It starts with the Mukami Family gathered around Ruki's bed who is at the moment unconscious while Azusa blames himself for the injuries that Ruki has, as Ruki shielded Azusa from a wolf that attacked him. Kou and Yuma then says that Ruki has been acting weirdly lately as he was in a hurry to be Adam and that he was the one who thought strongest in the Apple of Adam Plan.

At night Yui and Ruki are alone in the room. Yui then starts talking about the Apple of Adam Plan which made Ruki angry as he cannot become Adam. He came up with a conclusion that Pure Bloods are the only ones that can become Adam. And they were carrying out a plan that was impossible. Yui then replies that everyone has already noticed it and says that everyone thinks that Ruki always put his brothers first. Ruki can't understand what she is saying and says that 'because you are Eve'. He then proclaims that Yui is his 'one and only Eve' and asks her to stay with him, ending it with a hug.

Shin and Carla Tsukinami are then seen discussing getting the blood of Eve.

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