Shu more bluud


Birds sing and Shu wakes up.

Shu: This is where… huh? When I thought I felt something it is only you huh. My body feels heavy, why is that? You seem okay though, huh, you don’t know? You really are one stupid woman.

Shu: Where is this? Since I just opened my eyes the light makes it hard to see where I am. –sniffs- The scent of roses, are we in a rose garden? This doesn’t smell like the one we have at the mansion. Tch, to actually move and see what the situation is, is a drag.

Shu: -sighs- If I recall, I was at the school rooftop listening to Rachmaninoff, and then you came, and as usual bothering me, after that, those guys came after you right? Four men. After that I don’t have much recollection, is it because of them, well whatever, it’s fine either way, I have my classic music, I can’t even reach my player, my entire body feels heavy.

Shu: -sighs- huh? Horrible wounds? I have? Whatever, when you leave it at that for some time it will heal, anyhow, you, have you seen my earphones? I want to listen to my music, I can’t stand your annoying voice next to me all the time. Put my earphones in, hurry up. Huh? Your body is heavy and you can’t move it well, you sure are a useless woman. Don’t you have any feeling of being to use to me? Even my throat is getting dry, it is sure is hot. This and that, aren’t you the blame for me being in this state? It’s annoying get off. Huh? You can’t move? If you won’t move then I… -Shu moves a bit, groaning from pain, clothing rip a bit- What is this? A rose? A rose is holding me back? –sighs- All in all everything sure is messed up.

Shu: Well whatever, you are also tangled in the roses that you can’t move right? You sure look dumb. –chuckles- To see that you and I are tangled in roses. –chuckles-


Shu: Now that we are trapped inside a rose garden, what are they intending to do? There has to be a certain ulterior motive. Sleepy. Well, no matter how you think of it, this is in the end all your fault. “What do you mean?” you ask, you really are a stupid person. The reason that I am captured is because they were officially after you. No matter how much of an annoying and idiot woman you are, it makes no difference that you are a tasty meal for us.

Shu: Which means, the reason why we are in this state is because the ones who did this, are like me. Vampires. All in all, they want to see another man drink your blood and see the after effects, I guess it is for that reason. Sleepy, furthermore, this situation is the most stupid thing ever. Are they trying to make me feel annoyed? To bind you and me to a state that we can’t move. This sure is a good done bind. I can’t even find the logic to do something annoying as making a strong bind like this.

Shu: It is sickening, well whatever. You, don’t speak for the moment, it is annoying. –you shift a bit making Shu groan from the pain a bit- That is why I said don’t move. The thorns of the roses hurt. This sure is the worst way of getting stinged. –sighs- Getting of here, if we don’t remove these rose binds there is no way out huh.

Shu: -moans/groans- It’s hot, don’t you think as well? Huh? On the contrary you have it cold? Don’t say stupid things, I am getting hot like this that my breathing is getting ragged. Even with you this close, it is getting really hot. What is going on? Darn it, is this the fault of the one who binded me up in here?

Shu: Ah? I’m sweating a lot? Annoying. –gulps- my throat is dry, my body feels like light as if it is floating. This is annoying, this feeling, what is the meaning of it? –Shu pulls at the rose tentacles- Darn it. If I move a little bit, I thought it would break a bit. Oy, you try and do something. You try and use that little body to find the source of the bind, after that I can try and break it again. Come on, here, the rose that is tangled on this arm. Can’t you at least be useful and try and pull it off?

Shu: First we need to free the hands, otherwise we still won’t be getting anywhere. Come one, pull it, with all your might! –you pull-


Shu: Ah? The thorns are biting… Blood is getting out bit by bit, does it hurt? It hurts doesn’t it. – Shu moves a bit more, and you stomp a bit- Just a little bit more, fold your arms a bit more. Ah, there is more blood coming out, to get hurt like that, you really are useless. Furthermore, look at this, my clothes, they are stained with your blood. What will you do? Just because of this scent my mind is spinning and my throat is getting drier.

Shu: You do understand what this means right? Give me your blood, all in all this is annoying and I’m sleepy. Though now that you are bleeding, this is a good opportunity to get my fill, come, bring that arm closer to my lips. –you comply though unable to get close enough- Huh, if you can’t reach it, put more strength in your arms to get it here. Hurry up already, and get rid of that rose.

Shu: hurry up, my throat is so dry I can’t help myself. –you move closer- So you can do it when you put your mind to it. Why didn’t you show that strength in the first place? Such an annoying woman. –you move closer- Just a little more, yes, more, yes, even you can do this much. The blood is spilled everywhere now, what a waste. Also, there is even some on my face. Oy, lick the blood spills of my face.

Shu: Clean it up with your tongue and then give that tongue to me. If you don’t hurry up, the blood will get in to my eyes. Come, hurry up. Yes, make sure it is clean, come, more properly, it is your own blood right? Use your tongue properly, while you are doing that, more blood is spilling huh. Do you wish for me to bite you? In the form of a kiss, I will drink the blood that is in your mouth.

Shu: -drinks/kiss-  give me more, come, bring that bloody arm up to my lips, when I use my tongue to lick all up the blood on your arm, I wonder just what kind of feeling you will get. –chuckles- whatever, you seem like you are enjoying it. –kiss- ah, my throat is getting moistened.

Shu: -chuckles- Your face looks like you are crying when I am not even using my fangs. It is a face of getting all messed up. Deep inside that chest, you hope for something slutty like getting pierced by me deeply. I know all about it. That you like this sort of treatment.


Shu: I calmed down a little bit, even though I said that, I still feel really hot. It is different from when I am yearning for blood. Right now it is like a dog’s yearning. It is stupid. Thanks to this rose I can’t move, so that is why you have to move when I want blood. –chuckles- You are yearning right? Here and there, also you, you were bitten by another man right? There is a strange scent hanging. Huh? You don’t remember you say. As I thought you really are an idiot.

Shu: I think it is someone of the ones who brought us here. Tired. The other male’s scent is overpowering, it makes me feel sick. I just told you before, the only good of you is your blood. With only one bite, it feels like you are getting dragged into darkness.

Shu: I bet the one who bit you was thinking the same thing. Well, you don’t need to understand this yourself though. Though don’t get me wrong, you are just a tasty meal, even you become blissful when you are eating your favorite meal. So that is why, you have to be thankful for me. –chuckles- Your expression changed when I mentioned this. Interesting.

Shu: it makes me want to make you misunderstand more things just to see your pained expression. Oy, if you want to be bitten, hurry up and give me that hand. With only licking your needs won’t be satisfied right? I knew long time ago that you are a perverted woman. It is useless to hide that fact now. Don’t even try and do something bothersome as yet, I’ll bite you and make you feel good, that is your wish right?

Shu: It feels much better than the thorns on your skin right? Hurry up. What? Are you lost now? Really women like you are bothersome, look your wounds are bleeding again. –drinks- well, thanks to your blood, my face is stained again. Without saying, you know what to do now right? –chuckles- yes, like that, lick it more. It is not bad. Well, doing this you finally showed your true self, licking someone’s face and neck. It’s unsightly.

Shu: If it were us we would probably die, then again we don’t die so easily. Ah, did you clean it up well? Then come over here, I’ll use my tongue on yours again to get your blood. Will you ease up already, do you even know how many embarrassed faces you have already shown me? It is even not needed to say the words for it right? That is why don’t get all shy from a kiss. –bloody kiss- It’s good, but I want more of this blood. –drinks again- What is with those eyes, do you want another kiss? Or is it, that you want more than a kiss.

Shu: ah, but, I too, am feeling too hot today, and my throat is dry, I’ll drink more from you. I’ll make you wish come true with these fangs, through your entire body that is. My hands hurt, it’s a shame but, I can’t remove the binds with only this. That is why you need to give me the place you wish to be bitten. Come, you want to be bitten right, a kiss isn’t enough right, just become honest already.


Shu: Yes, so the place you wish to be bitten is your neck huh, hmmm. Huh? What? Are you still feigning being embarrassment? Seriously, human women sure are bothersome, there is no one else but you and me in here. When I only see as my food. Well whatever, my throat is dry again, darn it, just what is this drought, enough, hurry up and get over here and let me have your blood. –drinks-

Shu: Tasty, blood is getting in my throat –drinks again- Tasty, say, I can’t get enough, I will bite this part of the neck too, raise your head a bit. –drinks- As I thought, this is not enough! –drinks more- sleepy, every time when I drink your blood I feel tired, thought today it makes me feel like doing nothing at all. At this rate we will stay closed in the roses and become one of them. You think that too right? –chuckles- That fearful expression, it is sure a nice sight.

Shu: Oy, if you don’t move properly I won’t be able to drink, let me drink your blood already, come, next is where, show me where your body is itching with yearning. –chuckles- I don’t mind either way, ah I am getting sleepy, is that really okay, when I fall asleep you won’t be able to get out, come, get over here already. Your body is getting more tangled, does it hurt, it does right, you are letting your voice out so badly. But, this pain, is nothing compared to your desire. Your blood is drained in blood, you are avoiding it. Here, hurry up, make a choice, when you don’t make a choice, well, it doesn’t matter to me either way.

Shu: Don’t show a face that you are about to cry. What? Are you crying of wanting me more? Well, no matter what you do, it won’t change that my throat is dry, so it is better that you move some more.

Shu: Indeed, for now, I am going to bite down your collarbone.


Shu: there comes a really good scent from you now. –breathes in- It is a sweet scent, the scent of roses mixed with your blood, makes the scent even sweeter than before. This collarbone, I wonder how many times I have drunk from this place. –bites and drinks- darn it. Why is it, that no matter what I can’t seem to stop. The more I drink of your blood the drier my throat gets, more and more drier. –drinks again- you, as I thought, you were given something by someone right? If that isn’t that case then I is no way I would be acting like this.

Shu: You don’t remember you say, as I thought this is weird. Even though you don’t know it, my throat keeps on getting dry and drier. I can’t even help it. When I drink your blood my throat gets dry once more. What? You’ll be all right you say. Should you even be saying that, I don’t see you as anything else but my meal. I want your blood, acknowledging it more than before, I want it so badly. Even you want to be sucked by me. Hurry up and get over here. As you are pleading for it, I’ll make you fall, deep into your body, with my fangs over and over again, until you break and I obtain all of the blood that comes out of, the pain won’t be even easy to be felt then.

Shu: That feeling is something I will give to you, that is why you need to get over here, I’ll purge my lips over your body, since my body can’t move, come, where do you want to be sucked next, show it to me which place beside your collarbone you wish to be sucked from. –chuckles- This is not the time to be exhausted. Come one, wake up. –he tilts you up a bit- Even until here your clothing are all messed up. So don’t even worry about that and move. Come, the roses are none of your problems right, if you don’t hurry up, the other half of your body won’t move anymore right.

Shu: Come, your breast, let me suck your blood closest to your heart. The thorns are wounding you and blood keeps on spilling out, I will drink from there. Come, hurry up and move, how many times must I say this, my throat is dry. –your move again- You really will listen to anything I say right, are you scared of me, or is it that you love me so much? Such an interesting woman. To move whenever I say that you need to do so.

Shu: But, that part of you is something I quite like, that is why, the pleasure you are wishing for, I will give it to you.


Shu: Mnm, again, the return of the sweet scent. Your blood is really great, it is turning me on. Say today, your blood, has the scent of the roses mixed within it, is that the reason perhaps why I am feeling so good. I don’t really hate it, this scent. –you move more- Yes, just a little bit more,  and the roses that entrap us will break.

Shu: Do your best, for the sake of your reward. –you move again- You can do it if you try, I want to embrace right now, though ironically I still can’t move. Say, if you want to embrace me, you need to put in more effort, try and break these binds too will you. You managed to break the ones on yours, so can break mine as well right? Get a move on and hurry up with it. After you do that, I can hold you tightly, pin you down, and give you hot kisses all over. You want that kind of thing don’t you? I don’t mind if we stay like this the whole time though.

Shu: My throat is dry though, though it is not bad to that once in a while, also you are about to break down from holding back so much. For the sake that can drink your blood you have been holding back your body some time while I am bounded down here right? But repeating that over and over again is not interesting at all. That is why, for the sake of more entertainment you should try and break my own binds. That is true right? Come, hurry up. To be able to hold you, hurry up and release the binds on my arms. With those hands.

-you pull-

Shu: Yes, let the thorns of the roses pierce deeply. It hurts you say. You feel like your hand is about to fall? That is true, you are bleeding, of course it would hurt. –chuckles- that painful expression, I can’t get enough of it. Well, when I am released… I will make you forget that pain in an instant. –you pull harder-


Shu: Just a little bit more, I can almost feel my upper arm move a bit. –you pull- Oy, you are bleeding again, my clothes are now totally stained with your blood. What a waste. –shu help pulling and the rose thread breaks- Finally my shoulder is free. Aaah, that hand is bleeding a lot, come, give me that hand. It sure looks painful, your palm has a lot of wounds. –kisses- I’ll tighten it and get rid of the poison that spreads in your body. Be thankful for that –drinks-

Shu: Ah there is still a lot of blood coming out –drinks- Now I can hold you, come on over already, come closer –holds you- you wanted this right, this is something you wanted, though, with you this close, I can’t my throat is dry again, say, let me suck it, I can’t really hold back, as I thought come over here! –drinks-

Shu: The blood is coming, I can hear it from the beating of your heart. –bites and drinks- My body won’t listen to me. All I want is your blood taking it gradually from your neck that is almost painful to do. –bites and drinks- You, your body sure is falling deeper and deeper. Your blood is cooperating with me though, next, show me your back. –clothing rip- Even though I hate to move, if I don’t I won’t be able to get it. It really looks stupid, though I want blood, for now, if you give it to me now I don’t mind the rest. I don’t need you specifically.

Shu: -chuckles- you are really and easy to understand kind of woman. You understand your own worth, it even pains you right, at best you can at least realize your own worth right now. Opening yourself up is something important after all. Your back looks really tasty, there are no fang marks over here. Which means you haven’t been sucked here, for my sake make sure you let out a nice voice. –bites and drinks- Tasty, no matter where your blood smells like roses. –bites and drinks again-

Shu: More, more , let me bite you more. –bites and drinks- It sure feels like I have become someone else now.  Sleepy, but I can’t stop. Your back is good, to be unable to see your pained expression is not interesting at all. Next will be your side, don’t think of anything and I’ll do you.


Shu: Are you scared? You are trembling. Now after all that pain you endured. You know how it should feel. Or is it, that shivering, is that a sign of liking it. A sign of hurry up and do it already. If that is the case, I can understand. That attitude is inviting me in, no longer, I can’t hold back anymore. My body is sleepy, just what is this? –bites and drinks-

Shu: The in roses stained blood, are overpowering the smell of the actual roses. It is like this is our grave now. –bites and drinks- a vampire is glad when it dies. When it will die, when it dies, it something we wait for. I am the same. Maybe this is the time that I am going to whither. Ah I am fully dried out. It’s different from the usual, I can’t help but think that this is weird. I drink and drink but it is still not enough. This is only the start, you understand too right, this is not enough to sate me, give me more, hurry up, say that you want to suck me as well.

Shu: Yhe real you wants to make me fall deeper right? Because, you to me, you love me. that wanting expression is quite interesting, while I can’t never love you. Yes, yes, despair, there is no reason to living, even when I continue to suck you, you will die. Ah, realize that this is the form of your love. It’s true right? Right now, I won’t say more, when all I want is your blood. The places on your body there are still places where my fangs haven’t touched yet right? You are forcing me now to find them right, no that is wrong right? Don’t lie. You are yearning for me. Come, your body is shivering again, next time you will acknowledge the pain. Ah, my throat is dry again. –drinks-

Shu: I thought you were already messed up good, though it is about time that I actually showed you all that I got. Like this, seeing you like this, is not bad, your face is dropping, like an idiot.


Shu: Because of the thorns you are bleeding everywhere, and because of that you smell like roses everywhere. Your face, neck, shoulder, chest, stomach, thighs, your bleeding everywhere, your thighs look tasty… -bites and drinks- you… you’re are shivering more when you bitten at your thighs. –chuckles- will you refrain from thinking perverted things? I am just eating my meal after all. But, you are showing an embarrassing expression, you understand it yourself right? When I bite you there more now, you will, die. Even so, seeing you give yourself willingly for me to actually do it, is something I don’t exactly hate.

Shu: no, shall I call it an interest. –bites and drinks- more, -drinks- hey you, let your voice out more. I don’t hate the voice you let out when your blood is sucked. Is it painful?  Can’t you move anymore now I drank so much of your blood? Ah, I still don’t have enough after only this, the best is yet to come right? –drinks- you are trembling, from all the small wounds you are inviting me in deeper. –drinks- yes, that is a nice voice, well, from this point on, it is fine to be trapped. To find this amusing, I really must look like a fool.

Shu: you must enjoy that I am suffering like this now right? In return you should just give me your everything, this might be the goal the ones who captured us were after. Well no matter what happens now, I don’t care about it. As long you are here it is fine, more and more, give in to my fangs, that is all you need to do. The only future you have left now is to become mine. Accept your destiny, the world of you and me, is the one you’ll be living in. Underneath these roses, until we die. Keep on giving me your blood. [1]


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