Episode 21 is the ninth episode of the second season, Diabolik Lovers More,Blood and the twenty-first episode in the Diabolik Lovers anime series.


Yui Komori wakes up in her room in the Sakamaki mansion where Laito Sakamaki forcibly feeds on her blood. Laito comments that Yui has changed and tries to take more blood, but Reiji interferes and tells Yui to come to the living room.

In the living room, Reiji asks about the Mukami brothers and Yui tells him all she knows. When she's done, Reiji appears as though he has figured everything out. Once the 6 Sakamaki brothers have gathered, Reiji explains that on the next full moon,-- a lunar eclipse which will occur in the human world and demon world simultaneously— vampires will lose significant amount of power. Ayato feels there’s nothing to be concerned, but Shu warns them not to take the situation lightly.

Feeling Reiji knows something about Eve, Yui goes to his room to question him. Reiji tells her she doesn’t need to know and feeds on her blood...


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