your blood, is really tasty, it is the best I can get. That is why. I can’t stop myself, never, especially now, I don’t know my limits now, even so, it’s fine right?

Subaru: hehehe, then come! If we can’t get out of here, I can still suck your blood. –slurps,- Deep, into this neck, you are acknowledging me? –bites and drinks hungrily- Ah Darn it! That is why I was against this, I can’t stop myself anymore! You… take out the real me… who is out to kill you. –bites and drinks-

Subaru: tasty! So tasty, the wound, is healing, I can feel it, I was only warning you, not to touch me, because I know that I don’t know what will happen next. That hand too, give it to me. I will pierce my fangs into it. The place where other people have bit you, I will bite there and go even further than they did. Quickly. Give it! –bites and drinks- darn it! My ridiculous state right now. Darn it! But I can’t stop myself! –bites and drinks- oy! You, are you all right. You are all messed up. Why did you.. suggest this stupid thing? Are you an idiot? Are you trying to kill yourself? Oy, say something, or is it, that this state of yours is supposed to make me feel something? –bites and drinks- More… come closer… give me everything! –bites and drinks-

Track 4

Subaru: haa, even after all this, do you still don’t want to acknowledge it? It’s pissing me of though, you are, my… it’s nothing… my wound is just aching a bit. This is weird. If it were a mere wound aching, it wouldn’t be so painful. Usually when I drink your blood I would feel a certain satisfaction. Now I can’t. now that satisfaction is there only for a mere second. –sighs- this feeling. What is it? It is different from an oppression. It feels more than a mere trick. That is why, today, I am more dangerous than usual. Right now… we need to quickly find a way out! Ungh!-rocks crumble more-

Subaru: you too, help out here, quickly! You are.. indeed, at least try to get outside! Their goal is… you huh… if that is the case… you, within my hands… darn it! –whacks and rocks crumble more- What is going on here, we can’t get out of here, that means in the first place, this dungeon has no entrance. Darn it, what is this! I am fine, you are not right? Now… don’t touch me anymore… I told you to stop touching me. If you are with me. If will certainly puncture a hole in you. Right now I am… I want to mess you up so badly, aahn, that is why, in this condition, don’t worry about me.

Subaru: again… again… it seems someone is trying to control me. When you are in front of me, I simply want you, my feelings, doesn’t have to anything with my true self. You.. I want you… so much I can’t stand it. That is why, don’t come closer! Huh? That is fine! What do you mean? That is fine… as I thought you… you are acting strange… if… I wasn’t acting like this, it wouldn’t have no meaning. I am… don’t make say it… you don’t have no other purpose than that…it’s annoying! I don’t care for your acts right now. If you understand, just disappear now, it is impossible you say. Then just try something! If you don’t, oy, what are you doing… seriously, let go of me, aah. I can’t hold back, I told you many times. If you really don’t care, I won’t be held responsible for it. I am… not going well… but… you are… the feeling of wanting you, I can’t stop it… I am really lost case now huh. Ngh… just as they pleased… why… what is it? Does it hurt you say… Of course it hurts! You can tell by looking, just with your blood so close, of course this is dangerous. That is why… don’t come so close to me… I am telling you… do you want to die… darn it! Seriously, get the fu-… Stop it… if you don’t want to die, let go, if you want to die then it is a different matter.

Subaru: blood… is dripping from your wrist. –kisses and drinks- It’s sweet. What are you planning to do. Seriously, I really don’t know anymore! If you really plan in doing this, me too… Come… tell me… where do you want to be sucked by me. Tell the place where you want to feel my fangs, tell me. Your neck? Hehe, I see, I understand. I won’t be held responsible anymore, I am going to suck you now…

Track 5

Subaru: is it a tasty smell coming. Here… do you want my fangs here, then as you wish… -bites and drinks- darn it. I can’t get enough… of your blood… -heavy breathing- This is sure ironic. Ah, whenever I drink your blood, I can feel a certain serenity come over me. Is this also their trap? –bites and drinks- ah, your ear. You also want it from your ear right, shut up. Your face is telling me all what you want. Don’t pretend that you don’t like it. –bites and drinks-

Subaru: now it has come to this, you and me are now dancing on top of the palm of their hands. You are… have prepared yourself a long time for it seems. –bites and drinks- now it has come to this, it feels quite hot actually. –bites and drinks- what’s wrong, you are gasping for breath. Hehe, as I thought does it feel good? If that saves you a bit… this time… I will bite your other side of the neck. –bites and drinks, chuckles- in the first place… -drinks- when you think about it… because you were there, all of this has become a trap.

Subaru: When I think of it that way… heh? What I mean with that? That is, you… don’t you understand. Tch, that is why dull women are annoying. –bites and drinks- understand it… I… to you… -drinks- now it doesn’t matter anymore. This or that, you are… you are… this is all thanks to your blood. –slurps and drinks-

Subaru: hehe, as I thought you are showing a face of pleasure now. Do you love it so much? When I suck your blood.

Track 6

Subaru: Well… where shall I bite you… I will pound my fangs into you there… well, that you will like has been known for a long time. Heh. Your clothing… are in the way…-rips your clothing- you can’t feel my fangs when your clothes are still on right? The feeling of my fangs straight on your skin. The thing you love, your side, haa, because of your scent my throat is dry once more. –gulps- Tch! There is a mark of them too here. It’s irritating me! Damn it! –whacks a rock- If I were by your side… this wouldn’t have… Tch. There has to be something wrong with me, just what was I thinking?

Subaru: Heh, so stupid, just who loves the likes of you, this is aint some silly shit. Tch. The talk ends here, let’s have some fun now, just the two of us, in this darkness. –drinks, breathes in for a moment before drinking again- “Good.. it’s good… your blood. More?… indeed, I understand, even when you don’t say it, even when I can’t see your face, I already understand. I can feel your thoughts. –drinks-

Subaru: I can even feel you inside me, your strength is flowing into me. With what I just drank and with what I drank now, I can feel myself get energized. This time… it is time for your waist. You… aren’t you a bit too thin, if I would bite you here it will probably reach your bones. Heh. Just doing this, everything seems all right now. Even when we are in a dungeon.

Subaru: even if we are trapped here forever, when you are here, it is all fine. I am having kind of feeling. –drinks, short moan drinks- I am getting dizzy, you as well right? Right, right now, you and I are becoming one.

Track 7

Subaru: everything is… inside this darkness, all of it is luring me in. When you look at me and I at you, I can feel it. Together… oy. My hand, hold it. Yes… stronger… say it louder, yes like that. Like this, we feel like becoming one right? Huh, what is it? You want a kiss?! You… what are you saying… darn it, I understand… when I kiss you will feel me even deeper inside right? That much, I will do how much you like. –kiss- huh? What? This isn’t enough. What a selfish woman. –kisses again-

Subaru: more… I see , more it is… -kisses- a kiss like this… what kind of feeling are you getting now? I can’t figure it out myself. A human woman, I always thought they were strange, though you within that group, are even stranger.

Subaru: Like when I kiss you like this, your blood becomes better, though for every single reason there seems to be a change in it, which is annoying. If I only did something like this, is it not enough, do you have a problem with it? Huh? Seriously, annoying. You are weirder than ever. If there is a reason for you being like this, tell me. Ah indeed, right now! Ah darn it, because of this stupid talk my throat is dry again.

Subaru: Tch, only spacing out, I am still waiting for an answer. Haa, ugh, again it is really dry again. If you cry or beg or how much your body is struggling, I still want your blood. I can’t… wait…because you are so pleasing, I can’t wait anymore. Well, this time… this hip, I will pierce my fangs there. –bites and drinks-

Subaru: tasty, your blood. –drinks again- it’s even more delicious than ever. Is it because you are already at your limit of fading.Huh? What was it there. I don’t really understand when your face is all red like that. Huh? Your answer from just now. What is that. As I thought you are… an idiot. You knew it was me, though you are taking me for a fool. As I thought you are acting strange. I can’t put it into words. Even if I manage to put it into words, I can’t quite understand it. You and I are too different, I can’t. that is why, feel a bit strange too, in the first place, a human’s reasoning, their stupid reasons is something I will never understand. That is, there is no reason behind it, which is why there is no meaning in understanding them.

Subaru: heh. This is annoying and stupid as hell. I am. Just, I just want you, there is no other reason than that, I only want your blood, also, you are also good to use as a body pillow. That is all. To be thinking of a deeper meaning than this, is only what humans do in their spare time. I am now, even when I am using you, I still want you.

Track 8

Subaru: I talked about stupid things again, darn it, because of this darkness, I keep talking. You want something else too right? Heh, within embrace, you wish for something more. Furthermore, this is within someone else’s plan right? Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, well, there is still a lot of time, next is your leg. You… like it when I bite your leg right?

Subaru: even when it is just a swallow wound, what comes next feels even more right? –kisses- what am I doing you ask? You like it when I kiss you right? That is why I am kissing you, from your leg… -kiss- until even lower than that. –kiss- how does it feel, are you pleased? Huh? Are you embarrassed. Just for who do you think I am doing this? Heh, I am not doing this because I like you. Don’t misunderstand. Tch, feel pleased about this, there is no room for embarrassment. Hmm, huh? That is not it, what is? You want more… darn it, don’t get too high in your shoes. Don’t think you can overwhelm me.

Subaru: -kiss- here, I don’t like giving orders, though just understand it already. –kiss-

Track 9

Subaru: darn it. My throat is dry again. I am at my limit, come, I will bite you. Heh, what? You are trembling, are you happy now? Seriously, you can’t be helped. You are really… though, I am… that part of you… never mind! Don’t fuck with me, I only like your blood, that is all to it. Darn it, this is annoying, stop screwing with me. Well, give me more of your leg, yes like that, I can’t hold back anymore. –drinks-

Subaru: my throat… your blood, is yearning for it… -drinks- hey you, are you all right? Oy, answer me. As I thought did I took too much, if you die here, it would bring me a lot of trouble, don’t get me wrong, it’s only annoying, because we are in this condition, I don’t mind to drink from your corpse though. It is only nasty to have a corpse here. Also, when a person doesn’t react when I drink their blood it is no fun at all. But, -sighs- it feels like I am reaching a certain limit here.

Subaru: darn it, even after all this, I don’t feel like this is my own body. It feels like I am a certain puppet or something. –sighs- huh? Drink more of your blood? You… you do understand what you are saying right, you are even about to die there. Even a stupid woman like you understand that if I drink more now, it will end you. That is why, don’t make it sound so easy. I-i-idio- what are you doing? To give your bleeding neck so freely, don’t take me so lightly! The me right now…. Do you even understand in what condition I am in now?

Subaru: -drinks- Tch. –you fall to the ground-

Track 10

Subaru: Here look. Are you an idiot, why did you say you want to save me. I don’t understand, you don’t care if you’d die. Don’t say heroic things. If you give yourself to me like that, is indeed a simple thing. Are you really fine with that. Right now… darn it…I don’t know human emotions, if you really are like that. I also have a certain feeling, -takes out a knife- you can tell what this is by looking right?

Subaru: a silver knife. With one right stab you can end a vampire’s life. I am giving this to you. –you drop the knife-. Tch, don’t you have enough strength to hold the knife? Stay with me here. Huh? What am I planning to do? Thinking of something like that in your trembling state… -subaru tackles you, coughing-

Subaru: -laughs- Don’t do idiotic things, look. You hand is piercing me with the knife. I am losing quite the amount of blood here. This wound, if it pierces me deep enough, I will die, but you will be freed. There is no reason to save me now… hehe…like this, if I would continue, I will continue drink your blood until you die. That is why. –coughs-

Subaru: What are you doing? Idiot, who is the idiot?! Who is the idiot? This is your fault, because you said all those weird things. That I have become like this, they… you and I, they only see us as trivial things. I too, can’t stop myself from myself anymore. Hehe, as expected, they, didn’t expect that I would be like this right. Heh, who knows… I will not let those guys do as they please. Furthermore, you, since then, what did you do? Heh? Drink your blood, don’t fuck with me. You… you know what you are doing to me right? But, even with one stab to the heart, am I not dead yet?

Subaru: -sighs- this sure is a sturdy body, for real… -gulps- also, because you are holding me like this, that my throat is dry again. You… do you wished to be sucked by me so badly. I understand, until my last breath, I will make you feel good. There is not much left anyway. Well, come, yes, give me your neck. I am now, inside this havoc, I will acknowledge you. At best, holding you, I will die. Such a tasty neck, your blood scent, as I thought, it’s good.

Subaru: -drinks- hehe, somehow, drinking your blood like this, feels like my wounds are healing now. Like they will be all better in mere moments –drinks- listen up, I am the last, like this, somehow. Even a vampire like me, can feel like he can go to heaven. That feeling is what I have now. –drinks- ah, -drinks more- listen up, or do wish to go with me? Together with you, no matter where… if you don’t have that resolve, I can’t love you, or hold you, I won’t forgive that, hehe isn’t that true. Well, here I go. Deeper and deeper into you, that is why you as well, I will love you, come. [1]