Diabolik Lovers More Blood

Episode 13

Yuma appears on top of a nearby cliff with his brothers when the Sakamaki's limousine crashes. When Yui takes a stroll in the rose garden outside the Sakamaki mansion, he is the third to greet her. Yui tries to run from Azusa in the opposite direction, but Yuma appears and blocks her path, causing her to bump into him. With a smirk, he tells her not to run. As Yui flees from them, he watches on and appears again, when Ruki captures Yui at the end of the episode, but his hand is only seen closing in on her along with Kou and Azusa's.

Episode 14

Yuma is present when Yui awakens in their mansion. When Yui begins pressing questions on Ruki of how she ended up in their mansion, Yuma appears and slams his hand against the window telling her not to make such a big fuss. He is scolded by Kou who tells him to let Yui be, since they had abucted her so suddenly. He gets irritated when Yui insists that she isn't "Eve" and he yells at her to just comply

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