Diabolik Lovers More Blood

Episode 01

Ruki's voice is constantly heard in Yui's dreams. He appears on top of a nearby cliff with his brothers when the Sakamaki's limousine crashes. When Yui takes a stroll in the rose garden outside the Sakamaki mansion, he calls out to her, addressing her as 'Eve', but is the last to greet her. Yui meets his brothers, Kou, Yuma and Azusa, but she flees from them. Ruki finally appears when he steps out of the morning fog and blocks Yui's path towards the Sakamaki mansion. He tells her, 'Eve. We've come to get you' prompting Yui to recognise his voice from her dreams. He grabs her hand and pulls her towards him, while his brother's hands close in on her. The episode ends with Ruki knocking Yui out.

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