Diabolik Lovers More Blood

Episode 13

Kou appears on top of a nearby cliff with his brothers after the Sakamaki's limousine crashes. When Yui takes a stroll in the rose garden outside the Sakamaki mansion, Kou is the first to greet her. He sneaks up behind Yui and whispers into her ear, 'Found you~!' which startles her. He then picks up the rose petal Yui dropped and greets her with a good morning instead of introducing himself. Yui backs away and tries to run from him, but his brothers, Yuma and Azusa appear and block her paths. As Yui flees from them, he watches on and appears again when Ruki captures Yui at the end of the episode, but his hand is only seen closing in on her along with Yuma and Azusa's.

Episode 14

Kou is present when Yui awakens. He comes down the stairs leading to the living room after Yuma yells at Yui to not make a big fuss about her aduction. Kou tells Yuma that it is alright, saying that it's natural for Yui to react like that since they had abucted her so suddenly. When Azusa scares Yui by asking her whether she likes pain, Kou tells him that he shouldn't ask inappropriate questions to a person they had just met. When Yui refuses to trust them, he gets irritated and tells Yui that they don't care whether she believes them or not.

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