• "Are you the woman he mentioned?"
    to Yui[1]
  • "He also mentioned not to kill her.
    to his brothers, about Yui[1]
  • "My bad, I knocked it over."[1]
  • "Don't make any mistakes, I am a vampire. I'll show you a whole new world."
    to Yui[2]
  • "I have no bonds, commitments, or interests. But if you still insist on meddling with me, put your life on line. I will drain you of your demands, as sweet as your blood."[3]
  • "Take responsibility for you are the one who awakened me."
    to Yui[2]
  • "Combing up and shaping your wet hair with a lazy and greedy kiss. I will put my indelible brand of deadly sin on the smooth skin of the nape of your neck." [4]
  • "What do you want me to do to you?"[5]
  • "Are you prepared for this? Are you prepared to give up everything that makes you, you for vampires like us? Are you prepared to alter everything about you? I doubt it, but that suits you. You don’t need to think. All you need to do is give your blood to me."
    to Yui[6]


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