The episode opens with Yui in the dream world, gazing at the tree now filled with flowers. The petals of the flowers are floating down and a gentle smile appears on Yui's face as she stretches her arms out to admire the petals. The scene then changes to Yui's room in the Mukami mansion. She is aware that the Mukami's will be heading to school shortly, but her thoughts are interrupted when there is a knock on her door. Ruki appears at the doorway and he tells her to get ready. This surprises Yui and Ruki tosses her school uniform onto a nearby couch. She asks Ruki if it really is a good idea to go to school, but he just tells her to quickly get ready then leaves. As Yui finishes donning on her school uniform, she glances at her rosario on the small tray on her dressing table. She picks it up and clutches it tightly.

At school, Yui is walking down the corridor with the Mukami's until they reach a cross-section. Kou tells Yui that they'll see her later and they leave, while Yui walks off in the opposite direction. It is not long before she bumps into Reiji, who tells her that they thought had she disappeared. Yui apologises for not telling them and she explains to Reiji that she had been taken away by the Mukami's, but he responds by saying that it least concerns him. Laito appears from behind Yui which startles her, and he comments on how cruel she is to have left them for the Mukami's. Kanato shows up and asks Yui why of all people did she choose the Mukami's who are not just vampires, but strangers as well. He says it makes him sick and Yui apologises. Laito changes the subject by telling Yui that a 'certain someone' has been searching for her this entire time. Kanato asks Laito if he's referring to Ayato and he says he's correct. Reiji sighs that Ayato didn't even come to school and Laito tells Yui that she is lucky that Ayato ditched. Just as Yui is about to ask how Ayato is, the three Sakamaki's have already disappeared.

Elsewhere, Shu is sleeping on top of the stairs just as Yuma comes round the corner. He ascends the stairs and peers at Shu, telling him that he's in the way. This awakens Shu and Yuma orders him to move, but Shu tells him that if he wants to pass, then pass. Yuma gets irritated then steps over him and walks away. Meanwhile, Yui is walking down the hallway when she hears some chattering. Curious, she peers round the corner to find Kou being surrounded by his fangirls. Yui is amazed by how popular Kou is, but her thoughts are interrupted when someone grabs her hand. It's Subaru. This startles Yui and when she exclaims his name, he tightens his grip on her wrist. His eyes narrow as he orders Yui to come with him. Subaru drags Yui to the school roof and slams her against the gates. He asks Yui if 'this' was what she wanted; did she choose to be with the Mukami's? Yui tries to find an answer, but words are unable to come out of her mouth and she falls silent. This irritates Subaru until another voice speaks up and tells Yui that she should at least give a response. Subaru turns around to find Kou behind them. Kou smirks and he asks Subaru if he wants to take Yui back. When Subaru doesn't say anything, Kou asks him if he is mad to have his 'snack' taken from him. He then tells him that he must like Yui, which Subaru to angrily denies, but Kou tells him that he isn't being honest as his artificial eye glows red.

Kou suddenly embraces Yui from behind and tells Subaru that if he really wants her, then all he has to do is to hurry and take her. When Subaru doesn't make a move, Kou says that he'll take Yui then and he tells her that they're leaving. Kou takes Yui's hand and starts walking away, but Subaru suddenly grabs her arm and roughly yanks her back. He pulls down the left side of her school uniform and bites her in the crook of her neck. As Subaru sucks her blood, Yui squints in pain and tells him to stop while Kou watches, seemingly amused. He asks Subaru why he didn't do that from the start, but Subaru calls it a joke. He releases Yui, causing her to sink onto the ground and he walks away. After he is gone, Yui quietly says Subaru's name until Kou grabs her hand and turns her face towards the right to examine the bite marks. With a smirk, Kou assures Yui that he'll disinfect her which he does by biting her in the exact same spot where Subaru bit her earlier on. As Kou sucks her blood, he tells Yui that even though Subaru bit her, he will keep sucking her blood until she forgets about it. She tells him to stop and starts struggling, but Kou grabs her other hand and presses it to the ground. While Kou continues sucking her blood, Yui's consciousness slowly drifts away. Kou withdraws and tells Yui that he won't give her up to the Sakamaki's. The episode ends here.