• "I am nobody's prey."
    to the Sakamaki brothers[1]
  • "Please, God, help!"[1]
  • "You keep calling me chichinashi. I have a name and it's Yui Komori."
    to Ayato[2]
  • "I thought you were different."
    to Shu[3]
  • "I will never submit to you. Never!"
    to Laito[4]
  • "But I will still believe. No matter how painful life becomes, I will still believe. Man is weak, so I must believe."
    to Laito[5]
  • "Amongst the perfume of beautiful roses, blooming in wild abandon... I learn of my own fate. I met them as though drawn to them... by the threads of fate. They are vampires, hungry for blood and desire. Something within me begins to become unhinged... and begins to awaken. There is no longer anywhere to run."[6]
  • "The rose had begun to wilt. Longing for escape, I drive the stake into the cold heart and it disappears. I lock away the temptation and desire... inside a forbidden bloody hell."[6]
  • "I am here because I need to find the truth."[6].


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