Krone (クローネ, Kurōne) is the mother of Carla and Shin and the sister of Menae. She hasn't made an anime or game appearance yet.


It was said that Carla got his looks from her so one might assume that she has white hair and golden eyes.



Carla Tsukinami

He is the oldest son of Krone. Carla has a very deep bond with his mother, which he admires and loves, also worries for her and hates to make her worried for him, or sad.His mother is a kind woman and takes the abuse of her husband. However, she is also very graceful and proud, putting the good of her race and her sons above even her own feelings. She is brave enough to tell her husband to stop his games of envy and jealousy about some woman and not to make their entire race suffer a war because of this, turning against the Vampire King for which she suffers a humiliating and beating in front her son Carla.

And even though she is sick with the Endzeit, she is put into prison for betrayal after her words. However she keeps hating her husband, and her decision for his murder, comes solely in order to save her son Carla's future. She sends her younger sister Menae, who also admires, loves and trusts her unconditionally, to the "enemy" in order to seek a cure.

Shin Tsukinami

He is the youngest son of Krone's.Shin doesn't have a strong bond with his mother. As an opposite with his father, he isn't close at all with Krone who seems to favor Carla. Shin realizes she is behind the coup and dislikes her even more,calling her "that woman".



  • She is a First Blood.
  • Carla gets his looks from his mother Krone.
  • She is sister of Menae (Cordelia's mother), making her Cordelia's aunt.