Diabolik Lovers (Season 1)
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Diabolik Lovers More Blood (Season 2)
Season No. Episode Air Date Image

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  • do you want season 3?

    19 messages
    • please season 3 you know i spreading this video in my classmates since Grade 5 to 8 and a few days later it bacame popular 60% for fan...
    • I think there will be a season 3 because, at the end of episode 12 of season two, they were going to fight the wolves to save Yui. And I seriou...
  • Release date season 3

    176 messages
    • I dont think they could keep it up anymore. The best course of action would have three options: 1. Reboot the series 2. Create a Sequal o...
    • Nah the anime is mostly done for, and most of the other information that is actually selling is all in the drama cds and games. Everything t...

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