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Episode 22
Episode Information


Air Date

November 25, 2015

Staff Information

Risako Yoshida

Music Information

Kindan no 666

Episode 21 Episode 23

Episode 22 is the tenth episode of the second season, Diabolik Lovers More, Blood and the twenty-second episode of the Diabolik Lovers anime series.


Yui Komori resists while Shu Sakamaki takes her blood and this makes Shu crave it even more.

In the Mukami mansion, Kou, Yuma, and Azusa Mukami are perplexed about Ruki allowing Ayato to take Yui. As they try to question Ruki on his intentions, a pack of wolves invade their mansion.

Meanwhile, Yui stares out the window in the Sakamaki mansion when Kanato appears. He takes Yui's blood by force when suddenly, an injured Azusa appears. Kanato is enraged as Azusa tries to take Yui with him...


List of characters in order of appearance: 


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