Kanato Sakamaki and Teddy


  • "I'll break you."
    to Yui[1]
  • "Please let me taste you again."
    to Yui[1]
  • "If you're going to run, run fast. And if you're going to lie, burn it away. Look only at me. Smile only at me. Like a submissive puppet on a string."[2]
  • "Let's have a banana snowball."[3] — to Teddy
  • "If you want to learn more about me then try understanding me better."
    to Yui [4]
  • "Don't order me around, you lousy mortal!"
    to Yui[5]
  • "I'd love to break you."
    to Yui[6]
  • "So glad to see you awake now. Thank goodness. You had us all pretty worried there. But now I'm happy. Because I'll be able to see that look of fear in your face again. That terrified expression, it's really quite adorable. Your delicate features contorted in pain, the look of dread that fills your eyes as you beg for me to stop. You know how much I love it when you make that face. So, please...Won't you make it for me, right now?"
    to Yui[7]
  • "Would you please not address my Teddy as though you know him?"- to Yui
  • "That adorable look contorted in pain, fraught with terror, looking so desperate to get away."-to Yui
  • "You must be freezing. Are you feeling warmer now mother? Please tell me you' feel warmer.''- to Dead Cordelia


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