Episode 7 is the seventh episode of Diabolik Lovers anime series, which aired on November 4, 2013.


Yui awakened by the sound of rain, sees a mysterious woman in a dress outside her window. She then becomes controlled by an unknown force and walks all the way down to a secret tunnel and enters through a door that takes her to the past. She sees the sad past of all six brothers and their relationships with their mothers. She learns that they were always forced to do things they didn't want to by their mothers which is the reason they act the way they do. After this, she reappears in the tunnel with a worried looking Ayato in front of her. Laito then appears and both feed on her, but Ayato leaves after a short period. Laito compares Yui to a butterfly in a spider's web and continues to suck her blood.


List of characters in order of appearance: