SCARY BREEZE ENTERS, footsteps are heard. Kanato is instead of singing the SCARBOROUGH FAIR in English, he quotes it in Japanese.

Kanato: Are you goin’ to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Remember me to one who lives there, she once was a true love of mine. Tell her to make me a cambric shirt. On the side of a hill in the deep forest green. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. Tracing a sparrow on snow-crested ground. Then she’ll be a true love of mine. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. The moon has gone into hiding now. Teddy. Can you see it. Look, closely. The moon is devoured by the darkness. It is the start of the Lunar Eclipse. The night of when vampires will feel very uneasy has come. No matter how you look at it, it is weird right? That I would remember everything from the past.

Kanato: To have come back to the mansion at the time when the Lunar Eclipse started. I wonder if we will get cursed. Hmm, you are… when I  thought there was a nasty feeling, this happens immediately. That is why I hate the lunar eclipse. Why are you here in that get up.

Kanato: Hee? You were thirsty. If that were the case you could’ve ordered a familiar to get you something to drink. You sure dare to come here only with interest for the castle. Even you should know that this place is where we all grew up. This place is far different from the mansion we use and the ordinary man can see. Haa. –chuckles- Maybe. Are you also struck by that (referring to the lunar eclipse) The lunar eclipse, no matter how stupid you are, you should at least know to what I am referring to.

Kanato: Yes, even when you are more or less saved from this clan which is soaked in darkness, even then you will be affected. We cannot defy that feeling, surely you as well, after living so long with us. Like a fraud your body is aching right. –chuckles- Just like, last night’s ball you attended, you were sleeping deeply, deeply then. Why did you wake up and come here to get some water? Or is it, like, were you called here? I do think that is possible. Or were you attracted to my voice? You were listening to the song back then right? You know it too right? Scarborough Fair. –chuckles- When I sing that song, like before I will become like this and remember the past. Even though I hate that song. Also, whenever I sing that song all the memories I wish to be erased come back to me. I hate it. Say, come closer, inside my embrace. Hmm? Why are you looking like that? Fufu. Hee? You are looking  a bit different than normal, you say. Who Me? Are you scared? Why? This and that, I wonder if it is the fault of that moon. Or is it, because of this hug which makes you think will I ever bite you?

Kanato: fufu, I don’t mind actually, biting you. But now, just a little bit, I want to stay like this. I can’t? –chuckles- Ah, it would have been better if you were this honest all the time, come stay like this and let us watch the Lunar Eclipse together. Of course, with Teddy.

Scary breeze enters

Kanato: look, it has been devoured quite a lot. Can’t you feel anything? I am feeling more than usual, like the feelings I had deep in my heart. Normally, I would not have been bothered by the things that bother me. That is the kind of night tonight, yes, hadn’t it been for the moon, I wouldn’t have sung this song in this castle. I. sung this song, over and over and over again, cried how many times over it. Until my voice had gone hoarse from it, like a canary. I was the canary that would kept on singing until my vocal cords bled. I am not that was needed, the song was needed.

–you stroke Kanato’s hair-

Kanato: What do you understand? I do need your compassion, just how can you irritate me so much. Usually you irritate me very quickly, I thought today would be different, but even now you are irritating me! It hurts? Yes it would.  I am doing it so it will hurt. You are thinking, instead of doing kind things you want to be treated roughly right. Back then you were trying to anger me, so now you manage to get me this far, if that is not the case for what reason are you still here. Haa, thanks to you, I am all burned up, all fired up, that I almost can’t breathe. Say, is this a form of gratitude? –chuckles-

Kanato: What shall I do to return the favor? You always are silent during this right. That is, the proof that you are angering me, come on! –laughs- Did it hurt? Then I will do more and more. just like you want the pain to be. you want this right. The thing you want is. –kiss and chuckles- just now, you were shivering right? You are shivering for the lips that are hiding my fangs, that will pierce your skin. Haaa, thanks to that expression of yours I am getting all pumped now.  but, today is far, far from over. I wonder what it is, is the lunar eclipse making me weird? This subtle feeling, I want to feel it more and more. had it been the usual, I would have been annoyed to the point of no return though. Though it feels like today won’t be so bad. Say, how do you feel about it, do you want this from me, do you want to be bitten deeply by me? or is it? A deeper pain than that.

Kanato: For example –takes out a knife- a pain which is carved by this silver knife, -chuckles- well how about it? If you wish for it I will use this knife, ah yes, shall I just turn you into my puppet now I am at it? There is no place for seconds thoughts after all, you will be my puppet that will give me happiness. Don’t you think that will be easier for you too? Say, how about you say something. Staying silent is boring right. Come on!


Footsteps come closer and Subaru enters the scene

Subaru: Oy asshole,

Kanato: Hmm?

Subaru: What are you planning to do with that woman and that knife?

Kanato:  What? I was already thinking who was coming here, it is only Subaru. Don’t interrupt me, I am at a go-

Subaru into saving MC mode, grabbing Kanato by the wrist, making him drop the knife.

Subaru: Listen to what people say damn it. I am asking you what the fuck you are doing?! Oy, you are you allright? –pulls you back up- It is not like, I am bothered that he was about to do something to you. Eh? What is with that… Tch, Shut up, I told you it was nothing! Thanks to the moon I am thinking more about my mother now… This and that, just what is that!

Kanato:  WHAT WAS THAT ALL OF A SUDDEN! Look at this! Thanks to your throw, my wrist got struck against the sharp counter of the chair, it’s bleeding!

Subaru: Shut up! It is bleeding just a little bit! Furthermore, I didn’t throw you that hard!

Kanato: What are you saying facing your Big Brother.

Subaru: Tch, it is not like I care that I will be forgiven or not. Furthermore! I never thought you as my older brother even once! –whams a wooden object-

Kanato: Huh?! Do you think it will be over like that! Also, you as well, why are you defending Subaru?! I won’t forgive you. I will let you know clearly just to whom you belong.

Subaru: Ah? This one is mine. why are you making it sound she is your possession? You think too right? That you are this Sakamaki Subaru’s, well?

Kanato: It may be the fault of the Eclipse, I was thinking of actually forgiving you. If you are thinking about me like that, I will change my mind just as easily.

Subaru:  When I thought you would break down and cry, you are worried about that. If you want to say something, just say it now! it is probably nothing too important right. Huh!

Kanato charges

Subaru: Oy, that was close, oy, you stay hidden behind my back.

Kanato takes the knife again

Kanato: Subaru you are in the way!

Subaru: huh, what are you saying, you’re opponent…

Kanato: If you don’t want to become mine, I will just mess you up with this knife. You just have to be born anew as my doll.

Subaru: huh?! You don’t make any sense!

Kanato: Shut up, shut up! –pants- Say what do you think of this? –pants- Does that mean you are his belonging now?

Subaru: As always you are mad, oy you, come here now! why are you spacing out for? Don’t tell me you, do you wish to be with him?

Kanato: Move Subaru! –strikes-

Subaru: Shut up! –strikes back by kicking- Ah enough, let’s go already! Hurry up! Hold on tight!

Kanato: Subaru! If you run away I won’t hold back! You too, if you go with him, I won’t be held responsible for what happens next.

Subaru: -jumps and runs away-


Subaru lands somewhere safer

Subaru: Seriously things gotten out of hand fast. Oy, are yo- Well coming all the way here we will be fine… Come on try and walk for yourself now. Come, I’ll let you down. –lets you down from his back- Seriously, now I think of it, hiding the whole time will be weird right? If we are here, even he would give up eventually. Huh? This is, beneath the castle. Though you can tell that this is no ordinary basement. This is a basement filled with Dad’s sick interests, though is ok to tell this. Whenever I got sick of my damned older brothers, I would come here. That is why the triplets HATE it here. Well since it is beneath the surface they wouldn’t want to come anyway, Kanato in particular. Huh? I don’t have any experiences with these! Even I don’t like to be trapped in this place.

Subaru: He understands that too. Being in the total darkness is a big challenge, alone, shivering. Anyway, thanks to the eclipse, our thoughts and actions will be deranged. Even he won’t know that we are in here. Relax. Hm? What? Ah, that is true, I spoke too much. Furthermore, this and that is all the blame of that moon. I don’t know what you have heard from Kanato, ah, you, don’t you like me like this.

Subaru: I see. I-it’s not, that I like you, or hate, or whatever. Furthermore, you, how did you manage to get caught by him at this time? You had this loud party yesterday right? Don’t tell me, you were actually drawn in by the eclipse, also don’t tell me, is it true? I know that vampires feel uneasy from a lunar eclipse. But, humans like you… Ah, damn it! As I thought, I am weird today. I wouldn’t know that taking you here to this place would change me this much tonight.

Subaru: Well, it is because of Kanato who is acting all weird now that I am acting weird by going this far. Well, your body stays the same though. You know it right, this castle, has many memories hidden, one we don’t want to remember. I thought I had forgotten it long time ago. I am remembering it now the moon is into hiding. I am not defending him though, that is why… Tch. You understand right. Because of the eclipse I am in lots of different things now. I see… he was singing that song. It seems that he too, is thinking of the past. Well, I brought you here too, this is, well… you can compare to… me having a secret base or something. No one will come, you can’t hear anything, to have something like that in this castle is quite the task.

-you place your hand on Subaru’s-

Subaru: Hmm? What? Are you cold? Well not that putting your hand on mine will give you much warmth though. Well, you do look a bit paler than usual though. Oy, if you are cold, just come closer. Also, shall I try drinking your blood. When I do that even your body will feel a certain heat right? Wha- Don’t say something foolish! It is not like I am saying this so I can get some blood. If I would get some, I wouldn’t ask you for permission to take it. Furthermore, don’t take me for a fool, even if it is just a mere feeling, if you look like that I… will be yearning for it.

Subaru: This feeling, until the last moment, is taking my breath away. That is why. Damn it! The scent of blood. This is because you said something strange! Hmm? Furthermore this feeling. Aren’t you hurt somewhere. Ah, around here… As I thought. You cut your hand. Did Kanato manage to strike you with that knife? Tch! That guy! Hold on. –rips clothing- Here, bind it with this. What are you doing?! Can’t you bind it all too good? Damn it, so annoying! Give it here. Tch, why am I, ah! Oy, did that hurt? It can’t be helped. Just.. .hold on a little bit. –licks the blood, cleaning the wound- Well? When I thought it was a mere shallow cut, it is quite deep.

Subaru: Don’t tell me you have been holding this back the whole time? That has gotta hurt. –licks more- this is bad. As I thought, when I touch your blood for a little bit, I will lose myself rather quickly. –groans- Damn it! Don’t be an idiot and seduce me so much! Thanks to the moon, lots of things are unpredictable. Even so… silence, don’t apologize for every little thing, just for a bit… let go of me… You don’t want to be sucked right?

Subaru: If that is the case, you better do as I say. –sighs and gulps, you get back to Subaru- You, what are you doing. Are you telling me you wish to be bitten? You are holding my hand. Are you also acting weird? I won’t know what will happen next! I might drink you dry too… that is how much the eclipse is affecting us. If you have that resolve, will you move your hand? You. –sighs- seriously, in fact, I want you the entire time, -doesn’t hold back and bites drinks your blood-

Subaru: -gasps- When I am not holding back… this feels great.

Subaru: -bites again and drinks then pushes you down- With this, you can feel it too, or is it. You still don’t had enough, that face, looks like you still want more. seriously, -pulls you back up- whether I stop or continue, is all depending on how strong my will is. This time I will bite here. Give it to me, your blood, more, more.. –bites and gasps before sucking again- I can’t stop. Damn it!, at this rate… really.. –bites- say… you… actually don’t like this right?

Subaru: This is… -bites and gasps- While you are not showing a displeasing face. –bites- it will be a pain if you feel actual pleasure from this. You… but… sucking it… -bites- you are… when you have a good expression, i… feel like I will be saved… sorry…I lost control… I didn’t mean it to be this harsh. But… when your blood enters my body, I can’t stop myself anymore. –you stroke him- What? Are you comforting me? furthermore, even after getting all that pleasure, your hand… as I thought is still feeling cold. –takes your other hand- Give me that other hand too! Yes, the other hand will caress my face. Even in this darkness, I can feel my cheeks burn. I… about you… you… touch me more… That is why… I am telling you to stroke me. What is wrong with me?

Subaru: But, right now, you… I want you to touch me forever, touch me more. –you caress his cheeks- Not only my face. It tickles! My neck… ah, it doesn’t hurt me. it isn’t on purpose… That really has to be a damned lie! Here, things got interesting, well, how does it feel, being on top now. Hah? Damn it, it tickles… it doesn’t feel bad. More, touch me more. I am like this, all because of your hand. –kiss-  Here, more. –chuckles- yes. Like that. Damn it. I am so worthless, to loose reason so quickly. I will only let you acknowledge this. This makes me no different from Kanato.

Kanato: You sure did a lot of things there. As if an animal had been released from his cage.

Subaru: !

Kanato: -kicks Subaru away before chuckling- That was a payback for before.

Subaru: Ngh, Damn it! You asshole!

Kanato: While I am older than you I won’t forgive this. To touch something which is mine. you probably didn’t think I wouldn’t come here did you. Heh. You better not underestimate me too much. You as well! –trashing sounds-

Subaru: You! What are you trying to do with that woman!

Kanato: This woman is Mine! It is my decision what I do to her!

Subaru: Tch!

Kanato: To have run away to this place. I won’t forgive you.


You land somewhere else.

Kanato: It has been quite a while since I last jumped so far. Say, with this you are more at ease right, you have been saved from that reckless Subaru’s hands after all. Ehe, why you ask. It is because I am the savior right. Even I was knocked out, also I remember you saying that you don’t mind to be hurt by me. Also even when he is younger than to have dared to touch what is mine. I won’t forgive it. Even then, since you came, all these wounds on your body all of them are Subaru’s doing? Say. Do you wish to be punished with the knife again? Haaa~ Such defiled hair, looking so dirty. What did you do exactly, don’t tell this is true, but you didn’t you anything worth pleasing right.

Kanato: -breathes in- When I am close to you, I can smell the blood is going to nothingness. It is because he bit you right. To have played with you, while are mine. Also, on this place! Say, did you hear from Subaru? This is, where we all got punished. When we did something wrong we would be put in this place all alone and got punished for what we did wrong. No matter how hard we cried, there was no help. Hmn, when I think back to those times. Fufu, even now my body is trembling from those times. Look, touch me~ -takes your hand and forces you to touch him- See, this me is trembling now right. –chuckles- I had forgotten this for a long time, to remember this now. This, ultimate darkness and the despair.

Kanato: I called, I shouted, No one would come. That… indeed…coming here… even feeling uneasy from the Eclipse… It is obviously that I will get even more uneasy being in this place now. Even I knew of it. But you know… You being locked up there with him, I can’t hold back anymore. Because you, yes, there is no replacement for you. There is no one like you. There is simply no one like you.

Kanato: Your blood, yes, your blood is special. –pushes you down- you’re in pain right, indeed you are, but if I don’t do this, he will take you back again, that is how I feel about it, while you are mine. –crying- he, he, did this all to you, while you are mine. Ah, this pisses me off, I need to let you know too. That the only one who can make you feel like this is me alone. This is a punishment. –rips your clothing- Ah this place is still untouched by him, then shall I start here. This is your owner’s proof –bites and sucks-

Kanato: I am falling, into your blood. Inside of me, I am getting lost, deeper, and deeper, I will carve you, like this –bites- It hurts right? Well, this time will be here, this shoulder over too –bites and drinks- It is like it is inviting me, seducing me. it’s warm and sweet, like syrup, ah –drinks and slurps- Say, is he better than me? tell me that I am better than him. –drinks- Nfu –drinks and breathes out- to think that he drank from this blood, I can’t help but get even more pissed than usual. –drinks-

Kanato: Say, why am I feeling so sad now? You , can you understand my feelings, say, I can’t understand them at all, this is as expected the fault of the moon, I don’t understand it though, but I wish to be one with you and I want you to say that you are mine, I want those feelings of yours. Say can you promise that? That you are mine. You can’t? –drinks more slowly now- Say, what is wrong, answer me, don’t stay silent like that. You too, think nothing of that reckless Subaru right? You are fine by only being mine. by doing so I can protect you from him, I won’t let anyone get in the way. Not only him, everyone else, wherever they are! Heh? What did you just say? Get along? With whom? Me and who should get along?

Kanato: You are a disappointment. To say something so foolish as that, to make me understand. No matter what you say, I wonder if it will be pointless. My feelings, why don’t you understand them? A punishment, one which much and much severe than before, I will bite you harder. –rips clothing- I’ll make your entire body mine. –laughs- Yes, when you think of it, yes, when I mark you deep inside your body there is no way you can ever defy me then. Your will does not matter. No matter what you think or do, as long as you remember what this means it will be fine. Like this! –bites and drinks, growling- here and there, I will hurt you! –drinks- It hurts? Nfu, your cries are probably all lies.

Kanato: For lying, a punishment is needed –bites and drinks- Look, open your eyes and look at me. look closely at all the wounds on your body. –bites and drinks- I will not stop. my body wants you more and more. it wants your warm blood. –drinks- This time will be here. I will make a mark on your chest, that has gotta hurt a lot, so you will not say something stupid ever again, I will hurt you here –drinks and growls- it is beautiful, your chest, is blossoming red like a flower. It is a flower that says you are mine, look, say, look at, because today is special I will let you allow to make the same sort of wound on me.

Kanato: What you ask? That is, I am telling you give me a wound. –gives you the knife- human teeth can’t satisfy me right, then this is good, we have this knife. You can’t, that is not it, right. Because you did what Subaru told you. Well, don’t shiver like that and hold this. Needless to say, this knife can’t kill me so don’t worry. –chuckles- give me a wound that will never disappear. –you struggle- don’t struggle all of a sudden. Furthermore, you cut me, look the wound on my hand. But, since you did this on your own account, this wound, has it’s certain charm of its own… -chuckles- don’t apologize, I will not forgive you.  Look, the knife is not needed anymore, you can use those nails of yours and give me a proof and  hurt me. come one and hurry up!

Kanato:  Even when I say this, are you still fighting back? Then… I will just force your hand make the wound on my own. Come like this! –takes your hand- this certainly doesn’t hurt at all. This is like a cat has scratched me, no, even weaker than that, put more strength in it. Or is it that you don’t want to give me a proof? Come on! –chuckles- This is weird. I am getting all turned on. Fufu, it is because you are touching me that it tickles. Hehe, what is wrong, do it more. if you think this is a proof worthy mark there something wrong with you. –takes your hand- come, next is this hand. Mm, fufu, as I thought this tickles, hey you, do you have any resolve in doing this? Eh, what?~ Ah, you can’t get any strength, eh, what are you saying. Are you fucking with me, say. What is wrong? You can’t breathe? Hmm, breath. I see, like this… -gives cpr- look at me, say! Open your eyes. –slaps your cheeks- What, don’t shock me like that, if you were fooling me I will certainly not forgive you. well, if you are fine that it’s good, really, humans are fragile, I don’t like it. To lose your breath by only bit of blood that has been sucked. Haaa? It is not that I am worried, just then I told you many times, why are you being so stupid? You are mine. that is why, that life, I can’t have you take it on your own. Because you need to give your blood to me for an eternity. That is why. Well.

Bats fly in and Subaru enters

Subaru: Oy, GET DOWN!

Kanato: Subaru!

Subaru: This is no time to play dead! Kanato, protect that woman!

Kanato: Huh?  What are you saying?

Subaru : HURRY UP!

Bats fly over Kanato.

Kanato: These bats!

Subaru: They lost their minds, oy you, don’t raise your head! You wish to be hurt!


Subaru: They finally left.

Kanato: What was that just now?

Subaru: There might be someone dark who made these guys. Thanks to the lunar eclipse even these guys are on edge. They got attracted to our presence.

Kanato: Furthermore Subaru, why did you come here for?!

Subaru: I just saved your ass from those guys, what the hell is with that attitude!

Kanato: If it is this girl, I won’t hand her over!

Subaru: Huh! That one is mine! She is not yours!

Kanato: Don’t be a fool, she is mine! furthermore, how many times must I tell you, not to speak like that when facing your older brother! I will not forgive you for that.

Subaru: You keep on saying big brother, big brother, how many times must I tell you I never EVER saw you as my older brother! –whacks something out of wood- Furthermore, right now, don’t get all worked up over that! If you are really worried about that, look in front of you! Tch! Damn it. Thanks to that damned moon I am acting all worked up now. First of all, big brother of whatever, that is not a problem now.

Kanato: Indeed, yes, this girl, the ownership of this girl does not matter in who is older or not. You just need to decide for yourself. Or do you wish to be taken away by either of us again.

Subaru: I don’t care about either. I don’t lose to the likes of you.

Kanato: Don’t underestimate me. Fufu. Say, you, you didn’t forget what I just told you right. Remember clearly, what I said, the feelings of my fangs.

Subaru: Oy Kanato, don’t scare her!

Kanato: Nfufu, it is the fault of the one who scared her first.

Subaru: You, I don’t know what that weird guy made you do. –takes your hand- Stay with me. well, you wish…

Kanato: Hold on, that is not good, to listen to him. If you really are going to listen to him. Your ears, I will pull them off~ -bites- Say, your ears, are getting the best treatment from my fangs.

Subaru: Tch, you’re corrupted. You, don’t look away from the one who is behind you. look only at me. don’t avert those eyes from me –drinks- here, your eyes are doing what the lips are doing right. I understand, you are.. you are yearning for me.

Kanato: Hold on, don’t just keep on looking there. Time for a punishment. A punishment for letting your heart waver so fast. It is just fine if your eyes and tears all only for me. –drinks-

Subaru: Wha- Damn it! Don’t look like that! Are you testing me, if you put on an expression like that, just when I told you I am enough for you in this world. Damn it. Look at me! I am telling you to look at me!

Kanato: -drinks- fufu You can’t Subaru, this girl, is expecting the best of my fangs in this darkness. Right?~ -drinks-

Subaru: Darn it! Oy over here, focus on me, remember these fangs –bites and drinks-

Kanato: -chuckles- It is useless. –drinks-

Subaru: -ignores kanato and continues to drink- Damn it, I am getting dizzy again.

Kanato: Not yet, I am not sated yet. –drinks-

Subaru: Tch your clothing are in the way –rips your clothing- What is this! Damn it! Kanato’s  marks are all the way over here.

Kanato: -laughs- Well, does it hurt~ -drinks and moans- This girl is mine I will let you know this very soon. I made very deep wounds, even when you let them rest for a moment, they won’t disappear very soon. –drinks-

Subaru: Then I will make them disappear very soon, I just mark them over these! Look. –bites-

Kanato: When you do that it will be pointless, Subaru, you are such a kid. –drinks-

Subaru: I don’t want to be told that by you, say, you think about this too right, without a doubt Kanato is older than me, -drinks-

Kanato: Hmm? What is wrong? Are you about to lose consciousness?

Subaru: What, for real! Oy!

Kanato: Did you really think she was about to die?

Subaru: Tch, that too, since we drank this much from her, well, even blood will get ordinary one day right? If you are tired just rest a bit.


Subaru: Damn, I’ve been made a fool of.

Kanato: -laughs-

Subaru: What are you laughing at, did you lost your mind for real now?

Kanato: -laughs- No, this really is weird. –laughs-

Subaru: Ah yes you are a weirdo

Kanato: Not that. This situation is weird that is what I am saying.

Subaru: Ah that is true. Never would I have thought that I would be laying in the gutter here, fighting over a woman with you.

Kanato:  Yes indeed, even I, coming here, was always alone.

Subaru: Because of that damned father?

Kanato: No,

Subaru: Huh?

Kanato: The one who would lock us up alone in here, was always mother. Not father, mother would always lock me up in here when I did not do as she wished for.

Subaru: I… See… I just thought…

Kanato:  Until I was forgiven I kept on singing with a loud voice. So that mother would here from above. I wonder what the other two must have thought, I can’t remember. When I remember that, and see that I am with Subaru here now, makes me want to laugh.

Subaru: I have heard about it,

Kanato: Eh?

Subaru: I am telling you that  heard something about that. You might have thought that you are always alone. I too… hid here alone often.

Kanato: And then you heard.

Subaru: Yeah.

Kanato: Heeh, what, I wasn’t alone.

Subaru: Yeah, that time, when I was alone, I could hear you sing and I felt less lonely.

Kanato: -chuckles- That might be true. If I am not alone, I might could’ve handled this darkness.

Subaru: But, that time I was all alone, I was sick of it all and just trembled in the room.

Kanato: You were alone too?

Subaru: I wasn’t all too bothered to be alone though. But,

Kanato: Hmm?

Subaru: I can’t explain it very well myself, but whenever I heard your song, I felt really happy.

Kanato: Hmm, have you awoken? Hmm? You’re crying. Why are you crying?

Subaru: Seriously, I don’t understand it.

Kanato: If you heard what we said, forget it immediately. All of it. It is all because of that moon that we are talking so much.

Subaru: Yeah, the past is nothing. Huh? what was that just now?

Kanato: Hand? What are you planning to do with that? Hmm.

Subaru: Hmm what?

-you force Kanato and Subaru to make up and shake hands-

Kanato: What is this? Are you trying to make up with me and Subaru?

Subaru: Tch, so foolish. This is girlish thing. To shake hands with him here, is the same as giving up like hell I will do that!

Kanato: I am the same. Even though you knocked out for a time there. I… I don’t forgive you if you don’t see that you are mine.

Subaru: While I don’t like the outcome of this, I am the same.

Kanato: Coming here today, made me remember only one thing, and that was only that. That is true right? –chuckles-

Subaru: Yeah, indeed, the eclipse is making us feel uneasy, we say things we don’t want to feel, and do what we don’t feel like doing? Also, we remember unnecessary things. But, that is only that, only for a second

Kanato: Let us turn back, the eclipse should have been over long ago.

-you take their hands again and let them holds hands again-

Subaru: Oy, why are you make us holds hands!

Kanato: I don’t want to be linked together with you and him!

You three walk away

Subaru: Seriously so annoying! Are you planning to walk all the back home like this?

Kanato: If you don’t like it, you can let go and jump away from us.

Subaru: Huh, don’t fuck with me!

-music fades-



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