Shin vs Carla


Shin: When I was thinking where you had run off to, you are here huh. I was looking for you. To be locked up on the school premises on such a beautiful lunar eclipse evening. It is rather stupid. –chuckles- What is with that expression, you are looking rather interesting here. Just when I, Tsukinami Shin-sama, is being so kind to pick you up on this lovely moonless night. Hmpf, -teleports-

Shin: How about you look a bit more pleased about it? Well? Who am I? I just named myself right? If you want to know more, I don’t mind spoiling it, though I want to hear it first from you. if you get it right I will reward you. Well, tell me, what do you think that I am? A vampire, you say. Why do you think that way? Hmm, these fangs have a certain feeling huh, I see. To call a first blood like this, I am being taken lightly of here aren’t I? The time that you were kept in confinement must have been a bit too long! –grips you tightly- Listen carefully, and remember, I am not a vampire, I am a founder, I am someone who is a first blood. –drops you- Hmm, you don’t know what a first blood is? Heh, you sure are a handful, well then I will explain to you it right now, if you make another mistake like this it will be troublesome, also to be lumped up as in the same class as Karl Haintz sons is making me want to puke.

Shin: We are different from the Sakamakis and Mukamis, they are all descendants from the originals, well not that you would understand it. Their blood is derived from our blood. It means that hadn’t it been for us there would be no Sakamakis or Mukamis. Do you understand. Also it is that from the entire dark realm our existence, the snake, bat, eagle and the wolves, the founders, the first bloods who you need to thank that those people are here now. Well? If I explain it in such an easy way, even an idiot like you can understand. Do you understand? Okay, well then, if you still dare to call me a vampire, with these claws…I will slit your throat.

Shin: Okay? –chuckles- Good girl, if you stay like a good girl, nothing will happen to you. It would even help me if you stayed like that the entire time. Hold on, I better get going or it will be bad, the Lunar eclipse is about to end. Let’s go then. Where you ask, huh. we are going to see big brother. Who my brother is? You will know once you see him. Well, let’s go meet big brother. There is no need for you to know every little detail, if you do just as you are told you will be just fine. What we need, is only your blood, and that body. –chuckles, opens an iron door- Look at that, the moon such a beautiful red. No matter how you look at it, it feels like you are about to be eaten by darkness right. If we would want to get to the vampires, now would be the perfect time~ The Lunar Eclipse is only something that will corrupt them after all. This is different from us founders, we are flourishing in power now. From existence that no one hardly knew about to, the most powerful beings there were, even stronger than before!~ Say, do you know what that means?

Shin: Well, let’s leave the talk for now, and let’s hurry and go. –you struggle a bit- Heeh, after all that I told you, you are still being difficult. Such a bad girl, it seems you are quite poisoned after you have been hurt by those guys so much huh. Well whatever, in the end the one who will decide where you are going is not you, but me. If you are a good girl I will keep you conscious and carry you there. It means it is fine that you can ride on my back.

Shin: Ah so depressing, why do girls have to little submissive power in them I wonder. Does that mean that you are someone who has a high ranking that a piggy back ride is not fulfilling enough? Then that is fine! I will drop you, from my back. –Shin changes into a wolf and howls- Fufu, this form, are you surprised. Well I can’t blame ya, you have been living with the BATS all the time after all. We founders have the blood of the four clans, so turning into a wolf is not too awkward, we can also turn into a snake, bat and an eagle. I just choose to turn into a wolf to take you there. Well, what will you do? Will you come like a good girl? Tch, so annoying, if you still won’t come after showing this form. –tackles you and growls- It seems that taking you while you are conscious is a hard thing to do. it can’t be helped. –bites you- Don’t struggle, this is your fault, I thought after showing you my wolf form you would show some sort of fear. –bites again- Such a thin throat, it feels like I can break it in two like this –bites again- did you lose consciousness? Well whatever, sleep like that. If you give me more trouble than this, it will be troublesome.


-wood creaks-

Shin: Have you finally woken up? Hold on. There is no need to shout, I didn’t do anything, you hurt me. I have even revoked my wolf form, so there is no need to be afraid now. Well, I did bite your neck a few minutes ago… That was your fault you know, I am, how do you call them, someone who is quickly on edge? I didn’t actually want to bite you, also your scent –sniffs- Your smell like vampires all over, even deep inside your body you are drenched in that scent. Even so, I bit you still, you should be thankful cause I am not blaming you for anything so far I can remember. Well, my mouth feels rather disgusting now, what will you do about it? –chuckles- Who is the one who is mean. While you have such good blood inside you, you have only given it to those vampires. Well it is true they are yearning for your bloo-… Ngh, since you lack a brain there is no helping it if you can’t understand. Anyway, you need to apologize to me first. Say: Sorry for giving you so disgusting blood. Well. Say, you heard me right, even then are you ignoring me?

Shin: You sure have a lots of guts –rips your clothing- Don’t fuck with me, I even gave you the option of apologizing without showing you any scary states. You, after being sucked and used by those vampires… have you gotten a bit too much to your head? Though, we are not like them, if you don’t want to listen, hmpf, we will just cleanse you ourselves. If you don’t apologize, it means you don’t own a certain regret in your body right. Also, if I take you to my brother reeking of vampires, do you even know what will happen to you? Your life… will wither –laughs- Let me tell you beforehand, you better not defy big brother, even I won’t be able to stop him. Well, even big brother would know your circumstances, big brother, even when you defy him for a little bit, he won’t raise his voice, though, that is why, making him mad is a bad thing.

Shin: If you understand, come here, and follow me. –you follow him- Inside big brother there is a big grudge against vampires. You might not see that from the outside, if you mention it once, in a flash your breath will be taken away. Even I may end up like that too, first I will cleanse you up before I take you him. –opens a door-


Shin: Enter. –pushes you inside- Well I know that a mere bath won’t rid of the scent, it is better than not enter at all. What are you waiting for? Take of your clothing and get in already. Come on! –pushes you again- Strip and clean yourself, I will take you to big brother after that. Just hurry up already, if you stall even more even I… Aaah so annoying! Just get in already! –pushes you in the tub- Seriously what an annoying person, while you don’t own any sort of strength you are more than fine with just listening to what is said! If I snap, I don’t know what will happen you know. Look, your clothing are all wet now, it’s fine that way –splashes water- Shall I do it again? (dump you in water not the splashing)

Shin: Well how about now… -sniffs- Tch, it didn’t change too much. Living with vampires for so long, did the scent get even deeper than only your body? It can’t be helped. It is a drag, but I will suck your blood now. –gets in too- Huh what is with that expression, am I able to get rid of the scent this way you ask. That… I will take it away~ -licks lips- First, haa, this sure is mortifying, it feels like licking up mud. –sniffs- the scent -licks- Though, if I take you now, there will be no end to brother’s anger. That will be even worse.

Shin: That is why, I will cleanse you a little bit. Do you understand? Not the vampire’s blood, but your real blood. What I mean? It means that your own blood is even more special than that of a vampire. That is why having it corrupted by them, is a big sin. I don’t know if you know about this, but having your blood sucked by a vampire is like getting a little amount of poison in your body every time they do. Which means your blood is poisoned and corrupted now. That is what we founders can notice immediately. Well it’s true right, they are from a different clan. That is why, right now I am going to cleanse you from that poisoning. Stop it you say? Do you really mean that? If you ask me it doesn’t look like it though…

Shin: In reality you are looking forward to this right? In feeling how my fangs will be. I can see that by looking at your expression. Also, having my fangs pierce you, the feeling will last longer. The memory of pleasure that is. In reality, you are yearning for this right. Come, that proof your heart is thumping like mad. Really, you really are a naughty girl. You’re scared, huh, why don’t you run away? You showed that devotion a few minutes ago too. That was no motivation, it is useless to misguide me with words. Without a doubt that chest is calling out to my fangs. Like this, you want to be touched right? –bites- this really is bad. Had it been the true blood, I wouldn’t have been able to hold back perhaps. –bites again and drinks- it seems you are enjoying yourself, while I am doing an awful job here.

Shin: Well, is that is the case, I will drink more and more to cleanse you up. –drinks- What is wrong, are you shivering? Don’t tell me you are going to say that drinking blood like this is horrible? Was it a bigger shock than your thought? Well indeed, to a vampire…. –drinks- this blood wouldn’t taste awful. –drinks- What I mean with that? As if I will teach you that without reward, what will I get? Don’t tell me you actually would reply with your blood? Seriously, I just told you right this is mortifying, this is the most disgusting blood I ever had before. I don’t want a single bit of this uncivilized blood. Then what else do you have, indeed, if it is something, it will be this body. Hey you, why don’t you become mine.

Shin: I won’t do anything bad. –drinks- like this, I will drink your blood, I am kind right? –chuckles and then drinks again- While it is disgusting, this taste sure is nostalgic. –drinks- since a long time my body is getting hot. While your blood has an even deeper meaning, furthermore, this blood is almost bearable to drink. No matter what… -drinks- my body is getting hotter. It’s hot, at least, this is different from before. While it was for a moment, I wonder if this feeling can last forever. For decades, no centuries maybe. What is wrong, your face is red. As I thought you are a naughty girl.

Shin: My skin, just what are you expecting of it? – holds your wrists tightly- give me your hand. I will special access to touch my body. You want to touch it right, my face. Also, you want to touch elsewhere too right.

Shin: Come, well? It’s hot right? –chuckles- While it is different from you humans, but we also have a certain fever. Here, touch me more. It’s fine you say… That would be a waste right. A noble person like me is letting you touch him. You will only get this chance now. Huh, is it because of my wolf form that you are trying? Well that is true, unlike bats, wolves can easily eat humans. All the more reason, to stop trembling and listen carefully. If you don’t listen carefully, the flesh on your body, I will eat it up~ Well, come closer, closer to me, you know what to do right? Or is it that you want me to make you forcefully touch me? –chuckles- I am getting attracted to this hideous scent. Come, come over here, closer, closer, to me. Yes, like that, open up more to my chest, exactly on to my chest and relax. –chuckles- so you can do it once you put your mind to it. Say, do you want a reward? Your reward, of course, will be my fangs. I wonder if you like the fangs of a first blood more than that of a vampire. –chuckles-

Shin: Well, I will bite your finger now –bites and drinks- Does it hurt? Then to you this must be the best kind of reward right. Look the mark of the fang, it almost looks like a ring. You humans tend to vow over a ring, so it is alright to make this wound your vow to me. yes, it is a vow, which means, not big brother….


Carla: Is that how you think of it Shin.

Shin: -gasps- Big Brother!

Carla: You really are someone who never learns, just how many times, have you made me appear like this and… -stabs shin-

Shin: -gasps spitting out blood-

Carla:… make me stab your body like this and almost killing you as a result of it. –pulls his hand out-

Shin: -groans in pain and drops to the floor-

Carla: hmpf, seriously, you sure are a cute little brother, Shin. –chuckles- Well stand up, woman, playtime is over, the one who will cleanse you will be me, Tsukinami Carla. Are you going to obey me? –smirks- That is a good reaction. Follow me, hurry up. Hmm? What? If it is about Shin just leave him be. Do you even understand? If you defy me, you will end up like that. You have heard it from Shin right? –chuckles- Hurry up, the moon is getting brighter, don’t drag so much. Or it is do you wish to have your body punctured like Shin’s? If that is not the case, behave and come. Fighting back is useless. You can’t defy me. Just like Shin, your blood is all that you are good for (meaning that all you need to do with Carla is give him blood and all will be fine and dandy).

Carla: Yes, just give me your blood and all will be fine. Just don’t be mistaken, if you defy me, there will be no mercy. Your blood, flesh and bones, I will make them disappear from this world. Unlike those vampires you have been living with I am different and won’t show any kinds of mercy. You understand right?

-scene change-

Carla: The moon is now in total hiding, there is no more time, enter. Where this is you ask? What will you do once you know? Are you going to flee from here or are you going to try and search of help? For example from those vampires. Do you really think they will come? You are a mere tasty meal to those lot. I have heard it from Shin, they have beaten you around the bush and embarrassed you to no end. –rips clothing- The proof is written all over your body right? –strokes you- While you may not be able to see it, I can see it all. The places of their fangs. Here, also here. Also here too. It fact it is unsightly. It seems that the vampires had their ways with you a lot. Like sugar to ants, or a flower that is only destined to be plucked from the flock. Which means the instinct, even so, I am not going to forgive them. I will show them how high the price is of the sin for touching what is mine.

Carla: -pushes you down- To make that happen, there has to be one condition. I need to return your blood to its former glory. I will cleanse someone like you, like this –kiss- the blood that is now bound in chains, will be befitting for someone like me. –sucks- You grateful. If you don’t understand what I am saying than that is fine. I have no time to explain every little thing to you. I have not time, if I stall more time than I already have… you understand right?


Carla: You don’t have no right to complain, be silent and give yourself in to me. or is it, that you are still hoping for them to come? That is a truth someone like you should know better than anyone else. (that they won’t come nor will be able to reach you even if they did)

Carla: All the things they have said to you, the things they have taught you as to be the truth, all of that is useless now. All you need to do is look only at me. Don’t even think of useless things. I won’t forgive you if you even think of it. You have come to me like this, there is no other way for you but only focus on me. Hoo, even after all this you still show those eyes. Fine. If you choose it that way. –increases his grip on you- There is some sort of special training needed. While I took you being the queen (Cordelia) to see that you are a mere human woman, it can’t be helped if it is like this.

Carla: It seems that it would have been better if I did this from the beginning. I will dominate everything, and make you move the way I want you to. –grips increases- well, what will you do? If I put more strength in it, your neck will break. –chuckles- You look like you have something to say. It looks like you are yearning for life. –lets you go- Let me hear your reply. Will you choose to live by only my words, carefully, will you submit to me.

Carla: It would have been better if you did from the beginning. Listen, there will be no next time, if you dare to do so one more time I will pull out your heart. While I need you, I don’t need you alive. If you choose to live b my rules and actually want to have it taken, I will gladly take it from you. If you understand, behave and give me your blood. If you do that, I will hold you for the person you are now. So you finally decided to give up on defying, it is pathetic that it is an honor. –chuckles- There is even a limit to living on a line. Whenever your life is on the line there is nothing you won’t do to stay alive. Well, let’s start, for the sake of my bloodline.

Carla: Strip. –you do so- You look quite roughed up, must be Shin’s fault. While he tried to rid you of the scent by using water. Hmpf, this scent, there is no way that this scent will disappear from only that. The scent can only be removed from the source only. Well, strip more. Those linen are only in the way. Take everything off. Yes. You are mere the vessel of the true one who is fit to become the King’s suitor. Obey and quiver in fear.

Carla: -chuckles- That is a good state you are in now. I will give you the proof of your pleading to live. From this day on I will be your master and you will behave whenever you are with me. All you need to do is obey what I say and show your submission whenever you are in my presence. You understand right? If so then come over here now. Well. –smirks- To touch a woman who is not from this world, had it not been for the bloodline. I wouldn’t have done so. At best stay still and accept my fangs. First. Will be your neck. –bites and drinks- hmpf, again. –drinks and chuckles- This sure is a disgusting taste. Your blood is still lost in track with theirs, it is making me want to puke, to think it has come to this. –drinks again-

Carla: To taste them in this blood, is angering me more than ever. I can’t help but loathe them. Does it hurt, this is my wrath, you best remember it, and hold on tight to your body and your memories. –drinks then chuckles- what is wrong, are you already falling asleep. This is far from over. As long there are still fragments of them in you, you don’t have any meaning to either me or Shin. –drinks- for that reason alone. You will accept more and more of my fangs. Like this –drinks-, accept the anger –drinks- and the pleasure, take them all in. –drinks- When you remember the pain, you will remember your master and the pleasure that he gave you that time. If anything thing, you will accept more from now on. You are really lack any sort of etiquette.

Carla: In order to fix that… -rips your clothing- well, next will be here. Every spot a vampire has tainted you I will erase them all –bites- it has been a long time since I had this kind of blood, to see it tainted like this. All I can seem to taste it their anger and your sorrow from it. I will draw every little thing out and make sure all of me gets in. –drinks- The wound on this finger… it looks rather new. Hmpf, It’s Shin’s huh. He really can’t be helped sometimes. He possibly wanted to show me that he already bit you before I did. To show that he already started to change and show his possession through his fangs. He probably had in mind that it will help to make sure the first bloods will survive. Seriously, such a troublesome thing. Give me your hand, hurry up. This wound, I will erase this and make it mine. relax. You don’t want to lose that finger right. Come –drinks then chuckles- Are you holding back the pain.

Carla: Such a unchanged person, had you done so when we first met you might have had a better first meeting. –drinks- With this Shin’s mark is now gone. Even if he is my sibling, I won’t show any mercy to him. Hmm? Ah, this is your blood that is running down. Lick it. Lick it clean. Yes, more politely –chuckles- well, clean it up more. yes, all of it, lick it all. Don’t rest, who gave you the order to stop? hmm, well this should do it. Listen. Be careful when you drip your blood over your master. There is no after if you defile your master. Alright. If you understand, next, next will be? Once I showed you where, you will move and sit on top of me understand.

Carla: Yes, submit, hurry up. Come closer to me so I can see it better, I am going to find the next place. There lots of places where those vampires have bitten you. Where it exactly is, is something I will look for. Here or here. Show me your back, yes, I have found it, here, on your hips there is an ugly scar. Heh, I never thought that they would actually take you to this amount. Well, lean forward and let me get to that place, hurry up. –you comply- If you do that, I will reward you. Just hold on for a bit. –drinks- to think that someone like me is cleaning up their meal. –growls and drinks-

Carla: You understand this humiliation. –drinks- Tch! As I thought it is disgusting to no end. –drinks- you, are you crying? Hmpf, do you have a reason to cry? Answer me. hoo. It is something that I don’t understand you say? That mouth sure underestimate me. It seems you still can bear much more pain. –bites and drinks- Even when you are crying, you sure have a good look on your face when you are in pain. –chuckles- Don’t tell me that after all this time you were actually yearning for the pain that I am giving you. –smirks- It’s not that huh, however, to hide it now is useless. You know more than anyone that after pain comes pleasure. That corrupted body and blood the vampires true form, that is your own true form right. The blood that you carry now is tainted. The pleasure is even ruining it. Don’t avert you gaze. I won’t forgive you if you look away from my eyes.

Carla: That is the condition you live in, look close to my face –bites and drinks- What is wrong? –chuckles- As I thought have you fallen into the traps laid by my fangs? –drinks and laughs- well Woman. It is time to see your fate, your body must have remembered by now just whose fangs, that my fangs are the ones that is able to give you pure pleasure.


Carla: Well, more. hmm. –grins- You have finally come too.

Shin: Big Brother…

Carla: Shin, it took you some time.

Shin: Well sorry for recovering so long, what is wrong. Looking so deprived like that.

Carla: Shin, I am surprised to see you like that.

Shin: Hm, ah, I am covered in blood after all. But, she sure looked great just now~ Up we go. Eh? You thought I died? Ah, you mean when I was playing with Big brother. You, just who do you think I am? Lack of blood won’t kill me.

Carla: it seems to those vampires brothers that is not the case.

Shin: Hee, well, it would have been more interesting had we made it even more grotesque. We don’t even have much time.

Carla: Fooling around is now forbidden.

Shin: I understand big brother.

Carla: Also Shin there won’t be a second time.

Shin: I wonder what you are talking about~

Carla: Don’t play dumb.

Shin: If it is about drinking her blood, I did that for you. It sure was a horrible scent after all.

Carla: You, are you intending to make me angry?

Shin: Hold on, I have no intention of doing so, will you not misunderstand me please? Furthermore, that girl, she looks like she wants something to say. Would it be good to let her speak for once?

Carla: What is it? You are merely a human you say, what are you getting at?

Shin: Would there be a human that is able to get so many vampires drunk over her? You really are an idiot.

Carla: While it is fine if you think like this. The truth stays the same. There is no way that you don’t know what your heart truly is right?

Shin: The demon lord’s daughter, Cordelia’s heart is supposed to be in there.

Carla: Shin, while that is the truth, it is a bit different from the truth we are seeking for.

Shin: I know, you know it too right, that you are not normal. Even so are you still wishing to be a human?

Carla: Even so you are still human, huh. I see. You definitely need a certain purification. Before we start, Shin…

Shin: Even if you don’t tell me I am planning to help you. This is us sibling’s responsibility after all.

Carla: Don’t be mistaken. Even if you are my sibling…

Shin: I know brother, I just told you the reason why I sucked that girl’s blood before. Also, I am someone like big brother’s servant. That won’t change nor the feeling of it.

Carla: You are my only blood related brother, and you are with me the last first blood that is still alive. I have no other reason to see you as such but those two. Even when I say this. There is a limit though, if you show me any kind of betrayal there will be no mercy. I will cut you to pieces and burn you to oblivion.

Shin: As the oldest founder alive now, being killed like that, is actually not a bad thing to be honest.

Carla: -heavy breathing- Shin

Shin: That was a joke you know.

Carla: Then it is good. If you see this lightly as a joke. Then I will pay you back lightly too.

Shin: I understand, everything will be as big brother’s plans.

Carla: I see, then, I will promise on this day.

Shin: That would be a very happy gratitude indeed. Well, shall we continue the purification.

Carla: Shin, don’t allow her to struggle too much. This woman is the sole object to revive what is lost.

Shin: Sorry, sorry, calm the fuck down! Seriously damn it, I will bind your hands! Don’t struggle, just give up, everything will be useless, you don’t want to become like a vampire and fall down right? So annoying. If big brother weren’t here I would’ve smacked you already, for fuck’s sake. Come on, don’t struggle! Listen up, if your blood doesn’t get cleansed soon, you will fall deeper and become a vampire! We are trying to save you! –rips more clothing- If I don’t bind you now like this, what will you do once you become a vampire huh!?

Carla: We are doing this because you showed signs of defying. You have lived long enough as a meal right? That is why I said this before, do not struggle. Your entire meaning is better than that of a low grade vampire.

Shin: I see now. Well, even when we say it. It shocked the hell out of me that your blood was so disgusting. For big brother this blood was lovely centuries ago. –laughs-

Carla: This is not a problem, it is for the bloodline. If this is what is needed to become the next king. I will do it.

Shin: As expected of big brother. I thought I was about to die so disgusting it was. It makes me want to beat the crap out of every vampire that is still alive. –chuckles-

Carla: Well Shin, let’s leave the chit chat for now, you will bite the lower half, I will take the half and begin with her neck.

Shin: Huh, again that, well it is better than to be killed by you big brother.

Carla: Woman, we have kept you waiting huh. This time you will feel twice the pleasure, even you can’t wait for it right? Be pleased. –chuckles-

Shin: I am starting with the legs, prepare yourself. –bites and drinks-

Carla: I see, it hurts huh. Then I will give you more, starting with this chest. –bites and drinks-

Shin: -moans- It tastes a bit better than before. –bites-

Carla: It seems that the purification effect is showing now. –drinks-

Shin: But, it is still not enough

Carla: Don’t fret, we have at least made it within the Lunar Eclipse. With this, they aren’t able to sense her presence anymore. –drinks-

Shin: To think that they are looking for someone like her, it kind of hurts in my chest a bit. –laughs- Big Brother, let’s change places.

Carla: Fine with me

Shin: Thank you~ -bites-

Carla: What is wrong? Your body is floating now. –drinks-

Shin: Now I will bite over here, your hips, to have my own fangs above brother’s doesn’t feel all too bad. –drinks-

Carla: What are you talking about? –drinks-

Shin: Brother you like it too right? Erasing marks. –drinks- (referring to the mark on your finger where Shin first bit you and then Carla bit above)

Carla: Oy, woman. Have you stopped struggling now? –chuckles- Or is it that you stopped giving a worry anymore, as I thought, you words are now all backfiring you. –drinks-

Shin: Hehe, while she has stopped struggling, this girl, still has the look of hating us.

Carla: Shall we test just how long she will be able to hold on that look? –drinks-

Shin: You sure are an interesting woman. –chuckles and drinks- Don’t tell me you were thinking about one of those vampires? That is not true right?

Carla: As if we will allow to let one memory or faintest clue of them on this body. After all those were memories of a vampire after all.

Shin: Indeed, furthermore, the reason why you are in this place, if you think hard on it, well that sure is an easy answer huh.

Carla: -drinks- Just a little bit, the taste of blood is changing.

Shin: -drinks- Does that mean that the eternal darkness is drawing nearer?

Carla: Indeed, the time has come, the moon has gone into hiding, we brothers have finally reached our goal, also, we are finally looking like this –chuckles- finally the road of the moon is open now. it is time to show our presences to those people.

Shin: -laughs- I wonder what they will do.

Carla: They won’t be able to do anything. There is no more way to stop us. We have our trump card here.

Shin: Even though I brought her here though.

Carla: Your reward. I allowed you to play with her before right?

Shin: Well that is true

Carla: You are, nothing more but a tool for us.

Shin: Hmm, our motive huh. I think it is better for you in not knowing.

Carla: Indeed, all you need to do is think of your own blood now. if you wish to know more than the pain of being a tool, I won’t even teach you then.

Shin: you heard him, really you… are a true DO M. –laughs- Well, if you stay silent like that I will have no reason to be angry anymore. Because you can’t run anymore, even if you run, before you have reached them you will have been messed up by us long before that.

Carla: It will be a drag if you think yourself as more than what we just called you. all you need to do is live. You understand to what I am meaning with that right? –chuckles- It seems you understand faster now.

Shin: up we go. My oh my, in the time that we have been stalling around, the moon is slowly showing herself now. it seems it is time to extract the real person out of this girl.

Carla: Indeed. For the time being let’s leave the odds and continue what we were doing.

Shin: It seems we are running out of time.

Carla: When I think of the centuries we have been planning this, a little bit time like this is like mere seconds. Haste makes waste. Woman, we will have you fulfill our roles. Well Shin it is the appointed time. It is time for us to hide her from their eyes.

Shin: Understood.

Carla: Shin

Shin: What is it big brother?

Carla:Don’t make me want to kill you. We are the only first bloods that are left after all.

Shin: That doesn’t sound like you big brother. To say something twice, What is wrong? Did her blood get to you?

Carla: Today is a bit different from any other night after all.

Shin: Hmm, even the founder king can’t deny that huh.

Carla: -growls-

Shin: I understand your emotions clearly big brother, I told you before right, I won’t defy you big brother and I know your actions more than anyone else.

Carla: …

Shin: Well since we are really getting out of time, I am going now. Before they actually find this place and burn this whole thing down.

Carla: indeed.

Shin walks away

Carla: Shin, you, no, my offspring, but, what we are yearning for sure feels foolish now. I can’t let all our hard work till now be to waste. Woman, you sleep for now. –hits you knocking you out cold- Ones who defy me are the one who I will not forgive. Even if it is my little brother.

Shin: I can’t win from big brother, I need to find a bigger power source. The founder’s King the strongest of the first bloods, that is why, even as his little brother I am mere but trash to him. It will be troublesome if I think like that all the time. That girl, if I just have her, I will, from big brother… even if it is from my older sibling, I will make you mine. If that what it means to be bound by blood. I will risk that and take her. –transforms into a wolf howling before running away, howling again- [1]


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