-Sound of water and a paper, Ruki is reading a book-

Ruki: “When Eve was told in these cursed times, acting rash, taking the fruit from the tree and took a small bite. The earth still remembers the pain. Nature too cried out in sorrow. Grieving of the moment that everything had been stolen from them. The snake that had tricked Eve, quickly hid back into the bushes once more.”

Ruki: Hmm what is wrong? Ah, you remember hearing this right? Livestock, this is a story you should be familiar with too right. Usually I need to call you, am I in the way of your business now? I see, then it is good –Ruki closes his book- Why don’t you close your eyes and talk with me for a moment, as you can see, I am done with this book for now. While that person may have taught me this before, this Eden here, is world’s most wanted place after all. If you don’t rest up here you will never find a more suiting place to do so. Since it is useless to come back to this place once you visited it once.

Ruki: Come let’s go over to that balcony. Now the day is like this is should be a fine view from there. –he takes your hand, together you walk to the balcony- Karl Haintz-sama’s appearance made this possible. So how is this Eden? Indeed, even since I am a vampire this is the first time I ever set foot in this place. –door opens- That this night would have such a beautiful place, this world and that world, I wouldn’t even know the differences in the first place.

Ruki: Well, of course, that this place is not normal is a fact. In the time you were hiding in the castle, you would never feel cold or heat all year round. You just could see the glimpse of the sun and the moon. There was indeed a sky. While it may all be the cause of Karl Haintz-sama’s magical powers. This place sure is strange. Hmm, in the east there is a glimpse of the moon. Don’t you think it is different than the usual moon? Ah. I see, it is the start of the eclipse. You must heard of it too right, high likely that tonight is the night of the eclipse. I can feel it, the voice of the moon. Tch, don’t tell me, that person sent us here for this purpose? No, I am thinking too much of this. This lunar Eclipse is the cause that makes our race, the vampires feel uneasy. This has occurred to many vampires around the world during this time. While we Mukami household may act a little bit different from the usual vampires.

Ruki: Because we were once human. Because of the blood that Karl Hainz-sama gave us, we have this kind of strength. Well whatever, if I feel uneasy it can’t be helped. This is a special night in Eden, we better enjoy ourselves to the fullest. Livestock, you too, came for this reason right? Hmpf, even if you try and run away here, it won’t have any meaning. Stay with me tonight.

Ruki: This is not a request, it’s an order. Or is it, that you already made plans with someone else? Then there is no problem, the night in Eden is still a long one. I will love you thoroughly .

Ruki: Do you have any objections? Then I will let you know a special story of Eden here. –kiss- Arafura Araya, just like the book you have read, right? It’s fine to continue the 1001 nights story. –chuckles- If I am right the woman who got betrayed by the king with another woman, tried to kill her in a clever way, though he prevented it by stopping her by telling her a bedtime story. –kiss- It if is you I wouldn’t mind if this were 1001 nights. –chuckles- Is it weird that I am saying these things?

Ruki: While I don’t think so myself. If you say it, then it must be right. This is the proof of the Moon’s eclipse.


Ruki: Look, it is as I predicted, the moon is being devoured by darkness. Hmm, as I thought, there is a certain worry inside of me. My body is also reacting to it. Livestock, aren’t you feeling anything? I see, as I thought it is because I am a vampire. –chuckles- I never thought it would happen, but there are times when I look at you. No, this is not the right place to say it. We are only here temporarily, even with that man’s permission or forgiveness, this place still has the danger of us disappearing. It is because we took the blood he gave to us when we were still human. This is bad. When I think of this now. This may not only be the fault of the moon. Livestock, come closer, it is to erase some memories, don’t fret. Don’t make me think of unnecessary things. That is why, hold me closer, with those hands, tighter.

–Ruki’s voice trembles a bit-

Ruki: I…am trembling. Heh, how hilarious. While I no longer have a heart that can feel human emotions. I am thinking too much of it now, this time at this place. That man has foreseen it all and called us all here, also, he made us search for our own hearts. Just now, there was that little unease right. That too, I wonder if it is because of I am thinking of Karl Haintz-sama. That man is a frightening person, he is a god, and yet at the same time he is a demon of despair. You humans would quiver in fear once you would think of him. –sighs- I understand that, I went on by thoughtlessly. This is strange, whenever I hold you, I just… Livestock, I want… you. Let me set a flame inside your heart you will never forget.

Ruki: I want to learn about those frightening feelings and memories. This will make me like the one who will entrap Eve, that is something I will never want to, to that person. Yes, livestock, hold me tighter, tighter, stronger, until I leave a mark on your body, into your life, till the depths of the scent of your blood. I want… blood, let me suck your blood, livestock. Let me awaken that blood of yours until there is no more turning back.

Ruki starts to drink

Ruki: Yes, I am a vampire. Why am I now… -drinks- Don’t who told you to relax the hold. Not yet, keep on holding me. –drinks- Livestock, I am acknowledging your blood, thanks to this, I am feeling more like myself. That is how I feel about it. –chuckles- Indeed. It’s good that you are easy to understand. I know how you feel towards me. While this moment should’ve made it even more difficult though. It’s good to have a body, it is not that we don’t have anything to fear though. It is different from to what humans fear. When humans fear they heat up and try to search for something, to think that the moon makes this possible for me, is rather interesting.

Ruki breathes out

Ruki: Also, this is a good opportunity, maybe that is I have something to loose now. This is possibly different from others since we were humans before. Come, give me your heat. –rips clothing- Come, this time it will be here, since you were good before I will reward you. You like it here right. –mix with kisses and drinks- I can’t get enough, it is like I am dominated by you now. –drinks and moans- While I am the master. This is strange. –chuckles and drinks again- Or is it, am I mistaken in who the true master is? Is the true master, you?


-Ruki keeps on kissing, drinking from you etc, in the distance Kou comes closer-

Kou: Huh? Ruki-kun and the M-kitten? Are, are, are?

Ruki: -shocks- You are… Kou?

Kou: What is wrong? Somehow Ruki-kun you have a very pained expression on your face now. Also…

Ruki: Oy, Don’t say anything more.

Kou: Ah, okay, but are you feeling unwell? M-kitten? Eh?! The Lunar Eclipse? Ah, now you mention it, the moon has gone into hiding now.

Ruki: Aren’t you feeling anything?

Kou: Hmm, I wonder, until now, when I spotted you and the kitten make out, here, somehow, I am a little bit irritated?

Ruki: We were not making out. Don’t be mistaken.

Kou: Is that true?~ It is fishy though.

Ruki: Even if it were true, I don’t remember that I need to explain myself to you.

Kou: Hmm, so you are going to say it like huh. Well that may be true, but it is not certain yet that this girl is your Ruki-kun. So that means that I have the right to make out with her too right?~ Also it would also mean that Ruki-kun would have no say in it all. Ehe, say M-kitten, you aren’t Ruki-kun’s possession right?

Kou: While I do understand that those hot feelings going through you now are all because of Ruki-kun. Instead of being with Ruki-kun, with me it will be even more fun~

Ruki: -shouts- KOU!

Kou: What is it Ruki-kun were you letting her nurse you, if that were the case you just could’ve called a familiar.

Ruki: When did you cry, don’t give such half assed emotions.

Kou: Is that so, isn’t it just the usual, also while you are my older brother in vampire terms, you are not my master right? Even I won’t listen to you all the time.

Ruki: Kou…

Kou: As I thought am I a bit weird. Usually I am not like this. Say M-kitten, what do you think? Kou-kun is usually like this?

Ruki: -sighs- Seriously, I didn’t had any intention to anger you. Nor did I have the intention of stealing this woman.

Kou: Hmmpf, then what shall we do? Is it ok to say that this girl is mine now or shall we, have fun together with us three?~ -giggles-

Ruki: Don’t be ridiculous, furthermore, Kou, didn’t you come here for a reason? I thought you didn’t like the study.

Kou: That is true, I really HATE this place. I really can’t fathom how you two can enjoy while reading books here. I am the kind of person who hates silent places. I like bright and lively places. Aaaah, that is true, the reason I came here, is because I have something to show to the M-kitten.

Kou takes your hand

Kou: Say M-kitten, will you follow me, I will show you something interesting.

Ruki: hmm?

Kou: Ruki-kun, seems to dislike to play alone. Can I take her for the moment?

Ruki: Do as you please.

Kou: I see~ Then I will take you for your word. And go* What is it? If you struggle so much I will drop you. Do you hate it to be carried like a princess? –giggles- Well, even if you say you hate it I have no intention in dropping you. Because that is… -jumps and stand on the balcony edge-

Ruki: Oy! Kou! What are you planning standing over there?

Kou: Don’t worry, I am not planning to jump from here and go~ and die with her. If I could die by jumping from high places I would’ve done so ages ago.

Ruki: KOU!

Kou: Here, M-kitten don’t be afraid and look over here, it’s breathtaking right. Right now from this place, we are going to dive~ You better hold on tight, if you don’t it will only be you who would end up all messed up after all~ And we go~ -jumps and dives Kou laughs- This feels good. Ruki-kun, I’ll be back!~

Ruki: Kou, that guy, don’t tell me, he is planning to do the same thing as me right?


-Kou lands-

Kou: And there, that was fun right M-kitten, huh, you were scared, why? Maybe you hate adrenaline kicks perhaps?

Kou: I see, well I guess flying through the sky with me is on a totally different level. Next time I do it, I will be more careful. I will hold you mo~re strongly next time we jump. –giggles- M-kitten you really are an easy girl to understand, it is really cute. Women really have to be like that right? That aside, the reason I took you, is because I wanted to show you this.

Kou: It’s beautiful right here, it’s a giant flower field. I wanted to show you this scenery. Hmm but, since the moon is not so feeling all too great tonight, I wonder if it will do. Don’t you think the moon of the eclipse is disgusting? It’s all red and all. You know, when I was still human I remember seeing that once. It was like a hole ate the en~tire moon, ah when you are talking about a trap hole, it is the full moon right. Don’t you think it is like that, the sky is like one big trap hole. It’s like it is opening a big trap hole all of a sudden. Whenever I looked from that manhole up to the moon, it felt like it was opening a whole new place for me back then. It’s interesting you say? I see it’s fine if you want to think of it that way.

-rustles of leaves-

Kou: – stretches out and lays down on the flower field- Say, come and lay down too, on this flower bed. Come this way, ah, come on get on with it. –takes your hand and pulls you down- How is it, the situation of sitting here with a beautiful man, it is the best situation right~ Eh? Beautiful man? Of course that’s me, this Kou-kun right. Are you really asking that to a top Idol?

Kou: Do you want to be punished I wonder, like this. –kiss- Just now? It was just a simple kiss. Wasn’t it enough? I see, the more severe punishment is coming after this one though~ Nfufu, are you trembling, it’s alright, there is no need to be afraid. Even I want to do, all of this and all of that to you, I am holding back from it. It is because you are sending of a really good scent now, in short in means you are the one who is seducing me. I won’t listen that it isn’t your own violation that you are doing this. –giggles-

Kou: But first let us watch the flowers first, the flowers here are really awesome you know. Look. –magic sparkles- Can you see the flowers shine through the ice? These flowers are forever alone, they will continue to bloom forever, forever, and forever, staying beautiful until the eternity has come for them. Like us vampires. –chuckles- Say, what do you think seeing this, do you think that forever blooming flowers are beautiful? Or are you scared?

Kou: You can’t answer right, whether you answer with ‘it is beautiful’ or with ‘it’s scary’ in the end I still need to punish you for either answers. Ah, I can’t hold back anymore, back then, Ruki-kun sucked your blood right. Because of that… –licks lips- it is emitting a really naughty scent now. For some reason I can’t even concentrate on the flowers anymore, as expected of the scent that is smelling like this right. I too, am on my limit. Say M-kitten, you want to feel good right? –kiss- Just be honest, come look at me, to be topped by me between all these forever blooming flowers and the lunar eclipse. If you stay like this even you will become strange right? Hmm, it is preferably that way? –kisses-

Kou: This me, will use these fangs, to bite over and over again. –kiss- Until you are one of my kin, until you are mine. –chuckles and drinks- Are you scared, there is no need to be scared, because the greatest fear humans have is the fear of dying right. For example, once you become a vampire you will lose that fear of death and live without a fear. This time I will suck from your ear. –drinks and giggles- To think that you are scared. You are thinking too much of it. If you have time to think. You better start stop thinking and just fall. –drinks-

Kou: I am the same, well, maybe I am dying too. I kept on thinking I don’t want to live anymore. The funny thing is once you keep on thinking I want to die, the moment that you are dying you keep on praying that you don’t want to die. Even when I didn’t have a future, nor a family. I wonder why I kept on living as a vampire. What do you think M-kitten. –giggles- Are you taking me serious, you little idiot. –kiss- Of course there will be no answer to that. Hmm? What is it? It is because I had companions. Do you mean like Ruki-kun, Yuma-kun and Azusa-kun? Hmm, I see, so you had that kind of thinking. Well it’s true, those times at the orphanage were tough and painful, I guess because everyone was there it was less painful. We played like idiots with each other. –chuckles-

Kou: Furthermore, Ruki-kun was a bit weird back then right? I wonder what was wrong? Hmm, I see, no wonder I could feel something from him. Hmm? It’s nothing, I just understood the conversation. Say, that aside, give me something back. Say, that aside, give me something back, I just made you feel good right? This time it is my turn, come, kiss me, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Right now, I, know already all of you. Come, -kiss- yes, do it more. I will do the same thing Ruki-kun did. Don‘t think of foolish things, just think of me, more, more. –kisses- This time do my eyes, come, hurry up. Ngh. –giggles- it tickles. As you might know this eye, is my most prized body part. Do you like this eye too? –giggles- I see, this eye can see all, it has a really strange power.

Kou: No way, you have to do more to repay me. Where are you going to do it this time? My cheeks? –giggles- You really are so cute M-kitten, you make me want to tease you even more. I don’t hate your screaming voice. –giggles- Not my ears, I am… really weak… there. –giggles- You are doing this on purpose aren’t you. I will repay… Mnm… -kiss- Don’t, -kiss- if you do it again I will make you cry for real.

Kou: -kisses- Don’t stop until I have forgiven you. Do you want to do it that way? I don’t mind though. –kisses- Are you breaking apart now? What, in the end you wanted that. Fufu, I like this kind of lady you are M-kitten. Even so you are a human, at least, I am thinking of it that way. Because I am a person who doesn’t have any reason left. Hmm? I am not like that. I wonder, is it really like that, do you want to know? –kiss- I won’t tell you for free though~ You need to do more, you want to know more about me right, that is way, ne~ -kiss- What should I do, you ask. Fufu, there are a lot of things you can do, for example, seduce me like your life depended on it. If you can’t do that, indeed, then you need to think of something else that will satisfy me.

Kou: Indeed, a little while ago you had your blood sucked a lot right, how about you plead for yourself to be sucked? I don’t hate that you know, I hate it more when people pretend they aren’t selfish, so if you say it selflessly like that, I will hear you out though. Eh? You can’t, boring, then I won’t tell you. That is what I wanted to say. I don’t like to be put into a box with beasts, I will tell you anyway. Humans and vampires, are different after all. Unlike humans, vampires are very free, humans are chained to many things in life. If they aren’t tied to something they are worthless and are unable to do anything. That is what I think of it at least.

Kou: In a way, it is pretty sad actually. I noticed this when I became a vampire though. Humans are happy when they obtain a certain freedom right. But, there isn’t a ‘true freedom’ for humans right. As long as the world has something to chain them, Humans will never be free. At least, that is what ‘that person’ also said. Now I think of it, I am pretty jealous of him. Somehow things just gotten really difficult. Ruki-kun told me it is because there is a difference in having reason and no reason. When that person turned us into vampires and taught us that, I guess he meant it like that. –chuckles- Is it difficult, indeed, even I don’t understand it that much.

Kou: While I may be a vampire, I still own some reasoning. I wonder if it is because I was a former human. –chuckles- Well who cares about this subject. Furthermore, this vampire called Kou-kun with reason, standing like this in front of you, that reason has gone somewhere, make me think I want to eat you right here and now. –kisses- I want you blood again. Say, can I? even you are looking at me with anticipation, your body must be yearning for it too right. Eh, don’t lie like that, if that is the case, let me confirm that. –chuckles- If you are struggling it means it IS like that. Re~ally, it is better if you are more honest with yourself. Well then, hmm, what is wrong? Eh, ah, I thought it would be best to go back now. Maybe you wanted some more?

Kou: Eh, I don’t actually think Ruki-kun is worried, back then, when you were handed over, I thought you looked rather pained. I know in one look that Ruki-kun’s influence is great, even though he calls you Livestock. Ruki-kun adores you very much you know. It would be weird if I am the one who would replace him right. But, you know, I also have this feeling that I don’t want Ruki-kun to have you, but at the same time I don’t want Ruki-kun to be sad. What should I do? That is why, it is hard for me to give you up.

Kou: Nnn, aaah seriously! No matter what I do I will get punished by god anyway! Both are bad options. Anyhow, let’s go back to Ruki-kun.

-you two walk back-


-you two walk to Ruki’s room-

Ruki: Is it Kou, are you done now.

Kou; What a greeting, it is like I really did stole something from you. It is like you were worried or something.

Ruki: It is the truth, you brought her back. Say Livestock, it is true right. You did return because you were worried about me right. –takes your hand pulls you away from Kou-

Kou: That way of saying, I wonder if I have should said anything at all that time (referring to that Ruki adores you part and that Kou is conflicted about giving you to Ruki and that he wants you for himself)

Ruki: What are you talking about?

Kou: Nothing at all! It is a secret between the M-kitten and me~

Ruki: ah…

Kou: What is it? You look like you have something to say.

Ruki: Kou… You…

Kou: Aaah, aah, if it is about the M-kitten, it will become an impossible topic right? I don’t have any interest in letting this girl go. Even if it Ruki-kun, I won’t let you have her all alone.

Ruki: It is not about that.

Kou: Eh?

Ruki: You…

Kou: What are you saying all of sudden, is there something you wish to say.

Ruki: When you were human, have you ever thought about the future?

Kou: Eh!

Ruki: Just now, I had this feeling you were thinking of the beyond.

Kou: … Ruki-kun you had thought of it right, you just told the M-kitten.

Ruki: Livestock, you did something unnecessary.

Kou: Don’t underestimate her. I also asked for something rather impossible. Ruki-kun… back then, you were acting rather strange.

Ruki: …

Kou: Even so, we were the chosen humans to become vampires right. We didn’t had this kind of conversation before right.

Ruki: While I think it is rather hard to start talking about it now. Somehow this night called all those feelings back.

Kou: Is it not because of the Big Moon. Also, this place, Karl Haintz-sama’s Eden, is like our parental home.

Ruki: Because this is no one’s land.

Kou: No one’s land.

Ruki: Livestock, you think of it too right, we vampires are no longer like humans, in short, we have forgotten how it is to feel like humans. When we are holding you like this, we somehow feel some sort of human emotion. To think we need a stupid excuse like that. While I know there is no need to for us to feel like this though. –kiss-

Kou: It is unfair if Ruki-kun gets it all. Vampire or human, which one should we choose?

Ruki: That is something you yourself knows the best. –kiss-

Kou: What do you mean, Kou-kun doesn’t understand at all. Come, don’t just focus on Ruki-kun behind you, focus on Kou-kun in front of you as well. Or is it, that you are afraid of what lies beyond this person? Fufu don’t worry, it is all because of the Lunar eclipse, our way of thinking is somewhat distorted. It is because we have this kind of treasure. Look at me more. Also, kiss me more, just like you did before. Come, I haven’t gotten enough kisses for today. I wonder if it is also Ruki-kun’s fault. Or is it because you are looking so yearning at me. –kiss-

Ruki: Don’t give me the blame, livestock, don’t get struck by Kou’s words. –kiss-

Kou: -kisses- You are mean Ruki-kun, while you are also the blame for this. Right, M-kitten, don’t you think this is rather pitiful for me? fufu, -kiss-

Ruki: It is because you think that way that you are in this state now. Livestock, focus on me behind you, relax your body.

Kou: Ruki-kun you sure are aggressive, as expected of my Big Brother~

Ruki:-chuckles- I am not like you though, -breathes out- I can’t, livestock, you let Kou suck your blood right, because of that, I can’t stop my own restraints. –drinks- Come, I told you to relax, yes, like that, come closer. Your hair is in the way. –drinks- More. More, that blood.

Kou: Ruki-kun, no matter how much you preach about reasoning, once you lose it, there is really is no going back. It is because we aren’t blood brothers, that I can’t be the same like you right. Fufufu.

Ruki: Don’t say it Kou.

Kou: Sorry, though it’s fine Ruki-kun. It is not like we aren’t vampires if we have a reasoning. That person said it too right, also we are far long, vampires, we aren’t humans anymore.

Ruki: …!

Kou: That is why, right, let us enjoy it more, before we have to worry about things again, when I have to think of that again, aaaah, I am getting all dizzy again, from the M-kitten’s blood, say, say M-kitten, don’t look like that. I will suck your blood. Ah, maybe, you are seducing me to do more?

Ruki: Oy, livestock, don’t worry about what he is saying, just focus on my fangs.

Kou: Eh, no matter what I say, in the end Ruki-kun is like this. Even so this is like my Big brother. –licks and drinks-

Ruki: In the end I am the same kind of person, livestock, come closer, -drinks-

Kou: -chuckles- Seriously, Ruki-kun, don’t take my M-kitten all by yourself it is unfair. Say I am good too right, I won’t do anything bad. I don’t need any permission though. After all, this girl is mine. –drinks- M-kitten sandwich is complete now.

Ruki: Don’t say anything weird. This is, Eden.

Kou: If that person says it, there will be no end to the topic about the humans. This time I will go for this neck.

Ruki: That is true too, livestock, this time I will do your shoulder –rips clothing and drinks-

Kou: Say, Ruki-kun you are pretty wild, I never knew.

Ruki: When you say it, don’t make me laugh.

Kou: Though, I am even wilder than you. Because I am a cute Idol after all. Because I have your adoration too. –drinks and chuckles- Ah, so delicious, I can’t stop, give me more.

Ruki: Oy, Kou, don’t go overboard.

Kou: Even when you did her rather well too. Ruki-kun you keep on saying those things to me, don’t you think you need to back of too a little bit. –drinks- Mmm~ M-kitten? Did you feel something good? Come, don’t, look at me.

Ruki: Livestock, don’t just look at him and look at me. –kiss-

Kou: -chuckles- you sure are an evil girl. To ensnare us both like this. To make us both give you love.

Ruki: Don’t be mistaken. To lump me in the same box.

Kou: -chuckles- From god I wonder


Ruki: No everything is thanks to that person. Well, it is not like there is no god at all.

Kou: Indeed, furthermore, this is Eden after all. But, it’s alright M-kitten, relax, we both have the same offense.

Ruki: Indeed, if you fall, it will be with us.

Kou: Ruki-kun, don’t you think it is better this way?

Ruki: Don’t make a fool of me. That thing.

Kou: I think it is ok that way. Because this is a life that person give to me. I don’t care what that person does to me, but, I bet..

Ruki: Indeed, even so, if that person is going to punish us, that time, we will simple accept it.

Kou: To live like vampires like this? Ruki-kun, you think this life is a sort of punishment right. Were you happier if you could die as a human?

Ruki: Everything is a sin. Living so strangely as this, also, wanting a human woman like this and everything else. To keep on living is a punishment. Even when I one day need to leave this woman.

Kou: Ruki-kun.

Ruki: Even so, I am glad I choose this life. I got to be able to live you Kou, and Yuma and Azusa. Above else from all the companions, livestock, I met you, also I could touch you. Kou, do you still think you wish you had died as a human?

Kou: Nfu, what, just when you looked like you regretted something.

Ruki: It can’t be helped, that time the moon has gone completely into hiding. But now,

Kou: the moon, it is going back to normal.

Ruki: The proof is that we stopped feeling lost and uneasy. To have felt like this and remembering that, it sure was some time ago.

Kou: I see.

Ruki: Kou… You, how about it.

Kou: About what?

Ruki: About what I just told you.

Kou: mm, about the fact of meeting everyone and to be able to live a happy life with you all, that part?

Ruki: Yes.

Kou: That is, of course I think of it the same way. Specially about the M-kitten, I am very thankful that I could meet you. It sounds fishy you say. But, it is the truth. I really like you. You, do you know what kind of like you have towards me, you taught me right.

Ruki: Seriously, while I didn’t want to mention the unnecessary.

Kou: No matter how close we are with each other this is bound to happen right. Or is it, shall we indeed get along with the three of us~

Ruki: Stop with the pranks. That was the first and the last time that will happen.

Kou: I see, because no matter what you acted really kind Ruki-kun.

Ruki: I wasn’t… really… acting kind…

Kou: I wonder about that, right M-kitten.

Ruki: Kou, don’t poison that woman so much. You as well, don’t act like a doll, that can’t think for herself. Or is it, that Kou treated you so kindly that you forgot how I was. You are mine. even if we can’t live like each other.

Kou: If Ruki-kun is going that far to say it. You are serious about this right.

Ruki: -chuckles-

Kou: Well that is how it is supposed to be. It is fine if you can’t answer right away. Ah~ Ruki-kun shall we dine already.

Ruki: Nn, don’t tell me, that again.

Kou: You don’t have to look that pained about it! Say M-kitten, you will make it right.

Ruki: Seriously. To have that coming all this way to Eden. –chuckles- Seriously, there is no end with you.

Kou: Eh~, Vongole, is a food from the gods you know. If you say that you will fail in life you know.

Ruki: Don’t make me like it by force.

Kou: It is the fault of the one who angered me. If that is the case you just don’t have to eat it right Ruki-kun, isn’t that right, M-kitten.

Ruki: It is because we are family. If we eat separately, I won’t forgive it.

Kou: If that is the case, you will eat with your little brother right~ Big Brother. [1]