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Diabolik Lovers (Season 1)
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Diabolik Lovers More Blood (Season 2)
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  • Release date season 3

    62 messages
    • I think it will be cute if Adam is Shu and Eve. Also think Shu loves Yui but he can't tell her because he doesn't want Yui to get hart.
    • When is the 3rd season coming out? I wish Yui ends up with Ayato. Yui and Shu is nice and also Subaru but Ayato is better
  • do you want season 3?

    10 messages
    • plz make season 3 was a breathless ending in season 2...what will happen next..plz it was such a suspence given..season 2 din't give u...
    • I really do hope that there will be a season 3! Because it just basically left me thinking holy shiz this is absoloutley amazing!!! And I s...

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