"The more I love you,

the more I want to completely devour you.

If we were to become one,

Will this thirst, this pain be cured?

The closer I get, it feels as if

The distance to you keeps getting further.

It is as if you are a hazy mirage at the other end of the desert."

[Lord Richter] (about Cordelia)[1]


"―this is not love, nor is it affection.

It is only desire.

In other words, it is a lust devoid of love. Affection does not exist there, either.

Desire is like a starving beast. Although pursuing this longing is inevitable, it is also natural.

It is not love.

[Lord Richter] (about Cordelia)[2]


"I couldn't wait any longer.

I prepared myself to enter her ripe-red, plundered passage, to open her up,

so her sugar-sweet juices flowed out like honey, dripping down.

I swallowed her nectar and then I sucked....."

[Lord Richter] (Erotic poem about Cordelia, forcibly read by Yui)[2]


"While knowing that this is not love, I search for love from you.

And you, while appearing to grant me that, stick your tongue out in the darkness.

The more I believe the more I wait in the deep.

I start to think all the more that this is an eternally spiraling staircase.

From here

I have thought about thrusting you down.

This love is an endless waltz. This love is a boundless darkness.

[Lord Richter] (about Cordelia)[2]


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