• "Pleased to meet you, "Little Bitch."
    - to Yui[1]
  • "I told you that you wouldn't be needing a phone during your time here."
    - to Yui[1]
  • "They taste sweet."
    - to Yui
  • "Crying won't help you, Little Bitch."
    - to Yui[2]
  • "You need to eat properly or you could become anemic."
    - to Yui[3]
  • "You were offered up to us as a sacrifice... by the very church you have such faith in."
    - to Yui[4]
  • "Follow me down to Hell."
    - to Yui[4]
  • "Do you know how it feels to love someone so much that you hate them?"
    - to Yui[5]
  • "Jealousy is the best spice. Let it sweep you away. The more you hate me, the more lovable you become. When I see you covered in greed, I want to make love with you."
    - to Yui[6]
  • "Why, you look excited. That's so sweet."
    - to Yui[7]
  • "Relax, I'll keep you safe."
    - to Cordelia[8]
  • "Little Bitch, don't forget about me. You're the one who came running to me. How shall we enjoy ourselves today? The thought alone fills me with glee. I'll love you lots, from top to bottom. Let's fly to the moon, where we'll make love amongst the stars."
    - to Yui[9]
  • "To a vampire, murder is the ultimate way to confess your love." -To Yui


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