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Question and Answer

Q: Right now, what do you like the most?

"Right now, after all it’s Chichinashi’s blood. Ah—but even that doesn’t win over takoyaki."

Q: What kind of takoyaki would be your ideal takoyaki?

"If they’re not precisely aligned together into a pack, I won’t accept that as takoyaki. Oh and the outside has to be crisp while the inside is reaaaaaaally soft, yeah?"

Q: Right now, what do you dislike the most?

"Sound leaking out of headphones."

Q: Could you tell us the most fun memory you have of school?

"Don’t have any ‘cause school’s super boring."

Q: What is the reason why you like basketball?

"There ain’t really a particular reason. But the good feeling you get when everyone’s rushing towards the goal together without leaving any gaps, regardless of whether they’re opponents or allies, really can’t be beat."

Q: What is the best place for you to feel calm/settle down?

"For the great me, any place that I wish for."

Q: What is your favorite smell?

"As expected, the sweet scent of that person’s blood, I guess. ……ah, just remembering it makes me hungry…… Hey, Chichinashi! Hurry and get over here!"

Q: What is something you’re particular about in regards to fashion?

"I guess I like having something wrapped around my neck. ……huh? ‘What about the school uniform’s necktie’? I-it’s not that I can’t tie it, I do it that way on purpose!"

Q: What is your preferred underwear?

"Obviously it’s boxers. And the color, of course, is red. ……huh? 

Q: Where is the first place you look when looking at a girl?

"Yeah…… After all, their boobs."

Q: What do you think of the heroine?

"Ah, Chichinashi, huh? Well, she ain’t bad, I think? Her blood’s delicious, too. And she’s a pretty fun person to tease."

Q: Which of the heroine’s actions and gestures that you’ve seen up until now makes your heart throb the most?

"When I’m sucking her blood, her facial expression gets messier the more she feels it…… At those times, her face is really the best, isn’t it? That and her blood becomes more delicious…"

Q: Where do you like to suck blood from?

"Well, other than the neck, naturally, I guess I really like those places where her flesh is soft."

Q: Where do you feel the most ecstasy?

"Huh? You’re asking about the places where I feel it? Rather than that, think about Chichinashi’s places instead."

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