• "Hello, M Neko-Chan!" - To Yui
  • "Do you think I would give you something without a price to pay? This is a give and take world." - To Yui[1]
  • "I mean, isn't it a miracle itself, that me, and idol, would even give you flowers?" - To Yui[2]
  • "Is it your conciousness that's hesitating to answer? Have you fallen that deeply under?" - To Yui[3]
  • "To die for somebody… …? Heh heh… …Humans are strange. There’s no true meaning behind it." - To Yui[4]
  • "I’ll suck until I’m satisfied, every drop of blood that flows through your body… …and you’ll die. Don’t you belong to me? So dying isn’t that big of a deal, right?" - To Yui[5]
  • "I have freedom, I have enough money to last me an entire lifetime. I’ve been given all the things I could’ve ever asked for…however…Is it still not enough? But, what’s missing…"[6]
  • "Nope. Aren’t tears for humans? I’m a vampire, Yui. Therefore, I don’t have the heart of people, it’s something you need to understand." - To Yui[7]
  • "Hey look? The blue sky is beautiful. Isn’t it healthy to look out at the blue sky every so often while I’m sucking your blood?" - To Yui[8]
  • "Dont lie to me, I can see through any of your lies in an instant" - To Yui[9]

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