• "Take your activities to your private room."
    to Ayato[1]
  • "Honestly. Did you really believe that fairy tale written by a mortal claiming that vampires are vulnerable to garlic, holy crosses and sunshine?"
    to Yui, about vampires[1]
  • "If you have a complaint, you are welcome to leave at any time."
    to Yui [2]
  • "Just hearing that name makes my ears feel unclean."
    to Yui, about Shu[3]
  • "As your reward, I will cut you harder with my whip." 
    to Yui [3]
  • "Struck by the whip of thorns, the red blood colors, the captured bride... Under the influence of the aphrodisiac of pain, the vows are made to the eternal bloody marriage."[4]
  • "It will take much more than this to satisfy me tonight."[5]
  • "Honestly, what a high maintenance servant you are. I wish you would stop creating work for me. Unlike some people, I have no time to enjoy myself. Although rather than black tea, I’m more in the mood for a sip of your blood. That’s about all that you are good for anyway. There is no way around it. I will treat you to strict training."
    to Yui [6]
  • “Now, who the fibbity whip stole my clothes”
  • "Did you honestly believe I would make tea for you? Please stop being so conceited." -to Yui KomoriEpisode 5
  • "Know your place, human. I will not tolerate disobedience! Learn to fear me, more and more! Shall I bandage your wound? I will bind it so tightly that your blood flow will be cut off, and your hand will rot and fall off at the wrist. How will you scream then?" -to Yui KomoriEpisode 5


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