Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD Vol.9 Shu Sakamaki is the ninth Drama CD of the Diabolik Lovers MORE,BLOOD series, featuring Shu Sakamaki voiced by Kōsuke Toriumi. The disc was released in Japan on December 25, 2013.[1]


  1. 薔薇園 [04:08]
  2. 雁字搦めの二人 [04:04]
  3. めんどくさい女 [05:00]
  4. もっと舐めろ [06:36]
  5. 強請(ねだ)ってみなよ [04:46]
  6. いつもと違う [05:08]
  7. 薔薇の匂いと血の匂い [03:46]
  8. 痛がってる顔 [05:51]
  9. 極限の愛 [05:02]
  10. 運命 [05:02]



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