Wind blows loudly

Ayato: The moon is going into hiding. Tch, no wonder my body is feeling sluggish. An eclipse huh. Huh? Tiny tits, this is an odd meeting, those clothing… Are you also getting called by the moon.

Ayato: –chuckles- Well of course you would, you are pretty much more like a vampire if anything. Come here! You should know by now that resistance is futile. Also, this is not the time now. Like this.. –you struggle- Tch, you really are a depressing woman. Don’t go thinking that I am always the one that is seducing you. Just when I wanted to show you something. What is with that expression. Now that you know that I am not seducing you, that you are disappointed.

Ayato: -chuckles- Up we go. Now it is a good opportunity to see this, let’s watch this from a higher point. –teleports- There, we are here. Tiny tits, come over here, let’s watch it over there. Huh? are you trembling. Just being on the top of a high building are scared of that? Seriously, so annoying, here. Hold on to me.

Ayato: What? It’s not that I am doing something weird now am I? Seriously, just when I am being nice I get this kind of reaction. That aside, look over there, that moon. It’s going into hiding. –laughs- It’s surprising isn’t it. Just when I thought I want to show you something special, you already knew this? Tch. Ah of course, the lunar eclipse. Just when things are getting weird, you knew this would happen? Ah? It’s not like I want to show this to make you happy.

Ayato: Don’t make fun of me. Just, a lunar eclipse makes us vampires go weird. We will behave differently, feel more uneasy or feel dizzy all together. How should I put this, it is like we get all these unknown emotions you know. Well, treating you kindly and all the other things I just did is because of that moon. Ah? It is not that I am feeling unwell or something. It just, that inside my body it is all chaos and unrelaxed. It is that kind of weird feeling. Know you know this, what will you do? Well, you aren’t a vampire tiny tits. Though, is it really, don’t you think of it sometimes?

Ayato: In all honestly… haven’t you turned into a vampire some time ago? –laughs- That is a good reaction, well of course huh, after all that biting and sucking, you have become mine along the way, it wouldn’t be strange that you have turned some time ago.

Ayato: This is not a threat. This is the truth. Even if you turned into a vampire now, you aren’t scared now are you? Vampire or human, there is no change in blood, even now, your blood is still the same. The only thing that will be different is that you will yearn for blood, also there is, well, you will have certain abilities. Are you still scared?

Ayato: Well, tiny tits, I, even when you have turned into a vampire, I will…


Laito: Nfufu. –laughs-

Ayato: -shocks-

Laito: No way, to see a love scene over here~ Ayato-kun you are quite the romantic person huh~

Ayato: Laito!

Laito: Hai~ It’s Laito-kun, sorry to have interrupted you.

Ayato: Tch, why are you here? Huh?

Laito: There is no deep meaning to why I am here, well, just like you Ayato-kun, the eclipse has called me to this place. Nfu, that thing is making us react a bit strange after all. It isn’t an weird situation that I am on top of this roof now right? Nfu~ thanks to that, I could see a very romantic Ayato-kun, it’s very good you know, come on, come on, the moon has turned into a beautiful crimson already~ -laughs-

Ayato: You asshole, were you peeping?

Laito: Hmmm, peeping is not really the word for it~ If you want to name it, jealousy perhaps?

Ayato: huh?

Laito: Bitch-chan’s cheeks are so hot right now. That all thanks to Ayato-kun’s sweet talking, right? Say, Bitch-chan, this burning feeling, it is something you call envy right? Bitch-chan what do you think of it? Nfu, I am not teasing or anything. You really are a mean little girl. How am I going to react to this kind of treatment I wonder~ It is much cuter if you are honest, at least. Don’t fool me. So. Such a bad girl. To have busted to your own doings.

Laito: But you know, the burning feeling is the truth, the fact that I think this is envy is also not a lie. That Ayato-kun has caught Bitch-chan is kind of pissing me off. Also, right now I want to mess you up completely.

Ayato: Oy, you are being a nuisance you jerk! Coming out of nowhere, move the hell away right now!

Laito: Hee… and if I say “I don’t want to?”

Ayato: I will drop you of this rooftop!

Laito: You can’t even do that. Pushing people of high places is my specialty.

Ayato: Tch, that story of that damned old hag. Seriously even after all this time you just can’t seem to forget about that old hag.

Laito: -growls-

Ayato: What? Bulls eye? Haha,

Laito: On this timing, you will regret mentioning that Ayato-kun. (holy fuck he says this fucking hot)

Ayato: Ah, even so you –

Laito: Don’t fuck with me. Do you really think that you can make a fool out of me and not expect anything afterwards?

Ayato: Huh? What do you mean?! –you try to stop the bickering between the men- Tiny Tits you are in the way! Don’t interfere!

Laito: Nfufu, Ayato-kun you are so kind~ You are scared that she will get hurt between the battle of the brothers huh.

Ayato: Like hell I am! It is just that she will get in the way!

Laito: Hmm, then…If I hurt Bitch-chan you won’t mind then. Like this… -bites and drinks-

Ayato: You jerk! Don’t screw with me! –falcon punches Laito- Don’t touch what is mine so freely.

Laito: You actually did it, but you know, I am only returning the anger. –falcon punches back- ouchi, in the end I really gave it my all there. Hmm, even my hat has fallen of my head now. I need to fix this.

Ayato: Why are you getting all worked up for? Huh?

Laito: hmm, it might be the cause of the lunar eclipse and the words I just heard as well. Do you really think nothing would happen when you mention those things on this particular night?

You bitch slap Laito.

Laito: Hmm what’s wrong Bitch-chan, that hand… Are you saying “stop with this violence right now” perhaps? But you know, I am thinking of it, the time to settle this, and the time of fighting if it is necessary too. Also, Bitch-chan you get a kick out of this right? That is why, I think it is better to show it properly.

Ayato: -chuckles- I agree with that.

Laito: nfu, how ironic.

Ayato: Let’s settle this with a battle of strength the one who wins will win that woman.

Laito: I wonder just who it will be. Nfufu,

Ayato: Huh? What did you say there.

Laito: Just talking to myself. Well then. The big moon is getting all set now. Shall we begin.

Ayato: I can’t wish for anything more.

Laito: Oya, oya, what an honor right Bitch-chan, to see a battle between two men, though to get all excited is something what only a little fool does?

Ayato: That is right Tiny tits, step back.

Laito: Thanks to the moon, we don’t know just how far we will go after all.

Ayato: Huh, what Tiny Tits, it is not that we are doing this because of the lunar eclipse now. You saw it too right?

Laito: Indeed Bitch-chan, even without the lunar eclipse, Ayato and I have a score to settle. Until this day that time to settle it has always managed to find a way to escape. Right, Ayato-kun.

Ayato: Keh!

Laito: It is quite common for brothers to brawl among each other from time to time.

You bitch slap again

Ayato: You are being a drag now! Go over there! –pushes you away, a bit too hard causing you almost to fall from the rooftop-

Laito: Wow!

Ayato: Tiny tits! What are you doing?

Laito: What you ask, Ayato-kun you were being too bashful and pushed her too hard that she almost fell down the rooftop.

Ayato: You don’t mention every little thing! It’s annoying! Oy Tiny Tits, hold on tight to this! I will save you. Here! Hold on to my hand!

Laito: Furthermore just whose fault is it again that she is in this state? Are you all right Bitch-chan. Instead of that reckless Ayato-kun’s hand, reach for my hand instead.

Ayato: Shut up! Come on Tiny tits, over here!

Laito: Even I have a certain amount of strength, so don’t look so scared and reach over here, Bitch-chan

Ayato: Hurry up! Shit! –you fall down- This is because you were dilly-dallying! Tiny Tits! –catches you- That was close! Don’t make me do crazy shit!

Laito: Ayato-kun, Bitch-chan are you allright?

Ayato: Tch, oy Tiny Tits, that you actually tried to reach for that idiot, is pissing me of! –he runs way with you by his side-


You and Ayato enter a room in the mansion

Ayato: When we are here he won’t be able to bother us for a while. Seriously, you need to learn to read the damn atmosphere. It’s would just fine if I hit that guy another time! Here, hide under the table. Really, it isn’t even necessary to hide under it, but since you are in this state it can’t be helped. Seriously, why are all women so squeamish? Huh? It’s not that I am being kind or anything!

Ayato: It is just the same! Furthermore , over here, while we sit here that guy can cool down his head a bit. Also back then, why didn’t you reach for Ore-sama’s hand immediately when I gave you my hand? Answer me oy! Don’t tell me, you were thinking of taking his hand now where you? Silence huh. Tch, you know that by doing this, I won’t show you any forgiveness. You really are a impudent woman.

Ayato: -pushes you to the ground- So until you answer me, I will mess up that body until I manage to force an answer out of you. –rips clothing- Really you –laughs- Aren’t you being silent so you would get this kind of treatment. Even when you say it is not that, I can tell that you actually what this, don’t be a fool and be honest about it. Acknowledge it, that my fangs made you feel good. That is whenever you made me angry after all. Right? Also, it is not that I dislike that erotic side of yours. Even so, tiny tits, you just can’t seem to see yourself as one. (referring to the being a perverted woman).

Ayato: But you know, because you are denying it all the time, the quality of what I take in it also very good. Like this… here… show your neck, I will suck you, hurry up. –bites-

Ayato: As I thought your blood, it’s tasty. –sucks- But, it’s a bit different from the usual. Is this the blame of the lunar eclipse? –sucks- if that is the case –chuckles- as I thought it means you have made your decision a long time ago. –sucks- Ah, are you scared? I just asked you, why were you scared? Well, I will bite this part here now –bites and sucks- Well, I have no interest in a vampire’s woman’s blood, I only need your blood, I said something unnecessary here. Is it because of the moon. Seriously being a vampire sure can be a drag sometimes.

Ayato: -sucks- Well how is it, you got hotter right? Idiot, don’t hide it, it is futile and you know it. I can tell even when you tremble a little bit. Whether you feel good or not that is, -chuckles- I am feeling good, my body is feeling a dizzy and letting go now. I feel like falling, here, let’s go for another different feeling. Come here. Closer, closer to me. Yes. Okay. –rips more clothing- You, try and bite me.

Ayato: Why you ask? I want to test something out. It is not matter if you can do it or not, just do it. To be the one that is biting, it is good for once in a while right. Also, you might feel good from it too. This is just mere play, come. –you nibble- Idiot, if you bite like that it will only tickle. Do it harder, do it hard enough to make me groan. –you bite again softly still worried for Ayato making him chuckle- I am not that weak. –groans- Yes, that is not bad. –chuckles- This is really the fault of the moon.

Ayato: The feeling is really over the top. To think that I am steeping down Laito’s kind of play, is something I never would have expected. –sighs- But, now that I think of it, this is quite interesting, tiny tits, how did I taste. Those wet lips of yours, look good. –kisses the blood of your lips- how was it? Have you finally realized that you are mine yet? Come, say it. Well? If you think so, let me know. It is a very important topic. You are mine. You are not someone’s like Laito’s possession.

Ayato: That is true right? Oy! Why are you crying, I really don’t understand you. Damn, don’t cry. Do you want to suck more, is that what you are saying? Huh? You don’t know yourself. Then, I will give you more of Ore-sama. That is why I do it more, so much as you please. This shoulder here, you like this spot right? –bites and sucks- really you, you don’t have any idea what you truly can do to us, right? –sucks- to show tears at this timing, -sucks- your tears have stopped. –kiss- what is with that expression, why are you being so surprised? Oy, tiny tits, where are you going. Don’t you mind that Laito finds you, huh?!

Ayato runs after you

Laito: my, my to play hide and seek in this place. Ayato-kun you sure are mean.

Ayato: Laito!

Laito: Making a competition out of this and you made Bitch-chan even cry after what you did. Nfufufu, such a bad boy you are Ayato-kun.

Ayato: I don’t want to hear that from you. Furthermore, let’s continue what we were doing up there, I’m cool if we do it in here.

Laito: Nfu, that is good, I was wishing for that, but, since your prey just has escaped you, let’s do it this way instead.

Ayato: Huh?

Laito: A competition of hide and seek. Who will find our lost little lamb I wonder.

Ayato: and the one who finds her first is the winner, huh

Laito: That is how it goes. Though I doubt that we are able to play this fairly though. Well it will be at least a bit interesting. Since her scent is only one of her kind in this house and with those wounds we can sniff out her blood too. Don’t you think it will be a fast round?

Ayato: I will take you on this game, I know exactly where that tiny tits has run off to.

Laito: I wonder about that nfufu, I wonder if you actually can understand a poor womans’ heart Ayato-kun.

Ayato: Huh

Laito: Nfu. Well let’s do our best and find her. Our little thing that is. –laughs-


Sounds of iron doors opening.

Laito: Bitch-chan, you are in here right? Laito-kun has come and get you~ Come out of hiding, after that scary vampire made you run. Little crescent moon found~ Nfu, as I thought you were hiding in the torture room. I already thought that you were hiding in here, when you are hiding or running away it is best to look for the place where you can’t breathe the most right~

Laito: Or is it, in your deepest consciousness you choose this place. Deep in you, your true self is being called by the lunar eclipse. After all, this is the place where we have shown our love, lots and lots of times~ nfufu, here, reach out for my hand. I will make you feel good. Nfu. To accept my hand so easily, is this a new day, or is it that you are still in a daze. Are you testing me and Ayato-kun perhaps by accepting my hand so easily? Nfufu, caught you~ to do you against your will while still being scarred up from a previous person sure stays the best. When you do things purely, it won’t feel as good right?

Laito: Here, you can struggle more, try and fight back. You are disliking this to the max right now right? Try and stop us who are a bit different than normal. I had a little thought, after I saw you flee from that room. You want to confirm something the thing in side you are still unsure of, nfu. In that time, the best place to come is a dark cold place. And everything is in this room too. Come, over here! Let’s enter the maiden that Ayato uses to sleep in.

Laito and you get in a sort of iron maiden.

Laito: Hmm, this is the first time I am in one of these things, it is quite comfortable. Now I can understand why Ayato feels at ease in these things, it is like all worries and emotions are flowing away like a wave from me. Nfu. I shall give Ayato a taste of what it feels like to have his plaything taken in his favorite playroom. Nfufu, well it is not that you truly do belong to Ayato-kun. Try and think of a situation play with the devil here~ -breathes in- The scent of blood, did Ayato thrust in you?

Laito: Nfufu. Now, now, there is no need to hide it in here. I far long have seen it. Ah, here, your neck have fang marks. Here, can you tell, the place I am touching, does it still hurt? Or does it feel good? Nfufu, I’m sorry, I touched a bit too hard, I wanted to see if it was still bleeding a lot. Here the blood… -slurps and drinks- haa, To lick of the blood of the place where Ayato has marked you, sure is the most naughtiest thing~ -slurps- Bitch-chan you are feeling weird too now right? Here, your skin in shivering. –slurps and moans-

Laito: Ah, I wonder what this feeling is. You are mine, yet the place where Ayato bit you, instead of getting angry I feel quite excited. While my heart doesn’t accept it, my body is reacting. Say, bitch-chan, you too can understand this right. Come try and remember, how did Ayato-kun drink from you, right here -drinks- the moment when Ayato-kun pressed his fangs into you what kind of voice did you let out? What did Ayato-kun do after that? Did he suck your blood while you were held back against your will. Or is it, that he treated you kindly after seeing you hurt. Moreover, inside this Iron Maiden, is Ayato-kun prized place right. Which means, that he certainly must have drank your blood in here right. Come, try and remember what Ayato did to you. So I can –slurps- do the same thing. Give you same treatment yet from a different person. Surely, will be extremely crucifying. To be drawn to you who is already so defiled. I really am getting excited. There is something in me that is ordering me to enjoy all of this.

Laito: That this is the best sort of situation. You too think so right. The excuse that you are only yours and not Ayato-kun’s will be ruined with this situation right. I can’t understand it. Yes, I was thinking of it though, there is a different feeling inside me bubbling up. Nfufu, yes, it’s envy. Bitch-chan, I told you before right. Thanks to the crimson moon, we are more jealous than usual. Right now, I want to mess up this neck so much that you can’t even know what is right and wrong.

Laito: So much that the memories of Ayato-kun will fade, until your mind is completely blank, in other words, this is like monopoly. That thing inside me is saying it too. I am surprised, that we actually had these kind of feelings. This is like what Ayato-kun had. We may be brothers but we differ so much from each other. That is what I always thought. But, it may not be the case. There is the me who doesn’t mind that you played with other men, and there is the me now who want to keep you for himself.

Laito: But you know, this may only a one time situation, by the time I realized this, it will change again. Do you understand what I mean. It means, which of the me’s is actually treasuring you, that is what it means, nfu, because it’s true right? After all if I didn’t treasure you in some way I wouldn’t have this much fun with you now. Your face is red. Nfu, are you embarrassed. It looks good~ but, when you are called special, will you forgive anything I wonder women that is. –drinks-

Laito: This time I will defile your neck –drinks- I can’t I want more and more, I want to scar you more than Ayato did to you. I want to be the one that is left on your body. Ahn, -drinks- As I thought these weird feelings they are all the blame of the moon right. Say, bitch-chan… aaah, -drinks- not yet, not enough, this evening. Until there is nothing left to devour, I want to feel like that again. –drinks- I want you do more with me, scar me. –drinks- Ah, no, not that, I… -drinks- I can’t, more, together, I want to feel good with you.

Laito: Say, bitch-chan, I have a request. Here, my neck, lick it. Even you will feel good when you lick my neck right? That is why, do me too. Here. It is finally a situation like this. Usually it is different right? You too, maybe, take this as a habit. Come, go on. Nfufu. –moans- good, say, your tongue, my ahn, I can’t get enough, bitch-chan, it’s good, this perishing feeling, I can’t get enough of it. –moans- all done? That is not good, do it more.

Laito: You need to love me more. Infatuate me more, if it weren’t for this lunar eclipse, you wouldn’t be feeling this in your head. I understand, just only this for this place, thank you. Well, bitch-chan, next is over here. I will give you a reward. You like this right? Like this. Lips and lips. –kiss-

Laito: Like this, holding you gently, nfufu, I understand everything you think of. Even more and more than Ayato-kun that is. Well, let’s please each other more.

-door opens-

Laito: At this moment to see the door open, just when things were about to get good.

Laito: And I was thinking to stay in this place the whole time, with no one here to disturb us. Nfuu, bitch-chan too, you think too that it is a shame when people come in and disturb us right? Well, one more time.

You run away

Laito: Bitch-chan what’s wrong, come back here. Say! Bitch-chan.


Ayato: Seriously where did that tiny tits go! Thanks to the scent of all these flowers I simply can’t get a good clue.

-door opens-

Ayato: Oy tiny tits! I finally found you. Why are you hiding in the bathroom? Huh?! What is with that attitude. Are you telling me to go over there? Oy! Seriously, if you want to enter the tub just enter it and don’t pretend to hide in it. That aside, you kind of smell, don’t tell me, did that ass Laito find you? How about it! Tch, no wonder I couldn’t find you too quickly. Darn it, I am really pissed now. Just what made he do you? Just now I told you properly… Can’t you get a clue? You are Ore-sama’s… Ah? You are not mine what does that mean. As I thought you are being weird since then.

Ayato: Are you really not getting drawn to that moon? It has nothing to do with that? Don’t tell lies all the time! –punches a wooden plank- Oy, or is it, did Laito made you play an erotic game? Tell me what did he do? Damn it. That guy, punching him won’t satisfy me. What? Don’t pull me. This is not a fight. It is showing what happens when you touch Ore-sama’s… Tch, darn it. What is it? If you talk like that I don’t understand jack shit of it. Tiny tits, you were done like how I did you right? Now that I think how it is pissing me off, it making me feel something else all together now.

Ayato: what must I do? –water flows- Darn it! The water flow is broken because I punched it then. Now the scent is disappearing. –water stops- Don’t get in the way! Annoying! If I don’t do anything are you keeping silent huh? You are –drinks- tiny tits, just like you who doesn’t seem to understand things. I am the same now. –drinks- you are mine, I have told you that time and time over and over again. But, somehow, I need to do something more to prove it. I feel like there is a single word I am missing and I need to say it. Tiny tits, do something about this! If I drink your blood, will I be able to calm down? Say, let me suck you. Laito defiled you right? Then, next will be me. Where didn’t Laito bite you yet? Here huh. Your breast.

Ayato: -drinks- damn it, more, -drinks- tiny tits, how is it, am I better than Laito yet? Answer me, why do you stay silent when you are feeling it greatly? Huh? –drinks- Huh? What? Don’t make you compare? Annoying, as if I am going to stop now, especially when that guy has got the good parts not too long ago. This is a conversation that hasn’t got to do anything with you. Huh, my true self? My true self is not compared to anyone? I don’t get it. What do you mean? Laito is my little brother, there is no way I will lose to him, huh? Don’t fuck with me. Just who do you think is claiming you now. Furthermore you, don’t tell me you were crying just now because of that?

Ayato: Idiot, what that guy wants is not you. The truth… tch! Furthermore, this is the damn truth believe it damn it. You are underestimating it even when you are being used now. What must I do? I love…, now that I mention it, you are quite satisfied hearing those words right? Well,

Laito: Conveying things into words, no matter what you do it won’t be good enough, nfu.

Ayato: You again.

Laito: And again I managed to hear another love confession from you Ayato-kun.

Ayato: Don’t fuck with me, what is wrong with that?

Laito: Me too, want to try and say a pure confession like the one you said just now Ayato-kun, that is all.

Ayato: Huh?

Laito: If it is bitch-chan you will understand the meaning right? Ah, you are so wet, though, you look super sexy~

Ayato: Oy Laito, what did you mean just now

Laito: Who cares about that. Ha, seeing Bitch-chan like this, my fever is coming back again.

Ayato: Oy! Don’t touch her so freely!

Laito: I don’t want to. I don’t want to lose this to Ayato-kun. No matter how you look at it, Bitch-chan is mine. That is why. When I want to do things, I will do them. Right. Here, like this. Her body is acknowledging me. will your chest be good enough? Bitch-chan –drinks-

Ayato: If you say that I will send those words back at you. Tiny tits, you are mine. That is why, this… -rips clothing- I will do this. –drinks-

Laito: Ayato-kun you are in the way!

Ayato: If you don’t like it, move somewhere else! –drinks-

Laito: Bitch-chan how is it. Here and there you are getting pleased. Nfufu. That pleased expression, I can’t get enough of it, though, I am getting a tad pissed. That a certain someone is also drinking your blood now. Usually it would be the best situation for me. –drinks- tonight I won’t hold back.

Ayato: You are liking this right? That is why getting it from both isn’t bad, that is what you are thinking right.

Laito: as expected of bitch-chan, you liking this kind of play, which needs a more and more severe punishment right~ -drinks-

Ayato: Tch, this is hardly a punishment! –drinks-

Laito: That is true too, what shall we do. It is true that you like to get a certain amount of pain. But, to stop this right now, is a bit… -drinks-

Ayato: Tiny tits, don’t look at him! The one you should be looking at is only this Ore-sama! –drinks-

Laito: Nfufu, that is not good, to get drunk from this alone. Well, me too, won’t listen to anything anyone says this day. –drinks-

Ayato: Tiny tits, what’s wrong? Are you giving up already? You already realized we are far from done. –drinks- more, more, give me more blood. –drinks-

Laito: -drinks- the lunar eclipse is about to end too, I can’t stop. Seriously, thanks to that eclipse, I can’t remember who of me is the real me. say, bitch-chan, Ayato-kun says he won’t let go, of course that goes the same for me, I still don’t want to stop just yet~ -drinks-

You faint and fall in the tub.

Ayato: ! Tiny tits.

Laito: Hmm, Bitch-chan open your eyes, yes. –takes you with him-

Ayato: Oy Laito, just where do you think you are taking her!

Laito: Hmm, since this place is already filled with a certain fever, I am going to change places to cool down, Ayato-kun are you coming too?

Ayato: Of course I am, don’t take my woman just like that.

Laito: “My Woman” nfufu as I thought, Ayato-kun is far off better being honest.


Lots of creaks

Laito: Here a towel Ayato-kun. –throws towel-

Ayato: Tch, can’t you just hurry up and go somewhere else!

Laito: -sighs- That line, I am getting tired of hearing it. Say Ayato-kun, since we can’t seem to settle the score, about we decide that Bitch-chan is both yours and mine?

Ayato: Huh! Don’t fuck with me.

Laito: Well true to that. Hmm Bitch-chan, we are going to mess you up on the bed, dry yourself up with the towel. –gets on the bed

Ayato: Don’t space out! Seriously –gets on it too and changes your wet clothing-

Laito: but first we need to change your clothing, you sure are nice Ayato-kun.

Ayato: Duuh, unlike you I am a true kind man. Just wear a gown now!

Laito: -laughs-

Ayato: What is weird?

Laito: To see two vampires and a human girl, playing house, is quite the laugh

Ayato: It can’t be helped. If the bed is wet I can’t sleep

Laito: And the reason Bitch-chan can’t move is because of us after all~

Ayato: Allright, oy tiny tits, let’s sleep. But before that I need to strip of these wet clothing.

Laito: then me too~

Ayato: Huhh don’t tell me you are going to sleep here too!

Laito: Let’s sandwhich bitch-chan and sleep with the three of us. Nfufu

Ayato: So annoying, I really am going to kick your ass.

Laito: If you can you are free to try. I am still your superior.

Ayato: Huh? These are the things needed for a fight. Tiny tits you need to know more of what is needed.

Laito: nfufufu, while you are wide open I will take my chance and take Bitch-chan. Bitch-chan, you can move closer to me, don’t fight back.

Ayato: Hold on, wait tiny tits! Don’t hold on to him!

Laito: Nfufufu, this is kind of weird, to sleep on the same bed with us three.

Ayato: It will only be for today! Thanks to that damned moon I have done many weird things today.

Laito: Well that is true, if it was the usual me seeing you asleep is something I do not want to see. Hmm? What is it bitch-chan. Ah, that is true. When we kids Ayato-kun, Kanato-kun and I shared one bed when sleeping.

Ayato: That is a story when we were Su-per small though. Also,

Laito: hmm

Ayato: You weren’t even there 9 out of the 10 times.

Laito: So you knew Ayato-kun.

Ayato: …

Laito: You know, I have been thinking how I came to be the person I am today. I am still wondering why wasn’t it Ayato-kun or Kanato-kun.

Ayato: Tch.

Laito: That is why I hate Ayato-kun. I hate the you who has had a simple plan of life. Also, the pure white Ayato-kun I am jealous of him. That is too something we cannot gain in this an eternity. Thanks to that person I am defiled now. I did not feel any pleasure from it. Inside my body it was simply an emotion that disappeared in me. ehe. Say bitch-chan I’m sorry. I… what should I do indeed.

Ayato: I hate you. You aren’t honest, also, if you had only helped me, I would… I knew I had to become stronger. Though, since you had this certain strength I found you awesome. Now that I say this it is pissing me off good! I didn’t want to forgive you that is what I thought.

Laito: Ayato-kun… -you hold both tighter- Mm Bitch-chan?

Ayato: What is wrong tiny tits, holding our hands.

Laito: Nfufu, this is, making peace I wonder. Furthermore bitch-chan have you healed from your messed up state? You were crying right? Just now.

Ayato: “It’s fine” what is with that? –sighs- really I can’t understand women.

Laito: Women are ever changing and selfish beings.

Ayato: Oy Laito.

Laito: What Ayato-kun?

Ayato: Sorry for before. For punching you.

Laito: Really, you are a simple man Ayato-kun.

Ayato: Huh?

Laito: Nothing, me too I’m sorry. Though the words you said, they did hurt me.

Ayato: Sorry.

Laito: It’s fine, everything is the fault of that moon. All of it, the lunar eclipse, is making us corrupted. It is just that. That is why. Let’s sleep already.

Ayato: yeah.

Laito: When we wake up, we will return to our usual selves, we will have forgotten everything, that is why, bitch-chan too. Good night.[1]


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