The episode opens with Yui helping Yuma in his garden. Yuma suddenly asks Yui about Shu. Thinking he wants to know who Shu is, Yui replies that Shu is the eldest son of the Sakamaki family. Yui's answer shocks Yuma and he asks her if she's joking with him. When Yui gets confused, Yuma tells her that he knows Shu is the eldest son and he calls her an airhead. What he wanted to ask her was; what kind of person is Shu. Yui tells Yuma what she knows about Shu so far; he always listens to music and he doesn't talk much. Flashbacks from the first season are shown of Yui's times with Shu as she says that he sleeps a lot even at home. Yuma isn't that surprised and he comments on how Shu really is a 'Neet' (what Yuma calls Shu). He then brushes it off and walks away, leaving Yui in the garden. Unbeknownst to Yui, Ruki has been watching her through the window. He asks his brothers if there were any signs of the 'awakening', but Kou says that nothing has happened at all. The same goes for Azusa as well. Kou points out that they're always sucking Yui's blood and he asks Ruki if what they're doing is not enough.

The scene then changes to a flashback of a young Ruki (when he was still a human) running through the forest at night with his brothers. He tells them that they can't stop, they have to keep going. Gunshots are heard and the scene changes to a room in the orphanage where Ruki is lying on the ground wounded from the gunshots, while he is surrounded by three of the orphanage workers. One of them asks him if he was the one who planned the escape and he taunts him by calling Ruki an 'aristocrat who has fallen to disgrace'. Ruki says nothing as he glares at them, and another comments on how he has that cheeky glare. He tells Ruki that he will brand him as punishment, so that he won't ever make that mistake again. Ruki is then heard screaming as he gets branded. Sometime later, Ruki is still lying on the ground and close to death when Karlheinz appears before him. Karlheinz says something and he offers his hand to Ruki, which he happily accepts. The flashback ends and Ruki reminds his brothers that Karlheinz (addressing him as 'that man') gave them another chance at life. He then says with things going the way they are; they will end up disappointing him.

At school, an anemic Yui is walking up the stairs until she misses one of the steps, causing her to trip and fall backwards. Yuma appears from behind and catches her. He asks her why she's staggering around like that and if it's because of her anemia. Yui only says his name, but she falls against his chest. Yuma sighs and says it's a pain before lifting her into his arms. This startles Yui, causing her to blush and when she asks him what he plans on doing, Yuma tells her to quiet down and to stop squiggling. He also tells Yui to hold on tight if she doesn't want to fall as he starts to descend the stairs. Yui asks where they're going, but Yuma says he doesn't know and she should be quiet when she is being carried. As they turn a corner, they spot Shu sleeping in the corridor. Yuma gets irritated and he orders Shu to move, but he is ignored. Yuma shouts at Shu to move again and slams his foot against the wall right next to Shu's head. This awakens him and Yui awkwardly greets him with a good morning. Upon seeing Yui, Shu comments on how he had thought she had disappeared, but she jumped to another man instead. He calls her a low woman and Yuma orders him to move, telling him he's in the way, but Shu says that he was here first.

This annoys Yuma who tells Shu that his lack of movement must've rotted his brains out. He tells him that he must think that the world does everything for him and that is expected of someone who was born an aristocrat. Yuma suddenly smirks and tells Shu that Yui once belonged to them, right? This confuses Yui and Yuma suddenly bites her neck. As he sucks her blood, she quietly whimpers that it hurts and she asks him why he is doing this. Yuma then places Yui back on the ground and bites her in the crook of her neck. Seeing this, Shu sighs then gets up and walks away. Yuma glances at Shu while drinking Yui's blood then withdraws. Yui clutches her forehead while supporting herself against Yuma, and she asks him why he suddenly bit her. He replies that he wanted some of her blood, to make it clear to Shu who she belongs to. With a smirk he adds that he also wanted to show the aristocrats that they don't get everything they want.

Elsewhere, Shu is walking down the corridor and a flashback is shown of a young Shu in the forest, sitting by the river. A human boy (Yuma then Edgar) approaches him and asks Shu what he is doing. His presence startles Shu and the boy comments on his clothes and he asks him if he is an aristocrat. He tells him that an aristocrat wouldn't normally be out here and he asks him if he is lost. Shu doesn't know how to respond and boy brushes it off telling him that he doesn't seem like a bad guy. He then reaches into his bag and pulls out two apples. He hands one to Shu while he eats the other. With a smile, the boy tells Shu that he grew the apples himself and that they are delicious. Shu gets up and thanks the boy for the apple. The boy introduces himself as 'Edgar' and he asks Shu for his name. The flashback ends and Shu quietly murmurs the name 'Edgar', but then says that there's no way it's real. Unbeknownst to Shu, Reiji has been watching him from afar. He comments on how he had never expected that Yuma would be alive, then wonders how Yuma became a vampire.

Meanwhile, Yui returns to the Mukami mansion and is on her way back to her room when she bumps into Ruki. She questioningly exclaims his name and he suddenly grabs her arm and jerks her towards him. Yui cringes as Ruki leans into her neck, but he freezes. He pulls back and Yui asks him if something wrong. Ruki doesn't say anything, then releases her and walks away. He goes back to his room telling himself that he and his brothers cannot become "Adam". Ruki quickly changes his mind and says that they have to become "Adam" and the episode ends here.

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