TRACK 1       

It begins with Yuma’s whining I wonder what happened~

Yuma: Seriously, Ruki sure was a high ranked person… To make us clean up the shit in the basement. Oy how is it over there?

 Huh? It’s too heavy to move? Seriously so annoying. If you are here to help me out, don’t give me more shit to do.

 Well, move… -tries to move it and has trouble too- Ah So heavy, just what the fuck is in there anyway! Ngrh.

This should do it. Seriously the air in the room is horrible, now that we have cleaned this shit, let’s get the hell out of here and go back to the main room.

Huh? This room? I don’t know the details, though it sure has a certain dark feeling to it right. Apparently a person has died here last time he came here.

Huh… if I am right, this was Karl Heinz-sama’s house right… Even before we lived here, it looked like someone was living here.

Who you ask, the hell should I know. I don’t know anything about that person anyway.

I can ask with ease though it doesn’t concern me. The moment you become a vampire everything else that isn’t you becomes less important. Unlike you that is.

–gives you a teasefull spank- It hurts you say, there is nothing painful to a mere spank… Come, don’t doze off and let’s wrap it up here. I want to leave this suspicious room as fast as I… Huh? What is that? There is a lock on it, is it a door? This sure looks suspicious… -yuma tries to open the door- Ah, as expected it is rusted stuck.

Huh? Indeed a stranger has no interest in this. But these kind of things are a men’s interests right?~ (he means adventures and exploring are things that men love to do)

Yuma: In short this is actually rather exciting~ -chuckles and tries to open the door and breaks it- So in the end it is only this much, oy, do you dare to peek inside? With treasures, the one who finds it first has the right to peek inside the first. This will be the last chance you get. Hmm, I don’t have any interest. I will support you. As if I will do that~ -kiss- You like the pleasure right. –chuckles- My bad, my bad, teasing you is simply fun. –opens the door- Hmm, as expected it is pitch black inside. No wait, that is not true…


Yuma continues to walk deeper inside the new room

Yuma: For a room in the basement it is sure is light in here. Are there any windows in here or something? –you come in too and get closer to Yuma- Huh? What’s wrong? Huh are you scared? –chuckles-

Fine with me, come here, you can stick to me. –holds you close- Look up, up, there is a hole right? Aha, ah close to this there should be a garden. The garden gives this place some light, to think there was a room like this.

I’m surprised. Well thanks to that, even without lights it is rather bright in here.

It shouldn’t be a problem. Huh? No, from that hole you can see a moon right? Look closely at it. It is shining all the way from up there. Is that… the lunar eclipse?

That sure is a rare sight, this is the first time I have seen it. You too? I see. Well, it’s good that you managed to see it. It is a rare sight, well it is awkward to see it in this room though. The one who owns this room sure has a bad hobby.

Haven’t you noticed anything yet, just what kind of room this is. Take a good look around you. You know the meaning of all of this right? I won’t let you say that you don’t know what this is. Yes, yes, -chuckles- Indeed, no matter how you look at it, this is the punishment room. (torture room)

Yuma: In other words, this is what you call a torture room. –gets some shackles- Look at these shackles, there is still blood stuck on it. The person must gotten tired of this, seriously, the person who first owned this place sure seem to love to pick on the weak, what a sick bastard.

There still remain such people huh, those sick perverts. Getting pleasure from hurting and getting hurt. Ah yes, you are also that kind of person. –chuckles-

Since we finally found this, it is best to use this to its full potential. First, -chains you up- we are going to chain you up. –chuckles- How does it feel, when your freedom is claimed.

 –you struggle- Well what shall I do, I do believe you tied up looks far better on you tough.

 Now, now, what shall we do, tell me about it. Come, don’t avert your look. Look at me who has claimed your freedom.

Yes, -chuckles- that is a good expression. Didn’t you expect that I had this in me? Somehow, I am feeling rather strange. Is it because of that moon? I’m different than usual.

Am I yearning for blood? I don’t understand is quite yet. I have become a deliverer, and by chance you are here.

 I want you… -kiss- making you cry, driving you mad, so that you won’t ask twice for it. –kiss- Hmm? That face, you are hyped right, you are thinking, just a little bit might not hurt right? Fine with me, I will do as you please, here, prepare yourself.

How do you want it? Shall I kiss you there. Like this –kiss- Or is it that you prefer pain instead? You want these fangs right? –chuckles- Don’t hide it. I already know that you want these. But I won’t do it. Not that easily that is. It would be boring right? Since we finally are in a room like this. Let’s do something more amazing. –chuckles- The main dish, should be played with until the end.

Yuma: This is rather reckless isn’t it. With this you are nothing less than a little lost lamb.

I just told you right, there are people who get off from this sort of thing. Maybe I am one of those people. I am getting excited from your pained expressions. Huh?

This is not like me, you say, really? –chuckles- Then this room and that moon are the ones that are making me weird.

I don’t have any interest of any kind of play that those corrupted aristocrats do. Usually it would anger me so much… Then why am I having so much fun I wonder~ Is this what they call, my true self?

–uses a whip- This sure makes a rather good sound. Eh, just what the hell am I even doing? Ah, my bad.

My eyes were clouded for a moment, as I thought I am weird now aren’t I? I… -chuckles- just joking… -laughs- Huh? That was a mere joke. Your face was rather interesting, I just felt like doing it.

It looked like it was real, you say? Don’t fuck with me. I don’t have any interest in weak guys. Seriously, can’t you even tell when I am being serious? You really are an idiot.

–shackles rattle- Furthermore, you, give me those hands. I am going to release the shackles. The hole is over here… there. Huh? Huh? Hmm? That is weird, if I am right it was this key. If I am right it was this key, -tries to unlock and breaks it instead.- Ah crap. It is broken. Wait up! You don’t need to be that angry. Don’t move around so much. Calm down!

Yuma: I just need to break that thing around your neck… Lie, you say… Even those higher ups had a back plan for this. Seriously, your wrists are already this blurred, it is because you reckless moved so much.

Does it hurt? It can’t be helped. Time for first aid. –licks the wounds- Here, does this stop the bleeding? –licks some more- With this the color should be back to how it was before soon.

Do you understand? Don’t ignore me. This was just an interest getting out of hand. You must even have had this kind of thing right? To try something a bit different than usual. That aside, thanks to that I have had your blood, my throat it dry now.

Yuma: -licks you again- After all little piglets are a feast to us. The taste is not enough. –licks- Ah, as expected your blood is good. Say, now we are at it, touch me.

It’s fine right? Ah, so noisy, if you don’t say anything at all it means it is fine right. I suck at guessing. Stay put, I won’t do anything bad.

–shackles rattle and Yuma starts drinking blood- So tasty, I can’t stop. Give me more. This time, I will go for this hand. –drinks- Ah this is bad, it is overflowing now. Say did it hurt or is as expected, did it feel good?

–shackles rattle- Thanks to the blood the shackles have caused, for some reason this feels better than usual. There is no need to hide it. Right now, there is only you and me showing ourselves. When I see your blood, smell your blood, I will so weird that I can’t help myself.

Yuma: But, now that I mentioned it, your blood, is weird. There is no scent like usual. Now that I mention it, the taste is also different from before. Just what the hell is with this.

Say sow, don’t just cover your cheeks and look over here you ass. Do I look different anywhere?

Hmm, indeed. But you know there still is something weird. You, look for it on my body. There definitely is something weird on it, this time I am serious. I am not teasing you.

Come, hurry up! Huh, you can’t use your hands? Ah yes that is true, if you can’t use your hands you can always use a replacement right. What, you ask. With. Your. Lips. Explore my body with that mouth.

That is what I said, I am being serious, so serious, no jokes around. Well then, where will you begin? Will you start from the neck? Yes, slowly from the neck, -chuckles- What is it with you, are you holding back? You can do it even more thoroughly.

 Ah, your lips, sure feels soft. Mnm, somehow it feels like a feather is caressing my body. –moans- Huh? You can’t know if you do it with this? You sure dare to say that when you hardly tried. Such a boring woman.

Yuma: Come one already, just do it. –moans- Yes, so you can do it, or are you that desperate, -chuckles- so suddenly –moans and giggles- it tickles, are you teasing me? Well whatever.

–shackles rattle more- yes, yes, like that –moans- Your lips aside… -moans- Its good. –chuckles- As I expected. Busted. –Yuma gets hit- Ouch! Don’t punch me all of a sudden! I am just having some fun here. Furthermore, if you were there, say something, there is no need for a doctor right. (this is a Japanese expression, it simply means there is no need to overreact)


Azusa in the distance.

Azusa: Yuma? Eve?

Yuma: Ah, I think I heard Azusa’s voice just now. That is weird, are my ears messing with me

Azusa: Eh?

Yuma: Eh…

Azusa falls through the hole and falls on top of Yuma

Yuma: -groans in pain-

Azusa: Yuma… Sorry…

Yuma: That hurt! Azusa you asshole, out of all places you came from above. Auwau.

Azusa: I heard talking voices from the well… Did that hurt?

Yuma: That is why I said. THAT HURT! You ass!

Azusa: -heavy breathing-

Yuma: Ah, wait, it didn’t hurt that much. Not at all!  Furthermore if you heard voices from the well, don’t come dropping in so casually

Azusa: I heard from Ruki… That you two were late… So go and look for them he said… so I went out and started looking.

Yuma: You knew we were in the basement right! Seriously, ouch, why did you come from there?

Azusa: If I wanted to go to the basement, the route via the well is the closest…

Yuma: Did you know of this room? Don’t tell me, all those bad hobbies are those you-…

Azusa: No… This place was originally like this…

Yuma: Indeed it was… I’m glad…

Azusa: Mmm, that aside, Eve, those hands what happened. It looks rather messed up. Also, even the shackles.

Yuma: -freaks out- Eh! That is, I wanted to try something and then the key broke, I can’t get the shackles off.

Azusa: Hmmm, that blood… that looks painful… really… I see… With only this, you can’t be pleased right. Just like me, right. That is right, right… after all you like pai-

Yuma: Ah, ah, I already took care of her blood. If we leave it aside. Ah Azusa, aren’t you feeling weird on many places?

Azusa: Many places?

Yuma: I don’t know what it is, but I am feeling weird. My nose feels weird, and I have this feeling that nothing seems right. That I different from the usual.

Azusa: That is… the fault of the lunar eclipse.

Yuma: Huh, Lunar Eclipse?

Azusa: Ruki just told me… because the eclipse has started… pay attention… apparently many weird occasions… will happen.

Yuma: So that is what is going on.

Azusa: Now you mention it… I too… am somehow feeling strange. Eve is bleeding, that might be the case… but I am not sure.

Yuma: T-that is the usual right.

Azusa: Say Eve… Did you let Yuma suck your blood? You did right, you did right, I can tell. It is as Yuma told me… It feels different from my nose… But still… This room…the scent of fresh blood is lingering around.

Yuma: -scoffs- Ah that was that… because before this it was a torture room.

Azusa: Not fair…

Yuma: Eh?!

Azusa: To be alone with Eve, and then feel good too… Say… Eve, it hurt right? You felt good about it right… Aah, that’s good… I am envious…

Yuma: T-That is what I said. We really didn’t do anything! Ngh, ah damn it. Ah now you mentioned it, Ruki was calling for us right?

Azusa: Yes… but….

Yuma: Ok we are going back and report on things here and see if we can get rid of sow’s shackles. Azusa come one, and you stay here, if you tag along the sound of the shackles is rather depressing. –walks away-

Azusa: Hmm…

Yuma: Oy Azusa, let’s go to where Ruki-

Azusa: Yuma can go alone…

Yuma: Eh, What…

Azusa: To leave Eve alone in this place… is sad… -punches him-

Yuma: Argh!


Azusa: -pushes Yuma outside and locks the door-

Yuma: Ah Azusa you asshole, the door is broken over here, this is not fair!

Azusa: -chuckles-

Yuma: open up!

Azusa: Eve…(Yuma in the background: Open up! Azusa you asshole)

Azusa: This is… ( Yuma in the background: What are you planning..)

Azusa: Just me and you now. (Yuma in the Background: Oy open up!)

Azusa: Just the two of us… (Yuma: Seriously, this damned… OY!!)

Azusa: Why are you getting away so suddenly. Say… Am I scary? You are lying right… After all you are mine… You are mine, Justin’s and Christina’s. Say… Yuma gave you pain right… That is why, I too… will give you pain. And then you too… give me pain please. Let’s confirm that you and I are here. I can’t? I see… I can’t.

Yuma: Azusa! You did something to her!

Azusa: I didn’t… Don’t worry

Yuma: Eh?

Azusa: Because I am not feeling like that today. Relax.

Yuma: Eh, ah. If that is the case then open up already

Azusa: That is something I can’t do…right now I want to be alone with her. Yuma you were alone with her some time ago right… That is why. Say, Eve, even then is it still not ok? I’m glad. Thank you.

Yuma: Tch, then stay put there, all right. –walks away-

Azusa: He left. Now it finally has become silent. Hmm. –chuckles- Somehow, I feel really relaxed today. More than usual. Like there is nothing clouding me. Like watching a clear blue sky.

Yuma too…did he also feel this strange feeling? He looked like he wasn’t in control over his own mind, like he was being controlled… like a puppet. Right now I don’t feel anything if I will be delivered from it.

Azusa: It feels really calm. If this is the cause of the Lunar Eclipse, then I wish it could stay like this forever. Say, Eve, don’t you think so too? Why won’t you answer?

Do you think it is a good think to see me controlled like a puppet? Ah, sorry, I didn’t meant to bother you. That is… but… I think it would be good if I felt like this forever.

Don’t be afraid. Eve. Let me hold you. –holds you- Say, Eve, the me who is so calm during the lunar eclipse, am I strange now? Yuma said he was feeling rather strange… I bet that Yuma is still the same as before though.. Ruki said to focus more after all… Even so, why, I… somehow am feeling really sad.

Eve… you are mind. Will you punch me? I am glad, but, I too, can understand, usual me finds that the me now is strange. But, the ruler of my head is nowhere to be found. Yet, at the same time I feel like something else is entering my body.

Azusa: Even now like this, I am calm while seeing Eve’s wounds. The scent of blood is turning me on. Even when I am finally calm after all this time. Ah, I want your blood, I want to hurt you also I want to be hurt, I am yearning for it.

Really, the truth is… I… I’m sorry Eve, but right now, if you are away from me. I can’t, I can’t hold back. I can’t get enough from hurting you.

Something inside me is making me want to do more than usual. I can’t… I’m sorry Eve, I can’t stop, if I deny it, it will make me shiver. Punch me, you can kick me too.

Please, I beg of you. Eve? Are you sure? Like this…I… will suck your blood. So are you telling me what I can’t do is an okay thing to do? That is what you think… I understand, then, your blood, I will suck it, I will hurt you a lot. It will feel good. Forgive me. Say… relax, your body. I will give you my beloved fangs, and pierce them deep into you.

Azusa: -bites and drinks- How is it… this is far from over. Don’t worry, more, more, I will give you more pain.

–drinks- This time will be here. I will hurt you deeply here too… -drinks- Somehow, today is strange, it is different from the usual, like this, drinking your blood, hurting you.

My heart won’t calm down. I wonder if I am still lacking some liquid? I bet that is the case. Hmm, it can’t be nothing but that, that is why I need to do more, and more to hurt you.

After that, next will be me who will get hurt. Say, tell me where will be good. I think the same thing, that is why. Ah? This is… Yuma’s fang marks… This is weird… Usually when I see other people’s fang marks I would get jealous, that is what I am thinking… Right now, my chest is prickly. (you know the stinged pain in your chest when you get betrayed, so instead of feeling jelly Azusa feels pained now)

Azusa: This is weird, a pain I never felt before is hitting me. Say…why… this pain, what is the meaning of this. I don’t dislike pain, even more I like it, so then why, how? Say… here… as if a knife is stabbing me here over and over again.

It hurts… Jealous? This is… Really…This is the first time feeling this. I wonder why I am having this feeling. –heavy breathing- I can’t, it hurts, I can’t stop it, want your blood, more and more. I need to suck it, that is the feeling I have.

Say you think it is better now too right, right? This pain, I hate this  pain. This is not what I am looking for. Say, can you stop this pain in my chest. You can’t? why? You know what kind of pain this is right?

Azusa: -bites and drinks- Yet, this unstoppable… why… say… -drinks- Blood, there is coming out a lot, this is the pain I am yearning for.

I want to confirm it. Pain, the pain that is here, the pain that is good. Eh? This pain in my chest, is the same as the pain that I am here? (existing) Is…that so… I don’t understand at all, I just wish it would stop.

Say Eve, don’t say teaseful things, help me. Come, over here, can you see the pain deep in my chest? I know that you aren’t a doctor, but, right now… I am depending on you… that is why… the pain in my chest, the pain that is testing me, heal it for me. Say… you can do it right, you will give it right.

Come, with this… -chains rattle- Well, with this knife, pierce it through my chest. Don’t worry, I am vampire, I won’t die. It is that the me now needs a bigger pain.

Bigger than the pain in my chest, give it somewhere else. Say… please…don’t worry, I will move. It is fine as long as you keep on holding that knife.

Azusa: Say, it’s fine right. –stabs- It got cut, look, blood is… the wound that you made Eve, is overflowing. –you drop the knife- it’s beautiful Eve, but, this pain is, it is not enough to release me from the grip of the devil that keeps on hurting my chest.

Say, stick out your tongue, lick up this blood, it will be fine. Come… -moans- yes, yes, -moans- well? My blood, is it the same as usual? You can’t tell, that can’t be it, right? Yes it is right, come more, lick it.

–moans- This is weird, it is the same as always? Then why, how is it… my chest is still hurting, even the wound you made in my arm is deeper. It’s even tingling painful. I… am I jealous of Yuma? That is weird. Tell me. Eve.


Door busts open

Yuma: I finally managed to open it. Seriously, unlike you I can’t enter a tiny hole like that! Thanks to that I lost a lot of time to bust this thing open.

Azusa: Yuma… Didn’t you go back to Ruki’s place…

Yuma: I felt a bit uneasy, thanks to the Lunar eclipse, I thought that sow would die if I weren’t here. Furthermore, you are in that state, saying you wouldn’t do shit to her..

Azusa: Mmm.

Yuma: Oy, are you all right, I thought he would snap an arm or two… But in the end it is Azusa that got hurt instead. What is going on. Furthermore, Azusa, are you still saying some crazy shit.

Azusa: What do you mean.

Yuma: Don’t fuck around, about me hurting you or something! Seriously, get you dizzy shit together!

Azusa: Yuma won’t understand..

Yuma: Huh?!

Azusa: I am different from Yuma. Our roles are totally different. Furthermore, usually I feel like someone is delivering me, though now thanks to the eclipse I feel free.

Yuma: That is not the case.

Azusa: Pain is my value, it is right Eve.

Yuma: Huh?

Azusa: While having not that kind of value, why? Say, why am I… Yuma… jealous of you.

Yuma: What are you saying, I don’t understand!

Azusa: This is strange, it is weird. Everything is the fault of the moon that is what I want to believe.

But… when I see Eve and Yuma together, you hurting her, I can’t help but feel irritated, my chest feels pain. I feel like nothing is good enough. Getting pain is my worth.

That is what I understand, this pain is I can’t handle it. Yuma… is this… the fault of my deliverer? Eve is… only mine… I think so, I can’t stop that, there is no value in that, I can’t become Adam. But, I… Eve… I want her for myself. You… I want you…

Yuma: Seriously I really don’t understand what you are getting at. Now and then you don’t make sense at all. Furthermore, just get rid of it… Ruki has told you before right. We are brothers. While out blood is different our bonds is still stronger than anything else…

Azusa: Eh…

Yuma: Just think back of the days in the orphanage. Even if you want to forget you can’t forget. We were there with all of us. When we tried to flee, we got hurt.

Azusa: But…

Yuma: But, No buts! The only one who thinks there is a value in that is only you! You are different from the one that was camping with those people! (referring to the Gypsies) That is why, you feeling jealous, you not wanting to leave sow alone. Those are not bad feelings.

Azusa: … Yuma…

Yuma: Even so! I can’t have you hog all the things… This is something reason can’t win over. You sure dare.

Azusa: Dare?

Yuma: It is the same as eating food, you just can’t stop.

Azusa: But… right now… I never felt this before..

Yuma: I wonder about that. While I don’t know what kind of thing you are talking about, but isn’t that what makes us human. Say… it is right.

That is why, it is fine if you wonder about this. The one you are looking for who tried to tie you down, is no longer here. The one you call deliverer, isn’t that your own emotions?

Azusa: My own….

Yuma: Yeah… having no value, having no worth, you overthink things like that too much. It is nothing weird to think of them. Even when I say it, it is normal.

Azusa: Even Ruki, and Kou? Do they also think that way?

Yuma: That you think that those two aren’t thinking you, I will punch you! It is only you who thinks that your life has no worth. Those things hurt! Here, there is no one who will take pleasure in hurting you.

Azusa: T-then… the pain in my chest… should I leave it as that.

Yuma: You like pain right. Just leave it as that. Also even old pain will come back. That said, I will take her now. Then maybe that pain will disappear. Hmm..

Azusa: … Take her. Is that fine? I… can I take her…

Yuma: I-diot! That is not for you to decide. But, this one is mine..

Azusa: No, Eve is mine..

Yuma: Seriously, you really are a stubborn guy. But this is interesting, if it wasn’t like this, there wasn’t anything to steal. –kiss-

Azusa: This pain, I think I will like it, that is why, I need her.

Yuma: Then it is good. It is a contest. Will I be good, will you be good, let her decide on that. Of course. With these~ -bites-

Azusa: Don’t do that Yuma, she is my, Eve, come, don’t look at only Yuma, look at me too. If you don’t I will do this. –bites-

Yuma: You look rather fine now sow. –drinks- How does it feel getting sucked by two vampires. –chuckles-

Azusa: Eve, does it hurt? Does it feel good? I will give you more pleasure. –drinks-

Yuma: Oy, oy, Azusa, if you bite her like that, it will only tickle her. If you are going to bite her then do it like this.. –bites- Here look, she lost the words to speak words. You feel good now right. –drinks-

Azusa: Strength alone is not good. Say, I know you best place. I am able to pierce my fangs from there. –bites- look over here Eve. It feels good right. Shall I kiss you? –kiss-

Yuma: This is not interesting, furthermore Azusa, you never had this kind of interest before right?

Azusa: Only today is special. But, usually I would focus on this too I wonder. I only didn’t realize it, thanks to the moon, I understand it now. –drinks-

Yuma: Come, look at me too. –drinks- just like he said don’t let blood be the only thing that compels you. –kisses-

Azusa: Not fair. Yuma, it is not fair if it is only you.

Yuma: Shut up! I am not waiting for anyone’s turn.

Azusa: Eve… is it ok if Yuma is like that, I am fine too, after all. Look, my fangs are able… to give you a tremendous pain… -bites drinks-

Yuma: For you Azusa, you sure are cocky. –drinks-  This is bad, now that I have said that I am feeling more. I just, it seems like you just went. That is strange.

Azusa: Cocky or whatever, I like Eve… -drinks-

Yuma: Tch, so annoying, Like or whatever, I suck at sweet shit. I will make her say that she likes me.

Azusa: I wonder which one will be faster?

Yuma: sow, tell me that you like me

Azusa: Eve likes me more obviously. Right? That is true right, it is the truth right.

Yuma: Ah, yes, yes of course she does. Here sow, don’t me caught in that air… -drinks-



Yuma: Wow…

Azusa: Eve?

Yuma: It seems we sucked a bit too much. Oy, don’t doze off.

Azusa: Because I am the little brother?

Yuma: Ah what did you just say?

Azusa: If Yuma would order me around… it wouldn’t… be strange or something… Just now we were like equals… I… am the little brother..

Yuma: I was already wondering what you were talking about, don’t say those things out of the blue Azusa. You are scared right?

Azusa: But… it is the truth…

Yuma: yeah that is true, we are brothers. We may not be blood related though

Azusa: I don’t want to be apart. I bet that is… the same with Eve… right?

Yuma: Don’t worry, that will never happen. In the end the one who will choose, is her right. Right? –kiss-

Azusa: my chest still hurts. The lingering pain still continues.

Yuma: Isn’t that fine, to feel those things as a vampire. Everyone wishes for a life with paths without pain. While everyone fails at finding one. I bet one day we will be free. Right, you are the same

Azusa: Really?

Yuma: Ah, I just said something good. It seems that it was said to the wall. Oh, now that this one has anemia, let’s get back already.

Azusa: mmm

Yuma: -carries you- We need to get rid of these shackles too. –walks away-

Azusa: Shall I do it? Say?

Yuma: EH! You! Of course you can’t if you try something with the chains.

Azusa: I won’t do that.

Yuma: I wonder about that.

Azusa: Furthermore we need to hurry,

Yuma: He really has little patience after all… Well whatever, I will try and break it somehow.

Azusa: Yuma will…

Yuma: Is it odd? Well I guess that might be still because of the eclipse, I still feel like I am the older brother.

Azusa: Mm

Yuma: What is with that mm, that mm

Azusa: Yuma is the older brother… my older

Yuma: Wha- What are you taking this seriously for, you are making me shy.

Azusa: But it is the truth right, Big brother.

Yuma: That is what I said stop it already. Seriously, you are doing this on purpose. Ah, you asshole.

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