Teddy is a stuffed bear that belongs to Kanato. He is extremely precious.


Teddy has light brown fur that covers his arms, head, and legs. His snout, the inside of his ears, his chest and his paws are a pale beige color. He has small, beady brown eyes made of buttons and has visible stitch marks.

He wears a black eye-patch that covers his left eye. There are two straps connected to the actual patch from brass rings, and there is a golden carving of a heart arrow engraved in it.

Teddy also wears a pink vest decorated with black lining.


As it is a toy, Teddy has no personality. However, in Kanato's route of MORE BLOOD, it is revealed that Teddy can come to life if Kanato wants him to. While doing this, Teddy shows immense determination and loyalty to Kanato.


Teddy was at first owned by one of Cordelia's lovers and it was given to her as a present. As Cordelia had no use for it, she gave it to Kanato (for reasons unknown). After Cordelia was thrown off the balcony by Laito and had her heart taken by Richter, Kanato burned her body to ashes. He then placed her ashes inside Teddy so he would always have Cordelia.

After Cordelia's death Ayato burned everything Cordelia ever gave him, he asked Kanato whether he would like to burn 'that bear' too however, Kanato refused stating Teddy was his friend.

In the anime Kanato removes Cordelia's ashes from Teddy stating he 'does not need them anymore' and uses them to complete a potion created by Reiji to exorcize her from Yui.

In both Kanato's MORE BLOOD route and the second series of the anime Teddy is burned to ashes by Azusa.

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