Episode 24 is the twelfth and final episode of the second season, Diabolik Lovers More, Blood and the twenty-fourth episode of the Diabolik Lovers anime series.


After the Mukami brothers were attacked by wolves, the Sakamaki brothers are attacked as well. They fight off the wolves despite their injuries. The Sakamaki brothers reach a conclusion that the Founders are behind the attacks and they're after Yui Komori.

To protect Yui, Ayato heads to the Mukami mansion once again. Ayato informs Yui and Ruki about the attacks by the Founders and that their true objective is Yui.

Not wanting to cause any more trouble, Yui wants to separate herself from the others, but Ayato and Ruki objects. Ruki suggests a truce between Sakamaki's and Mukami's in order to protect Yui from the Founders. Ayato reluctantly agrees but emphasizes that Yui belongs to him and drinks her blood...